Journals of a Psychopath



This novel is not to be missed.

The Isolation Chamber

Smithson's intake of breath was perceptible, we thought of the new era. Dancing and chanting we celebrated. Drinking to salute the birth of the new time and Smithson grinned. Smithson was enthusiastic for the mission to be summarized in one deed the capture of the Lady Flarice.

Outside her Abode

Pelting down and the frozen rain pattered against Lady Flarice’s window. She looked out and entranced Smithson scrutinized the window where she had peered.
Lady Flarice opened her front door and glided out, she wended down the street. Walking into a store, she bought cigarettes, and Smithson examined. Leaving the store and she sheltered from the hail, as it assaulted the earth, we scowled from an alley.
      “Lady Flarice has to make her way home,” Smithson said.
      “The Purifiers, the Darkest-One and the Presenter orchestrated the abduction there is need to worry all will be well.”
He seemed to calm down.

The Shrine

We did not know when the command would be given Smithson and I waited.
      “I cannot stand it the suspense is killing me,” Smithson said.
Lady Flarice was nearly in my domain. Bowing, Smithson kissed the border of my cloak, and a looking glass was not needed, we were indistinguishable from the other.
      “Soon your dreams will come true, she will be yours and yours alone,” Smithson said.
I smiled at my son and he appeared tight.
      “She will not know what has befallen her and Lady Flarice will be bewildered,” I said.
      “Father for all of these years you have been faithful to the Trees and the Archangel, and your reward is so very close now,” Smithson said.


      “Josh has taken my little girl I could use your help, when I first saw you I thought you were unsavory, but I changed my mind and dialed you,” she said.
It was perfect and the idea of saving her daughter appealed, because she would be so indebted
I would get into Jodi’s pants.
      “I will get your gal.”
Jodi was reassured and she blubbered her thanks, I did not care pertinent to Jodi’s daughter, but she assumed I did.

Crow Forks

Shambling to a Bistro and Jodi retold her story I listened.
      “I am sorry I lumbered you with my shit, but it is good to get it out.”
The food was passable and Jodi picked at hers.
      “Thank you.”
      “What are you thanking me for?”
      “For helping when I needed you.”
      “Where does Josh live?”
      “He lives three blocks away and it will be better if we walk. Josh is tricky to handle, how are you going to get Josh to release Ellie?”
      “A little persuasion from me will achieve the outcome!”
Jodi laughed and her teeth were well maintained, Jodi’s tongue a little too broad however, she would make a good sacrifice.



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