Chapter 20:The Ulliya Gemstones



BRIGHT moon light shone above three fast-paced figures racing through the thick forest, by foot. They moved as fast as they could go while keeping low under the eyes of the enemies. Out of the three figures, two of them had moved swiftly, all due...

BRIGHT moon light shone above three fast-paced figures racing through the thick forest, by foot.

They moved as fast as they could go while keeping low under the eyes of the enemies.

Out of the three figures, two of them had moved swiftly, all due to their inheritance as the most powerful and strong race known as the Spirits.

The third and last member of their little group, was just a regular human being. The speed that she used however, was just as impressive and it had captured the attention of the oldest member of their small group.

“I’m very impressed. Truly I am,” Leo spoke all the sudden. “Never before had I’ve seen a mere human who’s able to catch up with the likes of us Spirits in terms of speed. What’s your secret, little lady?”

A few soft chuckles came from the human girl behind him.

“Underestimate us humans much, aren’t we? That’s because I’m using these babies!

Rinda grinned proudly, pointing out at two small black devices that wrapped around on her ankles: a boosting device that allowed her to speed up when sprinting and jumping.

“Baron made these. A genius inventor and researcher, that guy. He’d became worldly known when the first invention he had created — a transportation device, at the age of fifteen. Many party sought him for his incredible talent. But in the end, he’d chosen to live in isolation somewhere only few people know where he is.”

Rinda sped up. She paced up with the two Spirits in ease, without short of breath or breaking any sweats.

The little lady gazed over at the silence younger Spirit, whom to her surprised, was slightly behind her. Curiosity got the better of her that she decided to ask.

“Hey, what’s eatin’ you? You looked like you’d just swallowed a bug.”

Her question had somewhat bought the Spirit Prince back to Earth as he looked a bit taken back by her comments.

Makai growled lowly.

“None of your damn business, peasant!”

Jeez. Chill out, why doncha’? I swear if it wasn’t for Lord Eden’s strict order not to strangle you, I’d loved nothing more but to do just that!”

Makai didn’t reply. Instead, his mind was occupied with what had happened not too long ago in a meeting he had back in Eden.

“WHAT is the meaning of this?!” Prince Makai barked, stomping his fist on the long meeting table.

“It is exactly what it is.” Lord Eden replied calmly as he drunk his tea.

“According to the reports which I’d received from my trusted sources, when you think about it, it all makes a bit sense, doesn’t it? What are the odds of having the Spirits to cross over without risking them going berserk once they’ve crossed over the red line? Easy. You use portals to get here. Anyone knowledgeable and knows their ways around portal could have easily done so. However,” Lord Eden pointed out one finger at them.

“How many portal do you think it would take to import such a large army? Certainly not one, on my account.”

“If what you say is true; that the Spirits got here through portals, how did they got one and by whom?”

“That is the question that needs some answers. And who else is more expert than the man who had created it himself?”


“Come on in.”

The door opened, revealed a tall, older looking man in his mid-thirties with messy gruffly light blonde hair that pointed all over his head, and rough unshaven beard, matched with a pair of big glasses.

He wore a worn out white sleeves shirt, a pair of black trousers and laboratory coat.

“What the — Baron? What is he doing here?” Rinda shrieked like a banshee at his sight.

“Oh, the two of you know each other?” Leo had to ask.

“Know is such an understatement. I had to break own my damn neck in order to find this arse! How did you managed to drag him out from his stupid cave?”

“That my dear, is the speciality if being a Lord.”

Lord Eden clapped his hands together. “Now that everybody’s here, let’s get it start, shall we? Baron, please have whichever seats that you like.”

Baron walked in robotic to the empty seat beside the Lord while the only female in the room kept on glaring dangerously at him.

In many ways, Baron was and had been in fact, avoiding her. In truth, when Rinda had come barging into his cave — a home he’d made himself in the structure of a cave — she had terrified him by thinking that she was a madwoman wanting to destroy his home.

Even as she was shouting loudly what it seems to be a warrant from Lord Eden himself, Baron had been cautious.

True, they were acquaintances, well, more or less, but Rinda, as petite and harmless as she was (when she’s not in a bad mood), she had always, always been a little terror to him.

Now sitting opposite her with the meanest look she could give him, Baron was sweating bucket, all the while trying his hardest to avoid eye contact with the girl.

“Baron, would you mind explaining to them about the portal that you once had created?” The good Lord Eden asked.

“Err, yes. Well... About twenty years ago, under a special request from the previous Master Oracle Khuza, I’d successfully created a man-made portal. It was supposedly to be used in every kingdom in case of an emergency such as flood, earthquake and so on. The idea was to transport the citizen to a safer place in a short and limited amount of time. That was the sole purpose of why the portal was made. Many people had agreed to the idea, with an exceptional of one man was really up against it. T-the said man had been Lord Ranfel. He was the only man who was so up against with the ideas. He had said the portal wasn’t suitable enough to use, and he feared that it might have complications while transporting.”

“That could be true.” Leo nodded his head in agreeing. “Teleportation requires more than just vanishing in the air. Certain measurements need to be taken into consideration especially if you want to teleport a huge amount people.”

“T-True. That is why a substantial device is needed in order to prevent accident to happen while transportation and to prevent the portal from going haywire. A special and rare gemstone called the ’Ulliya Gemstones’.”

At the mentioned of the gemstone, the two Spirits let out a sharp gasp. Shock was clearly evidently on their faces, although, it went unnoticed by the rest.

“It’s a very difficult and hard gemstones to find. Only certain people knew of its existence and whereabouts. what made them so special was because unlike the usually gemstones, the Ulliya gemstones could change it’s colours accordingly and is harder than any stones or rocks. It also has high tolerance of heat, so it is able to go on for a long run. It should have been the perfect substantial device. If only...” Baron frowned and sighed very deeply.

“If only what?” Makai gritted his teeth impatiently.

“If only the portal is still available to use, Your Highness.” Lord Eden answered for him. “The portal was unfortunately stolen years ago.”

“What?!” Everyone except Baron shouted loudly.

“Don’t tell me...” Rinda gritted her teeth. “That bastard Lord Ranfel was the one who had stolen it? I’ll kill him!”

“Sadly, that would have to wait, Miss Rinda, as we do not have any evidences against him whatsoever at the moment. On the day the portal had been stolen, there had been lots of controversies about the portal. Lord Ranfel had become our main suspect because of the way he had been treated Baron and how he had been so against of the portal’s idea. Unfortunately, when we raided his place, it was squeaky cleaned. Not a dirt nor spot of something suspicious had been left behind. Knowing Lord Ranfel, you could certainly imagined how he had reacted afterwards.”

Lord Eden shook his head. “He’d threatened to wage a war against the previous Master Oracle and I, if ever we tried to raid his place ever again without a proof.”

“Feh.” Rinda snorted and crossed her arms. “So, what happened then?”

“Nothing. We couldn’t find anything to go against him. The investigation was dropped and Lord Ranfel walked away as a free tyrant. However, we do keep close watchful eyes on him, just in case something closely related to the case came out all the sudden. Who would have thought it actually did, albeit twenty years later.”

Baron sighed tiredly. “What bothered me the most was why does a man such as Lord Ranfel wants with the portal in the first place anyway? He’d clearly hated the idea. Even if he had say, stolen it, he knew the fact that without the Illuya gemstones, it’s useless to use the portal even for seconds!”


“Yes, Your Highness?”

Makai rubbed his chin with his left hand. “Unless he wasn’t planning on to use it. This human Lord, he seems to be a shallowed and hypocrite man. Surely, he would known the portal is meaningless without the gemstones and yet he chose to steal it anyway. Is there a possibility that he would uses it for blackmails or something?”

“Now that’s an interesting deduction, Your Highness.” Leo nodded. He patted the Prince on his back, for which his face turned to bright red.

“The question is; who would he uses it for to blackmail? Everyone hates him. And he knows that everyone hates him.” Rinda stated, frowning deeply.

“Perhaps not as much as King Lewis XIII.” Lord Eden replied, pouring the hot tea from the jug into his small cup.

Leo started to chuckle, much to his Prince’s surprised.

“I haven’t heard that name for years! How’s that old goat?”

“He is his usual self, Sir Leo. Lately however, he has been very secretive about something. In fact, ever since words got out that The Spirits had almost invaded Eden, he has been rather, how should I say, terrified.

“Sounds suspicious.” Makai raised an eyebrow.

Very suspicious.” Rinda nodded.

“Which is why, I would like to request the three of you on a mission. Sorry, two missions, actually. One in which you have to travel to Luyas. And another one, you’ll have to travel to the South — the Kingdom of Aquarius. You can take your time on the second mission, but the first is very important. What do you say, Your Highness? Maybe you’ll find out more than you already know in this mission. And possible, save your own Kingdom.”

LEO had to slow down on his paces so that the little lady behind him could keep up with them. Even with the boosting devices wrapped around her ankles, he knew compared that to them, the Spirits were a lot more faster if they wanted to be.

“Of course, it is still hard for me to believe Lord Eden and the Master Oracle are allowing you of all people, to join us with this operation!” Rinda said, bewilderedly.

“No offence to Lord Eden, but if the most influential man such as the Master Oracle is allowing it, then they must have already planned something big. Or else why would they send me to an important mission with, and especially with you two? I mean you are Spirits. And, we are fighting against your kind. So why?”

All of us want to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. However, we cannot simply overlook this matter with blind eyes. When it comes to the Spirit’s World affairs, it is not the ours responsibility to solve it. And since we are on the same page, heading toward the same destination, why not working together to get to the bottom of this? — those were Lord Eden’s words when he’d proposed the idea. It’s understandable from you people’s point of view. The history about the Great War, after all, were written based from your side. Thus, to you, we are your enemies. Put that aside, I’m more interested on why did the Lord sent us to the Enchanted Forest instead of the Castle? I’ve been thinking about it ever since we’d left Eden. Something tells me we find when we got there. How are you keeping up, Prince?”

Makai wordlessly speed up ahead of them and led.

Rinda snorted. “Show off jerk.”

Leo chuckled. “Now, now. That’s not very nice.”

“We’re here. Finally!”

After a long run, the trio reached to their destination — the Enchanted Forest. Rinda took few steps ahead of everyone and knelled down on the ground, hands rubbing on the dirts, searching for something.

The two Spirits looked at her in question.

But before any of them could say anything, Rinda spoke, “There’s a hideout that I’ve been using for the last two months while I was on a look-out mission, gathering information on Luyas. It’s hidden behind these huge rocks entwined with the poisonous veins over here.”

Her finger felt something familiar in the dirt. Using one finger, she pulled it out — a camouflaged handler from the ground. A secret underground door was then revealed before them as she pressed the red button on the top of the handler.

“What in the world is that?” Makai asked in great disbelief.

Rinda smirked. “I’ve told you guys before that Baron genius inventor and researcher, right? Well, you’re about to find out just how brilliant that guy is!”

The girl stepped inside the secret underground that led to a door made from iron. The moment they three of them stepped inside, the door disappeared.

Inside the dark corridor, after keying in the passwords, the sliding doors opened to the other side. Rinda stepped deeper into the room.

Her boots made a sound as she went to switched on the lights — revealed a small workshop, ready to be use.

Both of the Spirits had to cover their eyes at the bright lights shone the room. When their eyes finally adjusted to the lights, they looked at the interior of the room and were in awed.

Even Makai had to close his mouth when he found himself gawking at the interior.

The room, was a combination of a mad scientist’s laboratory and an inventor’s bizarre workshop; a big screen monitor with hanging on wall with two mini TVs on the big blue’ greyish study table.

On top of the table were tubes of chemicals lined up in their racks along with measuring tools. There were sketches and rough drawings on the big sized chalkboards beside another same size whiteboard with bizarre drawings and messy hand writings and notes.

Two large book shelves with missing books, some of the books were scattered all over on the floor. On the furthest right side, where the only spot that wasn’t occupied by books, was a red small size couch, with an unfolded blanket.

One might asked how all of these actually fit in underground.

“Pardon the mess. I didn’t expect to bring along guests and I’d thought of cleaning it up after the mission is over. Baron would kill me if he sees this mess. He’s such a clean-freak for an inventor.”

“Little lady, this Baron, does he has a name or...”

“Funny you asked. Actually, nobody knows what his real name is. People just called him ‘Baron’. Pretty grand for a name, huh?”

Rinda walked across the room where she took a portable gadget laid on the study table.

“Baron built this underground facility when he’d conducted an experiment around this area couple of years ago.”

Leo whistled and nodded his head in impressed.

“Of course, aside from being an eccentric genius, the man has a very poor social skills. He rarely meets or talks with people other than business, and since he’s extremely busy with works, he doesn’t goes out of the cave often.” Rinda explained more as she typed something on the portable screen.

“Most people would called him a ‘freak’ behind his back. What none of them realised is that almost what they use in daily life are all thanks to Baron’s hard works, sweats and blood. Here we are.”

Rinda took out two scrolls that appeared on the floor. Taking the two scrolls, she began to unwrapped them and spread on the ground for the other two to see.

One of them, was a big diagram of a manufactured portal; completed with sketches and rough written information.

“How did you got to know him yourself, little lady?”

Rinda shrugged. “Work. The Elders in Islez had sent for me to find him one fine day for one of his latest invention that he’d made for the village. He had happened to be around in the village at that time so it was easy to find him then. When he had suddenly moved to God knows where announced, that was when I felt like breaking my own neck searching for him!”

Leo chuckled. “He must have reasons to do so.”

His eyes looked down at the blue diagram of the portal. Beside him, Makai began reading the informations on the scroll while silently shared his guardian’s words.

Rinda continued to unwrapped the second scroll — revealing the Map of Luyas.

“Alrighty! I’ve got what I needed. Let’s head outside. We can talk more along the way.”

When they went outside, and further down North where they could hear the sound of the battlefield not far away from where they stood.

The trio sprinted through to the inner part of the Enchanted Forest.

Leo let out a small cough.

“Certainly, I’m impressed with your friend’s remarkable talent. Though I have to ask, where exactly are we heading to, Little Lady?”

Rinda slowed down in her walk as she began to explain the situation further.

“Three months ago when the Spirits came and attacked Andania, I’d always felt something was rather suspicious and amiss about that. Like, how did they even got here in the first place? And why now all the sudden? Fortunately, I was not the only one who’d noticed it. When the reports about the attack in Andania had reached to the Master Oracle and Lord Eden’s ears, they too had thought it was impossible for the Spirits to get in our world without crossing the Red Line. Even if they did, say, crossed over or forced themselves coming in here, it still didn’t make sense! Especially since there were awfully a bunch of ’em! So there could be one conclusion; it’s an insider’s job.”

“So Lord Eden and the Master Oracle had sent you investigated on the matter?”

“Precisely. Lord Eden had contacted the Elders in Islez and asked if there was anyone available to do the mission. Ever since Andania’s attack, the villagers have taken pre-cautious and stay alert to any news whatsoever regarding the Spirits.”

Rinda crossed her arms. “We’ve been really busy assisting and lending Andania a hand as well. But since I was the only one free at that time; having just came back from a simple mission, the Elders told me to take the job. And you’ll never believe I’d found out later.”

“Prey tell us what you’d found.”

“First of all, there was a secret dug tunnel beneath the castle that linked to an abandoned well in the Enchanted Forest that had been there for who knows how long. The tunnel was very deep and narrowed. I’d almost couldn’t get out of there if it wasn’t for Baron’s gadgets! They’re like superb cool!”

And? What had you found back there?” The Prince clenched his teeth.

“Anyway, back to the story, guess what lies at the end of the tunnel? A guarded hallway. Lord Ranfel’s men were guarding that place in tight security. I’d managed to get a closer look and I’d almost blown my cover — it was Baron’s freakin’ portal! The one that has gone missing!”

“WHAT!” Makai spat venomously.

“Please calm down, Prince.” Leo turned his head to Rinda. “Are you absolutely sure it’s Baron’s portal? The one that he’d created twenty years ago and not one else’s?”

Rinda scoffed. “I know what I saw back there, old man! Believe me, it is Baron’s portal. There’s no mistakes about it! Besides, there aren’t any other portal left in this world except for that one.”

“My apologies if I’d offended you, little Lady. I asked just to be sure.” Leo smiled gently at the angry pouted girl tapping her foot impatiently beside him.

“If you’d known where it was, why didn’t you say anything back then?!”

“As if I could simply say, ‘oh, guess what, I’ve found where the missing portal is!’ in front of a couple of strangers, let alone, Spirits! You two weren’t even confirmed whether you would join our causes or not! What do you’ll think would happen to us if you two ended up being spies, huh, smart guy?”

Anyway,” Leo stepped forward. “We shall lend you our assistances just as we’d agreed upon. Isn’t that right, Your Highness?”

“Feh.” Makai turned his head away and crossed his arms. “Enough talk. Let’s get this done and over with so that we can get back to our own mission.”

DARK grey evening skies overlooked the dreadful, broken, and miserable kingdom.

The battlefield that took place in Luyas and all affected areas were all covered with blood stained and mixture of bodies from the soldiers who fought against the Spirit and the Spirits themselves laid spread on the ground.

Lord Eden already had his hands full with the war and battle plans. He was left undisturbed in the small tent where he and a group of soldiers were busy discussing, administrating and planning.

Outside of the safe war-zone in the Enchanted Forest, three figures stopped their pace and hid at the bushes, few miles ago to take a closer look at the security of the area.

Spirits were roaming everywhere with their war vests, with the Spirit’s Family crest on their shields, and armed with weapons.

The front gates were tightly secured, a group of Spirit soldiers stood firmly, alert and guarded at the entrance of the half-broken gates that lead to the deeper side of the Enchanted Forest — where the trio’s mission was.

In order to get to the deeper part of the Enchanted Forest, first and foremost, they must get through the Spirit soldiers who were packed with bows, double blades and spears.

As if they were already expecting an ambush to come any time soon. Behind them, hundreds more soldiers await for an order to attack.

Rinda sighed silently up above one of the tree’s branches as she observed the situation using the binocular.

“No good,” she whispered softly. “Their numbers have increased greatly compared to the day before. There’s no way we could sneak in without them knowing us here now!”

“That’s true.” Leo nodded his head. “Is there any alternative way to get in though?”

Rinda thought for a while. “The way to the secret passage is to enter through here, where I’d sneaked in last time. Back there they weren’t any soldiers standing guard here so it was easy for me. If we were to engage in a fight now, we’ll be wasting time. Lord Eden had specifically said we have only at least two hours until the barrier activates.”

“Perhaps, I can be of a help.” said a male voice coming from the tree behind them.

The trio were on guards instantly as two figures, dressed in black with half-masks on their faces appeared out of nowhere.

“Who the hell are you?”

“Who are we is not important. You wish to enter there, right? I can help you with that.”

“Prince,” Leo whispered. “They’re the ones that the Queen had asked to keep eyes on you. One of the Orders. Stay alert.”

“We’re kinda busy here, so buzz off!” Rinda retorted.

The short man with a mask tilted his head to a side at her retort. To their alert, the man lifted one hand and snapped a finger.

The trio held on to their breath.

It had happened so quickly that none of them had be able to react other than letting out a gasp.

A minute passed, yet nothing happened to them.

Just then, suddenly, there were a very loud scream came from the Spirit soldiers guarding the entrance. Curious of what happened, Rinda took a peak... And then she gasped.

The Spirit soldiers were surrounded by thousands of thin tiny and deadly needles in the air!

Pink eyes turned back to the short masked man again.

The moment he snapped his finger again, the sharp deadly needles then launched an attack on those soldiers mercilessly.

It wasn’t long before the whole place echoed with anguish painful screams suddenly fell to deaf ears.

Makai’s own deep emerald eyes widened at the sound of the last needle caught its prey and the sound of the Spirit soldier fell on the ground before a strong smell of blood crept on his nostrils.

For the first in the longest time, he felt suffocated.

“Who are you?” Makai asked in a deep raspy voice.

“Who I am isn’t important. You’d wished to go through inside there, isn’t it, Your Highness? The path that was once blocked, has now cleared up for you. What are you waiting for?”

“We never asked for your help!” Rinda cringed. “We could have gotten in there without having to KILL them!”

“No. This way is much faster. You’ll ended up killing them anyway if you were to get caught. Better start moving. There isn’t much time left to waste.”

“Why! W-Who does this freak jerk thinks he is?! I—” A hand suddenly clamped on her mouth, preventing her from shouting obnoxious words to the intruders.

“As much as I hate to agreeing with him, little Lady, the lad’s right. We have a mission that urgently needs to complete.” He turned and looked at the masked man. “I don’t know what your intentions are, but thank you. You’ve saved us plenty of times. Now, if you’ll excuse us.”

Gripping the little lady’s shoulder in a slightly tight grip, Leo pushed the girl, and heading toward the Enchanted Forest’s gates.

He’d made sure to turn and checked on the Spirit Prince who was following behind them while trying not without give as much of a glance at the two intruders.

As they went in, the intruders watched them left the place. One head turned to the shorter one.

“Captain, they’re leaving.” The female intruder sang.

“Let them. Moreover, Lisa,” the said captain, looking at the dead bodies of the Spirits lying on the ground.

“Contact Tal. Tell him, his fortress has now falling apart.”

THE party of three reached the secret underground passage without any difficulties now that the place was left unguarded. Moving forward, they found an old abandoned well which Rinda had spoken of earlier, covered with moulds and sands.

“Good to see they didn’t do anything to it.”

Rinda approached the well and put one hand near it. When her finger made a contact with the well, a projected image appeared before them with a password access.

“What is that thing that keeps on popping in the air?”

“It’s called a ‘touch-screen’. It allows you to touch anything in the air. One of Baron’s latest invention.” shrugged Rinda as she typed in the password.

Once the password was successfully accessed, the screen and the green light disappeared.

“Incredible! Your friend’s inventions are more or less advance than ours. It’ll be great if he could provide us some of his inventions in the near future.”

“Well, let’s get in. Shall we, gentlemen?”

“Ladies first.”

Rinda hopped into the well and disappeared from their views. Next was Makai and lastly Leo. It took them less than a minute to land on the ground safely.

The underground path, instead of pitched black like the two Spirits had expected, was filled with glowed blue stones on the walls.

“From here onwards, it will be a straight path ahead until we’ve reach to an iron-clad doors. I’m not sure if they still keep this place guarded, but keep your eyes peel and sharp,boys. Just in case.”

“Yes, Ma’am.

The trio went into the further deep into the underground while keeping their guards up for any suspicious movements.

So far, no sights of the Spirits or the Luyas Knights, but one must not be careless or underestimate the enemy while in the enemy’s territory.

After five minutes of steadily walking, they finally reached to an unguarded iron-clad doors.

“It’s interesting how there are no guards around considering how significant the portal is,” said Leo after a while.

“Well, they did put out a whole bunch of army outside. Not forgetting our friend did killed them for us. I assume they’d thought nobody could get away this far ahead.” stated Rinda casually.

“Ready?” the two Spirits nodding their heads.

“And on one, two, three!”


The sound of the doors being pushed aside using brute force. As soon as the door was opened, there were two humans assumed to be scientists. Both wore square-framed glasses.

One was a pale skin, tall, matured-looking man with a short bowl-shaped grey hair that matched his eyes, while the other man was a shorter younger looking man with a slightly tanned skin, and dark brown crew-cut hair.

Their faces were paled as sheet and their eyes widened and looked terrified at the doors suddenly being pushed opened.

Rinda blinked her eyes at the two scientists before she scowled deeply.


“Little lady?” Leo blinked.

Before anyone could react, Rinda threw a strong punch at one of the scientists, sending him landed on the ground with a bleeding nose.

When she turned to punch the other scientist, Leo managed to grab a hold of her arm.

“At ease, little lady!”

Rinda struggled to break free but failed against the strong grip of the Spirit.

Finally, after what seemed to be a while of struggling, she managed to calmed down her nerves.

“I can’t believe it! These two bastards are — were Baron’s assistants! How could you’ve betrayed him in the most possible way after what he’d done for you two?! That explains everything!

One of the scientist, the one who had gotten hit earlier, got down to his trembled legs while holding to his still bleeding nose with a handkerchief.

“W-We would never betrayed Baron! Honest!”

“So you two are the ones behind the missing Portal. The ones that are responsible for bringing the Spirits into this world and caused chaos. How despicable!” said Makai in a low tone, already pulling out his blade from it’s cover.

“Your Highness, please calm down. Surely these two gentlemen have a reason to—”

“Y-Your Highness? Y-You’re the Royal Highness Prince Makai?”

The younger scientist suddenly dropped to his knees and bowed his head in front of Makai — much to the latter’s own shock.

“Oh please Your Highness! You HAVE to help us! We’ve never meant to betray Baron or our people! It was against our own wills to help out with the Spirits in the first place! The Spirit Queen — she had someone kidnapped us. A man named Tal. He’d even threatened to kill our family if we refused to cooperate! Please! Please believe us! Please, please Your Highness!”

Leo gently patted the scientist’s shoulders and carefully pulled him back on his feet. His eyes were red and puffy from crying too much.

“We’ve come here under the order of Lord Eden, to retrive the Baron’s portal that would allows us to send back the Spirits army back to where they came from. If you help us, we will have you and your families under our protection. How about it?”

Both scientists looked at each other. Scared still lingered on their faces but they nodded their heads nevertheless.

“We’ll help you.”

“Well, good! Cause I’m still not convince that you both are as innocent as you claimed to be. So don’t think you could get away from me so easily!” Rinda huffed and put her hands on her hips.

The older and mature looking scientist held out his hand to them.

“I’m Jake. This is Henry.”

Both men shook hands with Leo.

“If you would follow me, we’ll take you to where the portal is.”

“SO, tell me how did you got yourself involved with the Spirit Queen? And how exactly does the portal works?”

Henry wiped his glasses before putting it on again.

“It happened few months ago. It was kinda blurry when it’d happened. All I remembered was Jake and I were on our way to home from a bar after a long hard day at work, when we got knocked out and kidnapped by someone. When we woke up, the place was icy cold, we were being strapped and chained onto a cold metal planks and having something, like a tube, with a green liquid, down on our throats.”

“Nasty.” Rinda cringed.

Jake nodded his head slowly. “By the time we woke up, we were been kept inside this very room, waiting for orders from the Spirit Queen.”

“They’d brainwashed you, huh.”

It wasn’t a question.

Leo could only smiled sympathetic at the two men.

“So, how does the portal works?” Rinda asked, quickly changing the topic.

“It’s very easy Miss Rinda,” Jake explained. “By combine using the Ulliya gemstones, you could open up the portal to anywhere that you desire — and faster than you could blink your eyes! However, in order to open a portal to another dimension, the Spirit World, well, you will need something from the world itself.”

The two scientists showed their guests the two items lying on their study tables — two Illuya gemstones. One had a darker colour than the other one.

“Hey, these are Ulliya’s gemstones,right? Why do they look so different?”

Henry smirked. “Indeed, these are the Ulliya’s gemstones. However, the one that has a darker colour is from the Spirit World, where else, the one with the lighter colour is the one that we found in this World.”

“Thus, by putting the two gemstones together, the portal will then be opened to the Spirit World.” Jake took the two gemstones carefully and placed them into a small red loop at the centre of the gigantic portal — an experimental portal that he and Henry had been working on in order to test the Ulliya Gemstones.

A sound of zinc could be heard throughout the room. Before the ground shook in an earthquake.

“W-What’s happening?!”

“Look, the portal!”

The portal had been activated. It slowly rising from the ground to the above where there was a hole fit for it to go through, using the mechanical three wheels geared leveller that they had put on below it.

Outside on the battlefield, flashes of light shone through the skies coming from the castle’s towers. At the front gates, the same portal that came out from the underground appeared.

A glimpse of the Spirit World seen by everyone.

The Three League Army who had formed a long barrier to prevent the Spirits from moving passed the Luyas boarders, noticed the light immediately.

The signal.

They wasted no time and starting to push and shoved the Spirits using their shields into the direction of the portal.

While the Three League Army were busy doing so, back in the underground laboratory, Rinda had to turn away and covered her eyes from being blinded by the light as well Jake and Henry did the same.

Only Leo and Makai didn’t turn away from the sight of the portal.

Makai stared stoically at the opened portal.

It had been a lot while since he’d left the Spirit World in order to pursuit his sister with no fruity success. He was already at the brink of giving up.

Why keep on chasing someone who’d refused to acknowledge you no matter what?

Why, little sister? Why had you say those words to me at that time when I’d needed you the most? When all hopes were lost to me. When you were the only one whom I had left? When my world was crumbling and falling apart.

Flashback of a raining night, a younger version of Makai was standing in the rain while the younger version of Mika turned her back around and ran away from him.

Makai grip on his fists, with his teeth clenched.


“Well, we’ve done what we came here for.” Leo’s voice echoed the place and snapped everyone out of their thoughts.

“The two of you should come with us to meet with Lord Eden, who is also in charge of this operation. There’s no need to fear. After hearing your story, I’m sure he will be gladly to save your families.”

AFTER they had successfully completed their first mission, the party of three, now five including the two scientists, exited the underground laboratory with ease.

They went to meet with Lord Eden, to tell him the great news and to get their supplies ready for their next mission.

Lord Eden, despite being very busy with the current war at hands, had managed to find a spare time to sit down and listened to the two scientists to their own stories, with Rinda, Leo and even the great Prince Makai backed up the stories.

Once they’d told him what had happened to them, Lord Eden asked the guards to take the two to another tent for medical check-ups and provide them food and water.

Before the two scientists left, Lord Eden had assured them to rest assured as their families’ safety will be the Three League Army’s top priorities.

“Thank you so much for your kindness, Sir Leo! And to you too, Miss Rinda. And especially to you, Your Royal Highness. If it weren’t for you people, we would have never gotten out from that place. My partner and I will do everything we can to help out once we get our rests.”

Henry grinned widely and gave Makai a big slap on his back.

“Look alive, Prince! You have two, no, wait, three of Fulaina’s best scientists at your side here! With our brains combined together, nothing can stop us! We’ll provide you the latest gadgets you could ever dream of having! For free! Well, Baron takes most of the credits, but whatever!”

Jake pushed the overly excited young scientist aside to shake hands with Leo.

“To be fairly honest, I never did for once in my forty years of living thought I would ever get the chance to with the Spirits ever. And not just any Spirits, a Royal family nevertheless. After meeting with the both of you however, my view on the Spirits has changed whole-heartedly. The Spirits, despite many people believe to be a gruesome species, are just like us humans — there are bad Spirits and there are also good Spirits. We feared the Spirits because of their superiorities. Nevertheless, what I’d saw today was anything but violence as often described by us humans. Sure, we did not had a good start, but if it wasn’t for you, Sir Leo, and Your Royal Highness, if the two of you hadn’t come to save us, things could have gotten even much more worse than they already are.”

Jake smiled at the two Spirits.

“Call me a crazy old man, but you know, once this whole thing has ended, and things have finally settled down, I don’t mind if the Spirits come and live with us again. Although many people will be very much against it, I’m sure if they see what I’ve saw today, they will definitely change their mind. And if there should be a vote among the people, then I will be the first person to vote for the Spirits to stay. Your father, King Ferid had once wildly known in this world and had been greatly loved by the people here too. As his heir, I’m sure you’ll do a great job to be his successor, Prince. ”

“...But I’m not the one inherits to the throne. My sister is.”

“No, Your Highness. You may not inherit the thrones, but never let it stop you from helping out. I may have only just met you, but an old man like me could tell see the determination lies in that burning fire inside your eyes that you really do want to stop this war and to change — to create a better future for your people and Kingdom. If there are more Spirits like you out there, Your Highness, who want peace to be restore again, then I’m sure they will understand. ”

Jake’s last words rang into the Prince’s mind as he finished shaking hands with Leo, before being escorted by the guards to the medical tent.

Once the two scientists were gone, everyone including Rinda and Leo and Makai had gathered around Lord Eden for briefings on their next mission.

Makai stood at further back, with his arms crossed on his chest. He was listening to the briefings when all the sudden, he felt very dizzy and his head was pounding hard.

The last thing he heard was a loud shout of his name being called, and his whole world fell in darkness.

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