Ch 5 (extract) BROKEN PIECES OF TOMORROW (women's fiction)



Georgia (who's marriage is on the rocks) and Thalia (whose marriage has already broken down) go on a girly weekend break to New York. This is an extract towards the beginning of the chapter — thank you for your feedback and for taking the time to read this :)

Waiting for their boarding numbers to be called up they babbled, Thalia already flirting with the older gentleman sitting opposite them in the Departure Lounge.

            ‘You girls are going to make this an interesting flight for sure,’ he said to both of them.

            ‘We will indeed,’ said Thalia, ‘Where are you sitting?’

            ‘Up front. I always travel Club World when on business,’ he drawled, his American accent booming at them.

            ‘Well, we will make an excuse to come up front and see you,’ said Thalia.

            ‘Don’t worry about her. I’ll keep her strapped into her seat,’ said Georgia, ‘it’s me you have to worry about,’ she said, giggling.

            ‘Yeah, the quiet ones and all that,’ said Thalia.

            ‘Sounds like you are both quite a handful,’ he chuckled.

            ‘Well, Georgia’s more like two,’ said Thalia, tilting her head towards her bosomy friend.

            ‘Can’t argue with that,’ drawled the American a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he winked at them both, ‘And I’m Bobby by the way.’ He leaned across and shook both their hands.

            ‘Thalia and Georgia,’ said Georgia, trying not to lean too far over as she became conscious of her buxomness.

            ‘Well it’s my pleasure. If you’ll just excuse me.’

Georgia and Thalia watched him walk off and carried on chatting, Thalia’s laugh like a brass bell clanging across the relative quiet hustle of the waiting area. An announcement over the public address system shushed them both:


‘Passengers Mrs T. Ellinas and Mrs G. Josephides, Flight BA227 to New York,

please make yourselves known to the airline staff at the check point with your boarding

passes and passports.

Passengers Mrs T. Ellinas and Mrs G. Josephides, Flight BA227 to New York,

please make yourselves known to the airline staff. Thank you.’


‘That’s us,’ said Thalia, looking at Georgia.

‘Bloody hell. It’s got to be your overweight luggage.’

‘Attracting more attention, eh?’ Bobby said as he walked back towards them, lowering himself into his seat.

They walked over to the staff checking passengers’ boarding passes clutching onto their hand bags and made themselves known. They both handed over their travel documents.

‘Really? No way? You’re joking?’ said Thalia. Georgia just looked from the stewardess to Thalia and back again, not saying a word. She couldn’t believe it.


‘I am gob-smacked,’ said Georgia, as the air steward, took her hand luggage from her and positioned it in the overhead locker for her, ‘I still can’t believe this is happening.’

‘It had to happen like this,’ said Thalia, ‘it’s my birthday, after all!’ she shrieked, handing over her bag and already making herself comfortable in her very wide seat.

‘If it’s your birthday, ma’am, we will make sure you get an extra special gift,’ he said.

‘Why thank you, Jake,’ said Thalia, reading the name on his badge, ‘and my friend too…we can’t leave her out, can we?’

‘They will not believe it when I tell them back home. It’s like a dream come true,’ said Georgia, ‘I’ve got a good feeling about this trip. Not that I didn’t before. But this is just awesome!’

They both fell about laughing at her very bad American accent. The excitement didn’t fade the whole flight.

 ‘Smells gorgeous,’ said Georgia, rubbing the Elemis lotion into her hands, ‘needed that. My hands are dry today.’

‘It’s cos you’re getting old hun,’ said Thalia, ‘I’ll make you young again on this trip.’

‘Shut up, you cow. I’m a mere seven years older than you. What else is in our ‘complimentary amenities bag’?’ she said in her dreadful American accent again.

‘Anti-wrinkle cream.’

‘Love you too.’

‘Love you more,’ said Thalia, reaching over to squeeze her friend’s now soft, silky hand.


Before they knew it, they were making their lunch choices. They chose the same starter of Smoked Shetland salmon tartare with pickled cucumber and a radish salad. Georgia selected the roasted corn-fed chicken with summer truffle and wild mushroom sauce, herb mashed potatoes, baby fennel and honey glazed carrots and Thalia dithered before finally opting for the penne pasta with red pepper pesto, basil and chilli sauce, courgette and piquillo peppers.

‘We didn’t order those,’ said Georgia as the steward approached them with two sparkling glasses full of bubbly pink champagne.

‘They are from Bobby with compliments,’ Jake said.

‘That’s it,’ said Georgia looking at Thalia, ‘The up-grade. It was Bobby. Oh. My. God.’

‘Those boobs babe, who can resist?’

Georgia felt her face redden as a slow panic filled her. She wasn’t in a position to do anything and she hoped that Bobby wasn’t expecting anything from her. Her mind was racing. Fuck. What a situation to be in. If she had realised sooner that he was behind the upgrade she wouldn’t have accepted. Economy class would have been fine. She forced herself to have the dark chocolate fondant with caramel sauce in front of her, all the while a sickening feeling increasing each time she swallowed.

‘You’re quiet.’

‘I’ve got my mouth full.’

‘Bet Bobby wished it was full with something else though!’

‘Stop it Thalia. It’s not funny anymore. I’m still married for fuck’s sake.’

‘Relax Georgi. He’s not going to jump you on the plane is he?’

‘That’s not the point.’

 ‘I feel so full,’ said Thalia in her silly American accent again. She stretched her legs, rotating her ankles. She pushed her head back into the memory foam headrest. ‘Absolute heaven. It’s what we deserve hun.’

‘You’re right. We do,’ said Georgia as she tried to shake Bobby and his possible looming attention away. ‘I still can’t believe it.’

‘I’m telling you. The next few days are going to be incredible. New York here we come!’ yelled Thalia, not caring about disturbing the other passengers.

‘I’m taking a nap.’ Georgia closed her eyes. If she didn’t talk she could hide her sudden lack of enthusiasm from Thalia. Georgia didn’t want her own mood which had shifted from flirtatious to cautious to dampen Thalia’s.

‘I don’t think so,’ said Thalia, pressing the service button on her arm rest, ‘I’m just getting started.’

            Georgia had a snooze and an hour before landing Thalia persuaded Jake to allow her into the World Class section of the plane to thank Bobby. Georgia refused to go, asking Thalia to tell Bobby she was sleeping off the champagne.

‘He can’t argue with that, can he?’

‘Bet he does.’

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