The Dark Moon



micro-fiction about a pending doom.


No one knew that it would happen, other believed it to be just a myth, to scare children. It began long ago, when the world was still young and races that inhabited the planet still were in their infancy. A time when the planet Earth had a sister planet that orbited around the sun in an elliptical orbit every two thousand years. The planet was like the Earth in every way, with it's high mountain peaks that touched the blue sky, to the deep blue oceans teaming with various types of fish and plant life. For a thousand years the planet with be a cold barren wasteland, and the people of the planet with have to move to enter core to stay warm, while for another thousand years, when the planet is close to the earth, the planet is a warm wonderland of plants, flowers and animals. The people of the sister world looked like their relatives on the planet earth in every way, and when the planet was close to the earth for that thousand years of sun and warmth, the two planets were able to communicate.

No one really knows when it happen, but one millennium the sister planet of the earth got knocked off it's orbit and drifted off into the vast cold emptiness of space. Rumor speculated that the people of the planet had died off, others believed that the people of that world adapted themselves to that environment by converting themselves into machines. As machines they could with stand the cold and would have no need for food, but by doing so, they became heartless creatures, who wanted lost all their emotions the cold void of space, who had only one mission to convert others to be like them.

Above that warm summer sky of June the sun becomes eclipsed by a new dark moon. People stop and stare into the sky, unaware of the horror that was follow. Other that knew what was to come ran to and fro, to their homes to barricade themselves in.

Mothers and children peered up at the darken sky, began to weep for the know the age of man is over and the age of machines are about the begin.

Dark objects flew in the sky like a swarm of insects, towards the ground, it was then that people realize of the danger they are really in and began to run in terror. The swarms that appear to be bugs were giant machines that grab hold of people and began scooping people up filling their bellies. Once they were full they would head back to the dark moon in the sky. People would huddle inside the belly of the machine wondering what macabre fate awaited them. When they arrive at the dark moon, they are taken by force to be processes. They are strapped down, and they brains are remove. Expected mothers would have their babies ripped from their bellies and they too would be process. The screams of pain could be heard as people are marched into the room of their doom. Those who are converted are sent right to the front lines to harvest more and to weed out those who are in hiding.

The military fight back, but realize their no match for the robot invaders and after a battle of seven hours the army loses and all humanity is doom.

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