Dear reader.



Be more than a simple dash on some copy! There are two dates within our lives that we don’t either remember and certainly will never see.

Those dates relates to the time of our birth and more significantly, our passing.

Two dates only separated by a dash such as 1937 – 2008, that little dash, a mere stroke of the pen or a simple key on the keyboard or typewriter carries within its small indentation, all the adventures, dreams, loves, hopes, achievements and many more, to simply list them all would take forever.

A simple dash on some random newspaper or public address on social media, do you just want to be a mere dash on some copy written by a stranger within a mornings work, who is simply going through the motions so to speak or do you seek to be more?

While the publication may carry your simple dash when reporting the event, be a vibrant crescendo of noise reverberating around everyone like chorus of magnificent sopranos!

Your life might be at the end summarised by a stranger jotting down a brief paragraph followed by random numbers but to those who love and cherish you: family, friends, work colleagues and even strangers, be a person they will always remember fondly.

Increase your worth by doing more, been more attentive, engaging, understanding, empathetic, encouraging, friendly, kind, allowing, grounded, affectionate, patient, observant, welcoming and many more.

“You are your own magnificence so shine a light so bright that it never dims and illuminates all whenever your name is mentioned!”

Be better now!
Omnia Vincit Amor

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