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Author Wyken Seagrave will give away free books and talk about his life’s work when he launches his new book during a lunch at the Coventry Amethyst Centre on 5 April 2016.

Coventry author Wyken Seagrave has been researching and writing about the history of the universe for over 40 years. “I think at some stage in our lives most of us wonder about where we came from and why we are here,” he says. “When I began my research, very few people talked about the subject. Now it is far more widely known and there is even an international movement called Big History, dedicated to promoting and teaching this integrated view of science and history. Those schools which teach it report that it grips young people who, like me, want to know why they are here. Sadly the UK National Curriculum has not yet adopted this new vision of how to teach science and history.”

Wyken is the President of Big History UK ( and has created a website,, which tells the story and has received millions of visitors. He has also written books about the subject.

“But I want to go further,” he explains. “I want to reach people who are not very interested in or are afraid of science. I want to let them live the adventure, not just read about the cold facts.”

So Wyken began working out how to achieve that in 2002. The result is “Time Crystal”, a multi-volume epic which will eventually take the reader back through history to the Big Bang ( Coventry publisher Penny Press will be launching a new edition of the second volume, “The Time Tunnel” on 5 April 2016 at a lunch to be held at the Amethyst Centre, Coventry. Wyken will be talking about his life’s work and everyone who attends will receive a free signed copy of the first book in the series, “Illustrated Cosmic Monopole” worth £11.99.  Tickets cost £5 and include lunch. They are available from:

When asked about his name, Wyken Seagrave admits that it is not his real name.

 “These days, authors need to be easily found on the Internet,” he explains, “and my name is very ordinary. I wanted to find something distinctive, so I took my first name from my first school, Wyken Croft, and my second name from Seagrave House at Caludon Castle School, which no longer exists since they rebuilt the fantastic new school.”

Time Tunnel Front Cover

From the Author’s Preface

This is the second volume of Time Crystal , a series of books which attempt to tell as accurately as possible the true story of how the innocent scientists at CERN not only broke the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on 5 April 2012, the day which would later become known as Crystal Day, but also almost destroyed the whole universe. This series will also explain how the universe was ultimately fixed and why nobody on Earth remembers anything about it.

To help the reader get to know the people involved, I have included a list of the Principal Participants, and to aid the non-scientist I have included a Glossary and a Bibliography. References to entries in the Glossary and List of Characters are emboldened. Citations of entries in the bibliography are shown thus: (3). In the electronic editions of this book these are also hyperlinks.

In the first volume, Illustrated Cosmic Monopole, I explained how a particle called a cosmic monopole, which had been wandering round the universe since the big bang, was finally trapped by the powerful magnetic field in the ATLAS detector in CERN.

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Wyken Seagrave

 Wyken Seagrave is the resident author at Penny Press. He was born and still lives in Coventry. After gaining a degree in physics and mathematics at the University of Nottingham, he spent several years in Cambridge studying the wide range of subjects required to write the history of the Universe. Since then he has been a teacher, university lecturer, IT consultant, science communicator and is now a professional author.

He is President of Big History UK ( and Acting-Chair of the United Nations Association Coventry Branch (

His Twitter address is @WykenSeagrave and his blog is

Wyken Seagrave

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Independent publishing house Penny Press ( was founded in Coventry in 1998. It publishes books and websites about the history of the Universe as both fact and fiction, and about Android software development systems.

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