Excerpt From AA and Alcoholism on Amazon



Brief book about AA and Alcoholism

AA is a place to find good. Good people, good food and the path to a good life. And it is a free program. Alcoholism affects many people all over the World and causes death and heartache.


Do you know someone with a drinking problem? Take them to a free AA meeting. it may save their life.



Over the years, my friends and some family members have suffered and died with this disease.


Alcoholics have lost their ability to control their drinking. They use this drug to escape life and get high and are usually selfish people.

AA is a program where others who have overcome their addiction to alcohol help strangers to do the same and have better lives and health.


Here are some of the things you will hear at an AA meeting.

Take it easy


Meeting makers make it


Easy does it


Let go and let God



So I hope you will find my book on Nook or Amazon.

Read it to learn about this disease and how to help yourself or others to live.


For if we have a problem with this drug and drink long enough, it will cause our death.

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