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I started waiting tables at a new place about 3 weeks ago.  I've done well enough to have already saved a little bit of money on my new bank card.  Another assurance for a happier life was to separate from my husband/her father of the last 5 1/2 years.  Let's face it, he was 65% abusive 25% self-absorbed and the remaining 10% could be divided into patience and T.V. viewing.  It's been four days since we parted and I feel such a relief.  I once again answer to me. In addition, I minimized my coffee intake to just one maybe two cups a day  while I increased my daily water intake.  Also, both my child and myself have gotten into the very healthy habit of taking Fish Oil, a Multi-Vitamin and a Calcium chew for the past month or so.  Finally, my child and I promised one another that we wouldn't allow her Mommom's Histrionic Personality Disorder to ruin who we are, what we're doing and/or future fun. We've been teaching each other to become more tolerant and resilient whenever Mommom tries to corner us with two free tickets to Guilt Trip Island.

So, here are my dilemmas:  I have three very different and very time consuming projects to work on involving over 30 different online accounts I have to revise, organize, and add more substance to; Second, *sighs*  my VERY front tooth completely fell apart and I can't find the lost filling to at least.  I wait on people for a living.  I have to interact with them face to face.  But now that HALF my front tooth is gone along with the 30+ sites I HAVE to get going on, I don't currently have time to wait tables on top of everything else. 

So my question is; is it too much to ask my boss for the rest of the week off and start brand new again next week?  Should I just ask for tonight off and try to cram everything I can into today?  I won't be able to fill my tooth until Friday either so I'll be whistlin' all over every time I start talking.  Any advice is most appreciated.


-Thank You-

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