Darren-John: Stories Untold. Entry 4



Had to change day's to entry's because i'm onto something.

Wednesday 19/10/2016 21:16

Ok so i didn't post an entry yesterday because i got ideas and i went up to the church and it was closed and i don't know i just started getting ideas so here's the breakdown i don't care about grammar today and how well this is written i'm just writing. So i want to be an actor,writer,director,artist,and musician/producer/song writer or lyricist. Look up acting agencie's do a bit of research see if it's worth e-mailing them to see if i could write a script introducing myself as a person and actor so they can see my skills and becauese i ain't got a CV for acting. For this i will need a camera to record the performance. So tomorrow step 1 and from there i will go up to the church when it's open and do my prayer that i thought of take my bible take my laptop and the picture of me and my mum and ask God and Jesus Christ to bless them for me so this works. It's the best feeling i've had for age's keep your own faith in your own way i'm finding out for myself i just hope it works for everybody's sake. When it comes to art save that for later it's there leave it i have tatoo ideas i need to get fit so it's a good job i've grown a beard and longish hair because it makes me feel like a man and jogging and training at first is really going to hurt but i promised myself i wouldn't cry so i'm not going to. I also need some costume materials for my ego character Tooth, black hat glasses and some plastic goofy teeth ha. I got a comic book it's good later. I need a set of mixer's and an amp two speaker's and some disco lights some mixing/dj soft ware and other things like music and lot's of it so i am really busy what is going to happen next i don't know maybe nothing i gotta get a good night sleep first. I need some proper clothes i'm talking suave sophistication now 50's 60's look shirt tie maybe waistcoast on certain day's rolled up sleeve's because i'm working over here it's not my fault my job's just to walk around and be seen at the moment. Don't get me wrong maybe all this sounds a bit silly but if you were to meet me in person and see that look in my eye right now you will know i'm taking it on i wanna achieve something i got ambition passion it's all there in my heart and i'm doing it i promise i don't even know who i'm talking to right now i don't know if anybody's reading this it doesn't matter i have my plan i gotta go shops look up some shirts and tie's get price's and price everything else up this is pee-ing me off a bit because it will mean sitting and researching and sitting still and concentrating and it's becoming irritating test of patience pass or fail fail this fail the lot i'm off.



                                                                   The name's John Darren-John


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