My Cat ''Tom Riddle''



This is the Story of how the name of my cat came up thanks to use of the imagination and the creativity.

Since I was a child I have liked having cats as pets at home, when they passed away, disappeared or got lost through the streets of my neighborhood by any unknown reason, another Cat always arrived home looking for food or a place where it can stay, but I instead thought that it was looking for a family that love it.

Always came in a cat of a different color or mixed-colors, gray, yellow, black or white, no matter what color or how they looked like I loved all of them just because they were my favorite animals: cats.

When I grew up, I still kept on liking them, I moved to a small town right next to my hometown that was a huge city and the cats still continue coming to the new house to do not leave it anymore.

When I was like 20 years old, first I had one who came from the house of the next door, its original owner was the elder who lived there and but it decided to move here I don’t know why. It had its hair on the yellow color mixed with orange; it looked like it was on fire or something like that, and however I preferred to call it ''The Blonde''. With the past of the time, The Blonde got sick, its body got weak and it can't even walk, probably it was because of a fight against another cat from our neighborhood that caused the disability of its body. Then, it started claiming because of the pain it felt in it, throwing very strong meows to the air that could be heard in the entire house, so it became so frustrating that we decided to call the local vet and after his medical assessment, he said that Blonde should be killed because there was nothing else to do for it to save its life, so it can stop suffering. The Vet applied a shot in it and soon it slowly closed its eyes to finally stop breathing.

The second Cat that came to me a couple weeks after and it was of a mix of white and gray color and I decided to call it ''Sylvester'' like the cat from the ''Tweety And Sylvester's'’ cartoon, however, a day,  a friend of mine' who knew that I was in love with those type of animals asked me if I had a cat that I could give it to him because there was coming up a plague of wild mousses to his house so he needed to control them, so I decided to give Sylvester to him as a gift.

Finally, it arrived an old white She Cat to my house asking for food with its meows and my mom decided to adopt it and give it its daily sustenance, this time I forgot to put a name to the female cat, however I started noticing that it came out of the house every single night and slept outside the whole night, well that's what I thought it was doing. Until a day, we discovered that it had got pregnant.

With the time, it gave birth to its sons on its bed that was in the terrace of the house. 3 cats, one male on black and white colors and two white females, who looked exactly like its mom, were born.

The small cats began growing up but my Dad gave one of the females to a neighbor, It was 2 remaining, then the biggest cat got pregnant once again and my Dad decided to expel it from the house and throw it away so it can't come back anymore, then he did the same with female cat that was remaining and the only cat was left was the male black and white, it stay here because it was a male and it couldn't have sons.

Now, as I have named at the previous Cat like the one from a cartoon, I decided to do the same with this one, so I picked the ''Tom And Jerry'' cartoon and I named it ‘’Tom’’ like the main character.

Through the days, I kept on looking at my cat Tom who used to sleep on its little bed and I realized that its hair's colors were not like  the ones from the character, then I remember that Tom, the cartoon looked more like my last cat that I named ''Sylvester'' and that ''Sylvester'' the cartoon, had the same colors as my current cat, so I realized one more time, but this time that I had turned the colors around, that's why to hide the unfocused mistake that I have done, I decided to call it    ''Tom Riddle'' like the name of the Harry Potter's evil man when he was a child.

In that way, I learned a good strategy to improve my work as a writer implementing those techniques at the moment of creating new stories making them more attractive for your readers.

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