Untold Stories of Mr. Knot: Democracy 04 — Framework 02



Mr. Knot, is merely an embodiment of a tough and complex knot whose scope of wandering is the entire world. Whatever stems from the dialogues of these characters or their analytical breakdown is true for the most part and merits active reflection of the esteem readers.

Untold Stories of Mr. Knot: Democracy 04 — Framework 02

By: Khandker Habib Ahmed

(All rights are reserved by the author)

 (Consecutively after last section)

             When Imrul called, Kazi Habib and Mr. Knot went to the drawing room. Mahmudu is really a fortunate guy because he is just saved this time from a run out for a difference of about 1 part to 100 a mere second. Mr. Knot and Kazi Habib saw it in slow motion. After this, they made coffee in the coffee-maker and returned to the balcony again. Gulshan and Simi Bhabi were still waiting for them there.

Kazi: Brother Knot, I was enjoying your words of democracy as if I were just swallowing them.

This is because I love democracy and the democratic system for a nation. Alright, let me lit up one more cigar……

Gulshan: Do not light any more…..You start coughing at night when we go to bed, so much

                coughing that you lose control over yourself…..Does brother Knot know it?

Mr. Knot: Ok, Gulshan. Let him lit one more….You do not know how much Kazi like that…I

            heard that a Bangladeshi American architect-cum-civil engineer found the central

solution of his design method in just one cigar in hand while being mused in that system….Forget it, you were saying something a while ago…...right Gulshan?   

Gulshan: Yes, I was. I was talking about the place of religion or secularism in the democracy.

Simi: Do not say those, brother Knot…lest some people get aggrieved….

Mr. Knot: You do not understand Bhabi…We are not saying against any religion, we are only

talking about democracy and the place of religion in that democracy….Therefore, sister, there is no reason for them to be aggrieved….right?

Kazi: Oh I see! We could discuss ‘fanaticism’ in the same way i.e., it’s room in democracy, if

            any….right? We have to admit that some people are fanatic…..

Gulshan: What is that?

Mr. Knot: Fanaticism is synonymous extremism or radicalism. In the Western world, they now

call it ‘terrorism’, the way they coined it in the recent past. I do not want to talk about those extra-sensitive matters…those are matters of theology…I will see later if I can say something academically about it in a reasonable manner without hurting any party… 

Kazi: Today, you need to tell about the conceptual framework of democracy because you could

            not finish it other day….

Mr. Knot: Oh ho…! That’s right. O.K. Gulshan, I will write two consecutive sections one

secularism and fanaticism focusing  on their place in democracy and the democratic system. Today, I will go on a little more on the conceptual framework that we could not complete in last section.

Simi: That day you talked about the definition of democracy formulated by Abraham Lincoln. Is

            that something absolute about democracy?

Kazi: Oh no! It does not seem so….I think that some other elements should be incorporated in

            that framework. What do you think, brother Knot?

Mr. Knot: That’s right! For example, we could say that democracy is the rule of law or the

                  control by the opinion of the majority.

Simi: If so, the minority will be lost? Will they be cowed in some other way?

Gulshan: Oh no! Why will that be? Brother Knot, can you explain please?

Mr. Knot: Yes, It is true that democracy is the rule of law or the control by the opinion of the

                  majority. However, that does not mean that the majority will stamp on the

                  minority people. That is not democracy at all. Many people do not understand or do

                  not want to understand right at this point. The rights of the minority must not be

                 violated at any point. This is because the minority people are human being too and

                 democracy says that those minority rights have to be protected by the rule of law. At

                 the same time, the minority people must also be entrusted with their duties and

                 responsibilities by the same rule of law. Therefore, all rules of law, if applicable, must

                 have enough elaborated safeguards so the state can protect the minority from the

                unlawful persecution and torture of the majority in power. Otherwise, the practice of

                democracy will remain incomplete.

Gulshan: Oh! What will I say to you, brother knot? The matter is very clear to me today. Earlier,

                     I thought that I could do as I wish by the force of the majority…..

Mr. Knot: Oh no! Gulshan. You cannot do anything you like by the force of the majority. If so,

                  you would turn out to be a tyrant in essence. The religion also does not suggest you to

                  do so, right?

Kazi: Is there anything like pluralism in democracy, Mr. Knot?

Mr. Knot: Yes, there is. It is the English term and it is called ‘pluralism’. Many people accepts it

                  as synonymous to the word ‘diversity’. If a population in a geographical area has

                  differences in culture, language, literature and different faiths and thoughts in

                  religion, politics, economics or even social affairs, that population is termed as a  

                  pluralistic society. However, pluralism is not an essential pre-condition of democracy,

                  although it could be. For instance, the United States of America, foundation of which

has been accomplished through the immigration and settlement of people from   different nations living elsewhere in the world. Naturally, they nurtured differences in faiths and thoughts with regard to politics, economics, religious or social affairs. That is why they accepted pluralism as blessings, not as banes. But they ensured alongside enough safeguards to protect the minority people as mentioned above. In a country like Bangladesh, pluralism or diversity is not anything severe. Whatever less severe it is, the state must ensure the rights of the minority, no doubt. For example, we could refer to the rights of tribal people, native people, or the people who belong to other minority religions apart from Islam. This is what the democracy speaks about.

Gulshan: Brother Knot, Is there anything else except these points about democracy that falls within the conceptual framework of democracy?

Mr. Knot: Certainly, there is. There are some very important documents related to this concept especially in the context of the United States of America. It is very hard to accommodate that information in short five-minutes reading for the Face Book or internet readers like this one. Hence, those will come later sequentially and they will fall under this conceptual framework as well.

Gulshan: Mr. Knot, I like you so much, you explain these abstracts so lucidly. I will see if I could help you to reach your thoughts to the common mass people.

Mr. Knot: Liking any person is not a sin. Human being will love other human being. It is not wrong, rather it is a great virtue, right Gulshan. Let’s get up today….

(To be continued)

[Disclaimer: A Few Words for the Esteemed Readers: The character(s)in this writing is fictitious. They have no real existence. In addition, the main character, Mr. Knot, is merely an embodiment of a tough and complex knot whose scope of wandering is the entire world. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that whatever stems from the dialogues of these characters or their analytical breakdown is true for the most part and merits active reflection of the esteemed readers in light of the real situation. Again, either in the dialogues of the characters or in the events, at least an issue, petite or hefty, has been unfolded with its proper description, scope and in-depth analysis along with a signal for likely solution, if possible, to it. If any reader has a dissension, other opinion, comment or suggestion, he or she may please inform the writer by an e-mail message or on Face Book or skype. My skype ID is: Khandker.ahmed898. The e-mail address is: khandkera0565@gmail.com. Because the characters are fictitious, whatever the description or analysis thereto, there is no reason of contempt for any person or party.  Therefore, I request the valued readers to count all explanations or explorations herein as merely an academic pursuit or from a research perspective.   Thank you. Khandker Habib Ahmed, April 30, 2016, Bronx, New York]


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