Guardians of the Earth



The rest of chapter 1:Truth Hurts and part of chapter 2: Leaving Home-Nightmare finds out in this chapter that she can't stay with her parents and she has to change everything about what she knows in order to keep everyone safe.

“Geez Red you make it sound like we were made perfectly.
I always thought that the reason we are tall is that the Light
wanted to make it easier for us Guardians to be able to find
ourselves in a crowd and that if we were the same height as
humans we wouldn’t be able to find one another” Hawk said
with a big smile on his face.
“Well whatever the reason the Light created us so tall, to
be our own unique race and not the same as everyone else on
earth” Red said as he glared at Hawk who just smiled from
ear to ear.
“Isn’t it weird to be around humans and be so tall? I mean
I’m used to it because my daughter is taller then I but other
people might think it’s weird to see people who are so much
taller than them.”
“You’re right Mr. Young we did get looked at and some
people were even scared of us because we were so much taller
than them and we had wild animals with us. It became so bad
that now we have an illusion put on us when we leave our
home and come into yours.” Red explained.
“Then why is it that we can see how tall you are?” I asked.
“When we go out to find others like you we want to show
our true selves and not an illusion.”
“That’s why there is only three of us and not twenty when
it’s so important to protect you and maintain a low profile”
Hawk put in.
“Do you have anything else to ask?” Red said. My parents
and I shook our heads no, so he went on. “We’re now going
to tell you what is going on with your daughter in hopes you
understand our reasons of doing what it is we are going to do
next. Your daughter is very special as you both know because
for our kind to have the powers like she does and have more
than two is amazing. You said you adopted her, right?”
“Yes,” my parents said at once.
“And that her birth parents are both dead?” He got a yes
again from them both. “We were afraid of that.”
“What do you mean you were afraid of that?” I asked.
“Well, you see, Night, you come from a very long line of
very powerful people and when our children started to be
hunted because of an old prophecy, parents started to freak
and run.Your birth parents were some of them, who took off
to try and save you, but in the long run they got killed and
we’ve been looking for you for sixteen years now.”
“Why were the children being hunted?”
“Because people were afraid that one of you would fulfill
the prophecy and become the most powerful Guardian alive
and our enemies couldn’t have that come true so they started
to kill off the children. Night, you are a Guardian, a being who
protects the weak, protects the beings of the Light, and helps
guard the Light from the Darkness. The Darkness and the
creatures in it have been fighting with us for millions of years,
so when they found out about the prophecy, they knew that
Darkness wouldn’t last long.”
“If we don’t find the one who holds the light inside, the
Darkness will win, the earth will plunge into darkness and
life as we know it will die.” Hawk looked at us, with fear in
his eyes, then he looked me and said, “and we think you are
that one.”
Leaving home
“What do you mean I’m the one?” I shouted. My mom put her
hand on my shoulder. “Sorry, but what do you mean you think
I’m the one?” I asked Hawk.
“Your mom and dad fit what the prophecy said. Well, your
birth parents fit the prophecy, the prophecy states that two
from opposites sides will join as one and with that joining,
the one who can save the light from going out forever will be
born, for inside the one is the light itself. Your mom and dad
were from two diffierent sides of the war, your mom from the
darkness and your dad the light. That didn’t stop them from
loving one another and having you though, so, when both sides
found out about this joining, the legions of Darkness became
enraged and the Light took them away for safekeeping.”
“Sorry, but does Light and Darkness have names? I
mean, what else do you call them besides that?” I was only
asking because the name Darkness was sending shivers down
my spine.
“Well, some people call Light God or Jesus or Christ
and some call Darkness the Devil, Lucifer, and my favorite,
the Dark One. But for us, they are just Darkness and Light
because they are not living like us, they just are. And yes I
know that is not really an answer but that’s all I have sorry.”
“Who is the Darkness and the Light?”
“They aren’t, a who Night. When it comes to the Light and
the Darkness they just are.” I guess I had a confused look on
my face because he went on. “Think of the Light like the sun
when it starts to raise it helps things grow, makes the world
seem safe, it also makes the world beautiful. You could also
think of it as something that helps little kids feel like they have
a safe place to sleep and that the light will keep the boogey
man from coming to get them. Now Darkness is the total
opposite when the sun sets it becomes more powerful and it
wants you to feel unsafe, to feel like something somewhere is
out to get you because more than likely there is. It works better
on kids because they haven’t learned that not everything that
goes bump in the night is something bad.”
“But not everywhere has light when the sun is up, like
between two buildings or under something.”
“You’re right Night where there is light there is darkness
but that works both ways. When we were created we learned
that the Light and Darkness is like yin and yang, where one
is white on one side there is a little dot of black and on the
opposite side the black has a little white one. We also learned
that one can’t live without the other that we need the light to
help create darkness and the other way around.”
“So is the Light a good guy and the Darkness a bad one.”
“They aren’t a good guy and a bad guy they are two entities
that are opposites.”
“Then why are they fighting, why is the world in danger of
plunging into darkness?”
“They aren’t fighting, the beings of both are fighting,
Guardians of the Light and the legions of Darkness and they
are the ones who want the world in darkness.”
“Why create things that would fight over the world?”
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