This story is about a young adult who had friends over and her parent's house got trashed.

Empty beer cans, cigarette butts, and pizza boxes cluttered the yard. The aroma of vomit, urine, and beer filled the air. Cracks of glass danced off the two front windows of the house.


Mr. and Mrs. Ledbetter pulled into the driveway from their vacation in The Virgin Islands.The Ledbetters hurried out of their car and yanked the house door open.


The inside of the house contained scattered pieces of garbage all over the floor. Mr. and Mrs. Ledbetter could barely walk inside the house. The living room furniture was in bits and pieces. Huge holes pierced the walls.


Mr. and Mrs. Ledbetter marched to their bedroom. Potato chip crumbs and chocolate stains clinged to their luxury bedroom comforter. Pieces of Mr. Ledbetter’s $300 suit and Mrs. Ledbetter’s expensive perfume bottles lied all over the floor.


Their two kittens meowed and rubbed all over them. Mrs. Ledbetter sprinted into their room. The food and water bowls were empty. The cat food bag stayed on a counter unopened. Tons of feces piled up the litter box. Mrs. Ledbetter’s face became scarlet and steam started coming out of her mouth.


The Ledbetters rain into their daughter’s room and picked her up out of the bed.


Mrs. Ledbetter said, “Cleopatra, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HERE?!!!”


“What do you mean?,” Cleopatra said.


Mr. Ledbetter said, “Did MTV’s Spring Break come by while we were gone?”

“Buzz, Scooter, Ecstasy, and Shadow came over last night for a while.”


Mrs. Ledbetter said, “I can’t believe you had those bozos in our house after we told you a million times not to have them over.”


Cleopatra clamped her teeth and grunted.


“I don’t care. I have a right to do whatever I want to because I am 18 and an adult.”


 Mr. Ledbetter said, “You are the most immature, irresponsible, and lazy adult I have ever met. You have had 20 part-time jobs over the past year that haven’t lasted very long.”


“We asked you to make sure the kittens were fed and taken care of and you didn’t do that,” said Mrs. Ledbetter.  “Instead, you and your friends destroyed our house. I want this house cleaned immediately.”


Cleopatra punched the bed and started throwing a tantrum like a two year old.


“Shut up!! You both don’t have any respect for me at all.”


“Do you know how much it will cost for us to get everything fixed and replaced?” Mrs. Ledbetter said.


“I don’t care. It’s not my problem.”


Mr. Ledbetter threw Cleopatra’s smartphone onto the floor. The glass shattered into a million tiny pieces.


“That is it!! You are grounded for the next year,” Mr. Ledbetter said.


“It’s not my fault you two choose to work hard to get things you could live without,” Cleopatra said. “Ecstasy’s parents get what they need without having to work a day in their life.”


Mrs. Ledbetter swatted Cleopatra in the face and told her, “We don’t believe it’s the American way to take advantage of charities, the government, and other taxpayer’s money if we are able to work. Hard work leads to satisfying rewards. That’s the real American dream honey.”


“Screw that. I’m better off not working if I don’t have to.”


 “We did not raise you to be a disrespectful spoiled brat like Buzz, Scooter, Shadow, and Ecstasy’s parents raised them,” Mrs. Ledbetter said.


    Cleopatra made a fart noise out of her mouth and said moving her left hand to her parent’s face, “Whatever! I 1-800-DON’TCAREANYMORE.”


“Clean this house right now and start looking for a job once you are done with that task,” Mr. Ledbetter said while pointing his index finger directly at Cleopatra. “I notice that tomorrow there is a mega hiring fair going on at the community college down the street.”


“Forget it.  I’m not going to any of those tasks.”


Mr. Ledbetter go into Cleopatra’s face and said, “Get out of our house right now and don’t ever come back. We’re done supporting your Kim Kardashian lifestyle all summer.”


“Fine. I’m out of here right now!”


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