From the 2nd book, Luna Station is under attack



Amun and his crew arrive to find Luna Station under attack

 “How many down?” Amun yelled.

“Two, wait, another burning near the shaft,” Taharqo responded.

“Alerts coming from five levels,” Giskim looked at Amun, then back at her console. “Three decks on fire, medical bays collapsed.”

“How did they get through?” Amun shouted. “Any Tayamni ships?” he added.

“Only small craft,” Taharqo responded.

“Fire the miti,” Amun commanded.

A white beam shot towards a Tlaloc ship, as it was moving towards them.

“Again,” Amun ordered. Another white beam hit the ship. Now, it continued in a straight line, headed towards them. “Again,” Amun shouted. This time, the cold temperatures generated on the Tlaloc ship, disrupted the fuel supply. The ship turned sharply downwards and shot past them.

“To the station,” Amun shouted. As they pulled away, the Tlaloc ship crashed into a bank at the edge of a crater. There was no fire. Pieces of the vessel flew up into the dark Lunar sky. Metal and ice struck their ship as they sped closer.

“Enemy ship on the horizon,” Taharqo shouted.

Amun looked at the display to his right and saw a small green dot rising on in the distance. Lasers shot up from the Lunar base towards the enemy. They saw the blue light of an electron force field activate around the Tlaloc ship as it grew closer. Five lasers shot towards it at once. Its force fields activated again. Now, unharmed, the Tlaloc ship shot a white beam into the underground base. Burning gases shot from the open shaft. Walls and flooring, lit yellow and red from fire, blasted into the sky.  

“Oh Goddess,” Giskim shouted.

“Taharqo, the miti!” Amun shouted.

“It’s recharging Captain, just a few more…” Then, their small ship was jolted by a blast from the Tlaloc ship. Ptah kept them on course. In quick succession, they saw the blue force field around their ship activate. Then another blast from the Tlalocs.

“Captain,” Giskim shouted, “…messages coming in from all levels, the station is engulfed.”

Then, they saw, on the display, small boxes, like escape pods streaking from behind them towards the Tlaloc vehicle. Fifty of them, slowing as they approached the Tlalocs, then, together, shooting, in quick succession, red, green, and blue beams at the enemy. The Tlaloc ship rotated, then spun, slowly at first, then faster. It blurred past them and then exploded into a million, shiny shards.

Amun’s mouth opened in wonder, “What the hell?” he asked.

Just then, they saw Namazu’s face on the display. “The Enkara,” she blurted out. “It’s the Enkara,” she shook her head.

“Who?” Amun asked.

“I don’t know what those damn little things are, but, man I’m glad they’re here,” she continued. “Enemy ships destroyed. Put out the fire, get to the Solar-Portal. Erish under attack.” She shook her head.

Still focused on her screen, she reached to a control and continued, “No, get to Sol, we’ll deal with the fire and rescue here,” she offered.

Just then, another burst of inflamed gases blasted up from Luna Station. Namazu’s ship, the Lahamu, turned towards the explosion.

“Ptah,” Amun began.

“I know, let’s rid the system of those bastards,” he shouted as the small combat ship turned and headed towards the Sun.

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