Journals of a Psychopath.



Smithson is devoted to his psychopath father.

The Trees and the Archangel

Dancing to her and she focused on me with terror reflected in her sight-orbs.
      “The contamination from my heart has courted the dalliance of my evil electric impulses,” I said.
Sleeping, Amy Lee rattled the chains with her movements, and I roused. The furs slid from her body and Amy Lee’s nipples were hard. Her unyielding battle with the fear was lost, she screamed. Unchaining Amy Lee, I hauled her from the tree into the clearing the ceremonial slab was shiny. I lugged Amy Lee onto it and shackled her Amy Lee's legs were spread.
      “The Prey is excellent,” the Trees and the Darkest-One, said.
Amy Lee's silvery-blonde hair iridescent and forming a cross on her slim torso the heavy chain kept Amy Lee’s neck inert.

The Family Farm

Rhea hid behind Caldwell, I was amused by the spectacle, and her eyes more or less vacant, she was unconfident I experienced joy, because of Rhea’s demeanor and erratic emotions. I signaled to Smithson, he had just appeared.
      “Stay away from Rheanna and my grandson.”
Smithson’s face became alive and Rheanna drew him to her, he scanned me for guidance.
I assented and he remained attached to his mother. Ready to fight and Caldwell clenched his fists.
      “Please do not brawl with Clarkson father?”
Caldwell's stormy glare focused on her. Transferring into the homestead and Caldwell was overcome, his body language demonstrated angst.
Smithson flounced over.
      “Father it is good to see you.”
Rheanna checked Smithson.
      “Why do you and mother fight?”
He crinkled his brow.
      “Son it is between me and your mother.”
      “Your father is an adulterer.”
      “If you drank less liquor father would be faithful.”
Rheanna screwed her face, I could tell she had taken his comment seriously, and she suffered dejection, she ran up the stairs.

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