Hypomanic or just happy?



Bipolar disorder is confusing. So. Very. Confusing.

It can be hard to distinguish between a “normal” mood and “bipolar” symptoms.


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When is sadness actually depression?

When is happiness actually hypomania or mania?


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For the past few months, I may have been experiencing mild depression.

Now, I am trying out Latuda and seeing how it works out.

At first, I did not really feel that it was working.

However, right now, I feel happy, maybe even hypomanic.


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Is this dangerous?

Does this mean that the medication is ineffective?

Will I become manic?

Will I crash into a depression?


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How can I tell if I have recovered from depression vs.am becoming manic?

Should I try a new medication?

How will stopping this medication impact me?


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If I AM hypomanic, how bad is that, really?



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