To be dumped by him



What would it feel like to have George Clooney break up with you? I always wondered because, let’s face it the man has had a lot of women. Before he got hitched, they rotated out about every two years. I mean, you know not one of his girlfriends broke up with him. He is the top echelon of man, the cream of the crop. Handsome as hell, intelligent, witty, funny, million-dollar smile; yeah you can’t make me believe any one of those girls broke up with him.

I bet he let them down easy, sat them on his fine leather sofa, rubbed their thigh while stating it’s not you it’s me. He may even have given them parting sex, before respectfully shooing them to the door. Maybe he  just has his assistant handle the break ups possibly easing the blow with a valuable parting gift. However Mr. Clooney broke up with his girlfriends I am sure they all felt the sweet success of holding that man’s attention (at least a while).

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