Imperfect Reincarnation



A short story or what I call a one-shot about a male going to visit a goddess about demons in his soul.

Len walked around the shrine, annoyed with everyone and thing. His demons wasn't shutting up and it was pissing him off a lot. He was on his way to see Sinya to see if she should shut them up. On the way to the back building, he was stopped but an annoying vampire.

Kain smirked at the young demon hunter. "And why are you so annoyed?"

Len just glared at the dark hair vampire. "..." He could speak yet he really hated this guy.

The vampire sighed lightly since the hunter didn't want to play nor talk. "Whatever, Len. She's in her garden." He said, a bit annoyed himself.

The demon hunter walked around the vampire and went to the garden. True that only a few was allowed there, but he really need to speak with the goddess before he killed something or one. He past the gates and stopped.

Sinya was sitting in the middle of the garden, humming to herself. She noticed that he was there but didn't really show it. After a while, she opened her eyes and looked over at him. "You have some question again?" She asked as she stood up.

He nodded a bit as he watched her walk over to him. "Sinya... tell me about those demons..." He said quietly. He wasn't really sure but his voice only seem to work about the goddess.

She thought a bit as she stood in frond on him. "From what I know... they are linked to your past lives."

"Past.. lives?"

She nodded. "I don't really remember but I'm sure that they are each part of you. I can tell that each one of them want to protect you." She said with a soft smile. She then reached out and softly petted him on the head.

He sighed lightly as she petted his head. He noticed that she really liked his wolf demon but still. What was their link together? And why is it that when he's with her, he becomes calm? He just didn't really understand anything when it came to this.

Sinya thought a bit then smiled again. "Would Len like to rest in the flowers?"

Len sighed with a nod.

She petted his head lightly again before turning and walking over to her spot in the middle of the garden which was more like a field of flowers then a garden.

He sighed again and followed her. Once he got to the middle and she sat down, he sat near her then laid down with his hands behind his head.

She smiled sweetly then started to play with some flowers as Kain watched nearby.



It's short but it's something to show what I write about. My genres are mainly Fantasy and Love.

Sadly I write fanfictions as well as original fiction stories....

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