Angels' Kisses



A short story I wrote while sitting in the hospital hours after our daughter was born,

Little Audrey sat on the edge of the cloud looking down towards earth. She scrunched her eyes trying hard to see the place that she had been told about. All she could see were clouds; plenty of clouds.

What was it that Peter had told her? “Look for the big blue area and go slightly to the right.” He told Audrey the name of the place. It had a funny name to it; something about the sun. She closed her eyes trying to hear his words again. She looked down again at the big ball floating in space. It spun around and around. However, try as she might she could not find anything that looked like the sun down there.

She let out a long, low sigh. Why did she have to leave this place? Audrey liked it up here. It was warm, peaceful and full of love. Who would ever think of leaving here? But Peter had approached her a few months ago. She can remember the talk as if it happened yesterday.

“Audrey”, Peter called out quietly.

“Yes?” She wasn’t sure who this spirit was but she had seen him many times before talking to the others that lived up here with her. She couldn’t explain it, but whenever he walked by she could not help but feel happy.

“Audrey, my name is Peter and I need to talk to you. I am the special assistant of babies for God.” Audrey pulled back at this. God sent this spirit to come talk to her? Had she done something wrong? Audrey started thinking about what she could have done that God would send somebody to talk with her. “I have special news for you; it is time for you to be born.”

“Born?!” Audrey cried. She was not sure what this meant but everyone who found out that they would be born, disappeared. No one up here knew exactly where they went and everyone made up their own stories. “Are you sure Peter? Maybe God made a mistake.” She froze as soon as the words left her lips.

“God does not make mistakes” Peter quietly reminded her. Audrey could not be certain but she thought that she saw Peter look over his shoulder. “In a few months, you will leave us and head to earth. There you will be born and live with a mommy and daddy.” Peter could see that Audrey did not look happy. She looked down at her cloud and pushed around the little mounds of what looked like cotton candy.

“Did I do something bad?” Peter jumped at these words. He was used to the little ones not being sure about the upcoming event but never had one think that God was mad at them.

“No Audrey. God could never be mad at you. He is sending you down to be loved. This is a happy time for you.” Audrey’s frown told Peter that she did not believe him. “You will go down to earth for a little while and then come back up to join us again. You will learn many things and do great deeds. God has a special plan just for you.”

Audrey looked up quickly. Her mouth fell open at these words. God has a special plan for her? “What does he want me to do?”

“I can’t tell you that. That is something that you will learn over time.” Peter patted her on the head. “Please don’t worry. You are being sent to a mommy and daddy that are excited about your coming. They already love you and will care for you. You will go down in a few months.” He patted her again and walked on through the clouds calling out the next name. Audrey stood still for a moment. Warmth traveled down through her body from Peter’s hand. It brought peace and calm. Soon, however, she tried to find out more about being born.

In the few months that followed, Audrey could only find out the name of the place that she would live. Every time Peter came into her section, she would run up with 100 questions. He finally gave in and told her how to find a place called Sunland, California. He pointed it out many times, but every time he walked away she soon forgot where this place was.

Audrey continued to sit at the edge and look. Peter sat down beside her.

“Forgot how to find it?” He asked with a smile. Audrey frowned and slowly nodded her head without moving her eyes from earth. Peter raised his hand and pointed with his finger. A light went from his finger and traveled down to the clouds. Slowly a small hole broke open and the light continued down to earth. Finally, the light stopped on a house in the mountains surrounded by a small city. Audrey’s frown quickly turned into a smile.

“I’m sorry, Peter. I keep forgetting where it is.”

“Don’t worry Audrey; you won’t have to look anymore.” She jumped at this news.

“Do you mean I don’t have to worry about being born?” Her excitement could not be hidden. Oh the joy to be able to stay here.

“No, Audrey. I mean that it is time. I want you to meet some angels.” Audrey turned and two of the most beautiful angels stood on either side of Peter. The angels smiled at Audrey. “These are my best angels and they will take you down to earth. Go with them Audrey and they will lead you safely.” Peter bent down and wrapped his arms around her. The warmth of his touch filled her body again.

“Remember that we will meet again.”

The angels each took a hand and stepped off the cloud. Audrey tried to resist a little but finally stepped off the cloud. She always feared stepping off the cloud and falling. Instead the three of them floated by the cloud and turned around for one last look and a wave from Peter.

Audrey and the angels quickly flew towards earth. They did not go to the house that she had seen so many times but to a tall building close by.

“This is where you will be born. You will live here for a little while and then go to the house.” The angel on the left parted the last of the clouds. As they came close to the building, the angels stopped. “We will leave you now.” Each angel kissed Audrey on her right eyelid. Two small marks remained from the kisses. “You will be safe. God bless.”

The angels let go and left Audrey floating above a room filled with people. She watched the angels disappear through the ceiling. She stayed for a moment. Audrey wanted to follow the angels. She took a step towards the ceiling but felt a tug around her waist. Before she could question what was happening, her eyes were filled with a bright light and something caused her to take in a deep breath. “What’s happening?” Audrey screamed. But the people in the room only looked at her and smiled. She tried again but now they started laughing and a couple had tears in their eyes. “What’s wrong with you, answer me!” Nobody listened to her.

She felt herself being carried to a table. It was cold out here. They placed her on a hard surface, but she could feel heat from above. A person with a mask bent over her and she saw a twinkle in his eyes.

“Look at the marks on her eye. It looks like somebody kissed her before she was born.” Everyone in the room said “Aw”. So began Audrey’s life here on earth.

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