The End of the Beginning.



The thunder and lightning matched the excitement, the passion, the electricity they shared as they made love. But just as the storm faded after it's heightened climax, so too did their desire.

The end of the beginning. 

      Dark skies loomed heavily as Louise threw her overnight bag into her Volvo S90. It was eerily warm, which seemed to contradict the blackness of the clouds. She wasn’t looking forward to the two-hour drive but she was excited to see Mark. She first met him back in February, at a meeting in work. It was pretty obvious there was a serious spark between them straight away, and it didn’t take long for them to establish that it was a two-way connection. Nothing could ever happen between them as they were both married, that’s what she insisted on the phone when he asked her out for a business lunch. However the business lunch became a weekly thing and then the texting started. It was all fairly innocent she kept telling herself. Until tonight, that is.

     She was just about to drive off when her stomach jumped with excitement at the sound of her phone beeping.

Message: Mark

Hi are you on your way yet? Sorry we cudn’t drive together L Can’t wait to see you xxx

Message: Louise

I understand don’t worry. Part of the package I guess. Leaving now, can’t wait to see you 2 J XXX

Message: Mark

Drive safe, weather to get bad xxx

Message: Louise

See you in couple of hrs xxx 

      She threw her phone back into her bag and with mixed emotions of love, excitement, lust, and fear she started her engine and pulled out of her drive.

     It was only when the clouds finally relieved themselves violently across the land, did she notice she was parched. Her thirst thanked her for the gulp of water, but the growing anxiety only wished it was vodka. For a guy she had never even so much as kissed, she couldn’t believe she had agreed to spend a weekend in a hotel with! It was so unlike her, but there was something about him, something soulful. She felt as if fate had made a mistake when pairing people and they were actually supposed to be together. Even one look was electric enough to charge the life flowing through her veins. Surely this is what love is all about she thought. It felt so right to be doing something that felt so wrong.

      The rain continued to lash vigorously making it difficult to see the cars in front. She switched on the radio to catch the weather reports, with torrential rain like this, there was bound to be something about it. Sure enough there was orange weather alerts for the North East. Heavy rainfall, leading to localised flooding and thunder and lightning to last into the early hours of the morning, then it is to ease off, becoming bright and sunny in the early hours of the morning. Well, at least we will have good weather tomorrow for our romantic walk through the beautiful wooded areas surrounding the five star golf resort she thought.

     It was still raining ferociously when she reached the hotel. Delighted with the service of a valet she drove straight to the door. Her nude high heel shoes were hard enough to walk in let alone run from the car park in the rain. While reaching for her red leather overnight bag in the back, she suddenly realised that she was really here. Ignoring the ball forming in the pit of her stomach, she tipped the valet and handed him her car keys.

     The hotel was spectacular; a modern yet very comfortable feel enveloped her as she took in the splendour of it all. A drink called out to her from the bar, ‘just to help settle your nerves,’ it said, but she decided against it. It would be foolish to waste even a second away from him in the measly time frame she had together.

Message: Louise

I am here, what room u in? x

Message: Mark

Thank God I was worried, a storm is on the way! Room 314 x

Message: Louise

Ok see u in a sec x

     The door was already open, so taking a deep breath in and out slowly she walked in.

      ‘I could not wait to see you!’ he said as he rushed to embrace her. It was a closeness they had come to enjoy. But he was ecstatic now that he was here with her, to explore a more intimate closeness. It was all he could think of since that day he met her in the office.

     She still felt nervousness still but the way he wrapped his arms around her settled it. It was more an anticipation of what was going to happen now. More like teenage butterflies. At their age, she didn’t think butterflies existed anymore. Breaking his embrace she walked towards the huge windows, which framed the golf course lake. There had been no let up in the rain at all. Relentlessly, it fell.

   ‘I wonder will we get out to see the wonderful grounds at all tomorrow?’ she inquired softly, hiding the disappointment of the weather in her voice. She had very much been looking forward to strolling around the woods with him by her side. Possibly holding hands, like a normal couple.

    ‘Yes well the storm is to blow over tonight leaving us with a beautiful day tomorrow.’ he replied as he moved across the room to wrap his arms around her again. They both looked out the window in silence. ‘I hope to bring you to the cutest little wooden bridge at the other side of the golf course tomorrow. It’s a lovely walk.’ He said while kissing the side of her neck.

      Not registering that it was actually the very first kiss he gave her, she abruptly turned towards him looking worried. ‘How do you know?’


     ‘About the bridge, how do you know? Have you been here before? Please don’t tell me you brought Sandra here once?’ the panic in her voice was evident yet sweet.

    ‘Louise, do you really think I would bring you to a hotel that I have been to with my wife before?’ he laughed grabbing her hands.

    ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry,’ giggled Louise, ‘I seem to be a bit of a nervous wreck now.’

    ‘Believe me, I’m as nervous as you are. Look there’s no pressure on us you know; it’s just so nice to even get to spend some proper time together. Let me open the wine and we can just relax for a bit. You organise the music, I actually made us a nice playlist for tonight, it’s under ‘Heaven’, he said as he nodded to his phone on the bed. ‘I believe we really are in for some pretty bad thunder and lightening, it will be gorgeous to look out at won’t it? By the look of the sky, I’d say within another hour or two it will hit,’ he called out as he opened the wine.

     Louise didn’t even hear him. She was slightly taken back from the message on his phone. It had obviously come through and he hadn’t seen it yet. It was silly she felt, she knew he was married; yet seeing the message from his wife was upsetting. She was married too, so by choosing to come here, she thought that the knowledge of their spouses didn’t really matter. She had to be with this man. She loved him and he loved her. The fact they were married was a nuisance and a damn shame, but it wasn’t going to stop them being as one tonight. She ignored the loving goodnight text and found the playlist. All of her favourite songs. Songs he had told her reminded him of her, songs of deep love and affection. He was right to call it heaven, because this simply was.

      The lightning lit up the entire room for seconds at a time. Followed by the most frightening rumble of thunder she had ever heard. It was probably the wine gone to her head but she imagined that God was so angry at her for being in a hotel room with another married man, that he sent violent thunder to express his rage. Mark gazed on at nature’s spectacular display with a relaxed and content look on his face. He was enjoying it. They sat in peace and quite, with no need for major conversation. They already knew everything they possibly could know about each other. Five months of meeting up and, well, just talking formed a bond that they both loved. But tonight they both sensed that they had talked as much as they could. Their bond craved more.

     He smiled lovingly, reached for her hand and kissed the back of it so gently. ‘Don’t be scared my love,’ he whispered.

     ‘Don’t be silly, I’m not afraid of the storm you know,’ she retorted, annoyed that he had clearly seen the terror in her eyes.

     He stood up and with a look of love, held out his hands to her.

     Butterflies raged around her abdomen as she took his hands and allowed herself to be swept up into his strong arms. The lightning struck so forcefully and so brightly that she caught a clear look in his eyes and his lips. All hungry for her. She gave in, she couldn’t do anything else, she loved him.

     The stormy weather continued while they passionately introduced their naked bodies to each other. The lightning strikes coinciding with the heights of passion and need they shared for each other. Months of waiting, of wanting finally being released.

     ‘The rain has stopped,’ he said while pulling a lock of hair behind her ear.

     She lifted her head off his chest and looked out the window. It was pitch black, both inside and outside, no more lightening to brighten up their room. ‘I know, the thunder has gone too, it was going on forever!’

     ‘How do you feel?’ pried Mark.

     ‘Okay, you?’ she replied.

     ‘Only okay? That’s not great after we have just made love for hours!’ he laughed.

    ‘Yes well, obviously it was great!’

     ‘But?’ he asked out straight sensing she was not overly enthusiastic about everything at that very moment.

     It took a few moments for her to reply. ‘But, it was wrong.’

     ‘Wrong,’ he asked in confusion, ‘well we already knew it was wrong before we even arrived here.’

     ‘Yes but,’ she said as she sat up beside him, ‘I knew it was wrong, of course I did, I just wanted to be with you so badly, it was all I could ever think about for the past five month. In fact, I’ve thought about, endlessly. Even though I knew it was wrong.’ 

     ‘Okay, so what are you saying?’ he sat up in the bed and faced her.

     ‘Well, I knew it was wrong but I didn’t think it would actually feel wrong too.’ she peered up at his face through tears in her eyes.

     ‘Did you not enjoy it?’

     ‘Of course I did, it was amazing,’ she sighed heavily and let the tears fall, ‘it just felt, you know, it felt wrong.’

     He hung in head before he spoke. ‘Yeah, I suppose it did.’

     She looked at him and smiled. ‘You’re a good man you know.’

     At that they lay back down and cuddled up into one another.

     The sun was trying to peek through the clouds when they woke up. The new day seemed to represent a new beginning to their relationship. The beginning of the end. All signs of the stormy weather well and truly gone, taking with it the passion they had felt. The electricity of the lightning seemed to rob them of the spark of electricity they had previously shared. They didn’t even have to discuss it. They both knew there would be no romantic walk to the cute little wooden bridge today. Silently and solemnly they packed up their belongings and with a sense of sorrow they hugged Goodbye forever.

      The clouds parted finally exposing the brightness of the sun as she drove away form the hotel and from Mark. Leaving the whole experience of the last five months behind her, growing smaller and smaller in her rear view mirror. At first she felt sheer sadness, but then as she got out onto the open road and put on her shades, she felt a heavy burden rise off her shoulders. No more complications, no more guilt, no more feeling like a terrible person. All she could feel now was relief. And like the sunshine kissing her face, it felt pretty darn good.




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