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Dear Future Person, Everybody is telling me that I should be praying for you.I think it is supposed to be romantic or something of the sorts.In all honesty, it is kind of weird for me. Simply because I do not know what is going on in your life, ...

Dear Future Person, 
Everybody is telling me that I should be praying for you.
I think it is supposed to be romantic or something of the sorts.

In all honesty, it is kind of weird for me. Simply because I do not know what is going on in your life, nor am I in a place to really be desiring somebody to tie themselves to me for longer than a dinner date. 
But on the other hand, you are going to be my person, my confidant, my best friend, a pillar of strength and most importantly the person who will hopefully play Monopoly with me whenever I want. So with all that in mind, I should be praying for you more than I really should be praying for myself.
My future person, I pray that you are thoroughly enjoying life right now. Whether it be at a university or not, I genuinely hope that you are doing something that you love everyday and growing from it. I pray that God blesses you with unconventional and otherworldly knowledge day by day. This chapter of your life is hopefully being filled with extra amounts of pizza and mistakes and big belly laughs. I pray that your times of triumph are being celebrated more than they should be.
I really pray that whatever struggle is happening in your life, God softens your heart, allows you to tackle it with grace and guards you from it happening it again. This point of our lives is really where demons come out and temptations thrive, so I pray that you have the will to resist ugly things that are possibly getting thrown your way. And if you walk with a convicted heart from falling at temptation’s feet, just know that God is still enjoying your journey and loves you endlessly. Know that I love you endlessly, I guess, and know that I pray that your times of failure are filled with God’s aid and grace.
During this time, I pray that you are developing comfortably in your skin. Falling more and more in love with every bit of you, like I some day will. As you walk this earth I hope you find friends that lift you up higher than the sky when your heart is acting like a sunken ship. Never settle for something that isn’t pure and exciting. I pray that you don’t bother with people who make you feel inferior. More than anything, future person of mine, I pray that somebody tells you that they believe in you everyday. 
I hope that as you pray for a future with somebody you seek freedom, passions, and adventures that are deeply rooted under God. As you search for your own person during this lifetime, I pray that you look for a friend before anybody else. Somebody who can make you smile even when you don’t feel like it; somebody who puts every comedian to shame in your eyes. I pray that you seek comfort in ones eyes and spirit, and that you one day find that in me. When looking for your a future person of your own, I pray that you seek ease instead of dramatics, communication over silence, chipotle over qdoba, deep, quiet love over grandiose actions, and painful amounts of honesty. When you seek your person I pray that they are kind and hold your heart ever so gently, like I someday will. 

Anyways, future person, today, my heart on its axis, is tilted toward you. On this day God has put love, desire and fellowship to you on my heart, and I am grateful for that.
I’m not sure if you will exist in my lifetime or if you already exist in my day. Whether you be a best girl friend that stands by me and eats gallons of mac and cheese with me or a boy that becomes a husband who too eats gallons of mac and cheese with me, I am thankful for you nonetheless. Excited and scared and all of the 200 intense emotions that come with embarking on new adventures, is all I can feel.
I hope your day is filled with funny memes and good music. 

Over and out, 
Your Future Person

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