Apparition: The Dark Passage



Something I worked on 8 years ago...



Through the darkness of passageways that wreak the rot of death and stale stench of decaying humanity, I walk alone. The ground is black with a cold ink that is the rotten ooze of blood from the core of the souls who have fallen there and the walls reach limitlessly in a menacing gloom of decomposed grey with horrifying remains of the fighting those fallen whose black pain lay across the floor. Scratches, splatters and fragments of physical emotions present at their fall.

The coldness in the passageways feels both bearable and intolerable as the clinging hollow cold shivers in motionless air like a physical entity in itself, hanging invisibly there. As I further down the passage I realize that the oozing pain and ache that lay the floor remains constant, as does the air and stench. It is however the walls that bare on them new markings. The despair and suffering if evident and even in the icy existence of the physical entity in the air I can feel cold riveting down my spine, and the further I walk the thicker it gets to breath at the sight of the walls story and the remains of those fallen on the ground in the blackness. The history is what grips my chest, but it is the suffering and hurt that claws my lungs and squeezes at my breath. The haunting memory of these fallen souls is so sever in everything that I feel my legs weakening as though the repulsive remains of these brave men and women who have fallen got thicker, dragging me to slow before I go further into the pass way.

Loud and frightening, a scream erupts from somewhere close to me, a horrific chilling cold scream that almost echoes but then stops as though swallowed by the air into silence. I look ahead, and then behind me from where I came, the scream bares no direction within its pain. It’s harder to breathe now; I close my eyes wondering why I am made to walk this passageway when another scream roars out without direction from the chilling darkness somewhere. I try to find bearing on its origin but again the almost echo is swallowed and silenced. I close my eyes again, my heart beat rams so loudly within my chest that its aftershock I hear in my head as I fight the numbing inside my body, the urge to fall down to the fetal position and pray with eyes shut to escape my destiny. I keep questioning my mind, Why am i here?

Further down the sinister passage, now fighting to ignore the ever so random screams that tear out from somewhere within this macabre cold madness, I walk alone.

I see in my memories the hopes, the dreams, the life…when a vile icy whispered roar rages up on my from behind, and I spin around to face a giant wave of darkness that in the seconds before it hits seems to have no essence by a blackness. The force of the whispered screaming and vile blackness slams me, I feel coldness like no words could ever define as I feel my body being torn and ripped apart, shredded by the force inside the blackness. I am screaming but there is no sound, I am aware of only the blackness that rapes at my body to reach my soul. Physically I feel nothing but a cold numbness, I hear nothing but a violent silence but there amidst the insanity of the black force, I realize what the score is this hostile shadowy evil is after and with something I know I posses but do not understand a this macabre time, I close my eyes.

The attack, the attempted rape of my existence stops dead – the feeling returns to me and when I open my eyes once again I am ravaged by mortified shock and I scream.


To be continued....

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