Aftermath. Unpublished...



"Oh, October winds how you chill me so."

Aftermath, my true story.

  "You have stripped me from everything, but you can't take my soul." But after waking myself up with shouting and cursing in a voice I didn't recognise, I wasn't so sure. I was frightened to death, it had got to the stage were I was too frightened to sleep. People who knew  me were concerned, my eyes were dull from the lack of sleep and the pain of what I had lost. They say that your eyes are the mirror to your soul. I wondered if they could see my soul was lost.

  "Oh, October winds how you chill me so." Walking with my head bent down, hands in pockets and the scent of autumn in the air took me back to that night, that one night I was in his arms. I knew the evil had taken him away from me because you see, I know it's never left me. The voice that I had heard sent panic through me, like a dam bursting its banks with no control other than prayer. 

They had sent their demons too, people who walk this earth with evil intent. Back in 1973 when I was brutally attacked, and whoever it was that had ransacked my home, making me barricade myself from the outside world.

"Who would have thought it? where's that strong woman gone?" I had to fight back with every bit of strength I had left before it takes over my life completely. I look up to the heavens for guidance.

"Oh dear God please help me." Standing alone on a cold grey day, a man makes his way towards me. A man I was sure was an angel in disguise.

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