DC Alt Earth-3 A Long Halloween Vol 1: Chapter 5



Bruce gets a partial view of the darkness that has entered Wayne Manor

Earth-3 A Long Halloween
Vol I the Court of Owls
Chapter 5

      When Bruce opened his eyes he was instantly blinded by the light of the room. Spots danced around his vision as the medicine still moving through his veins surged in his head.  For a moment his eyes burned with the same strange feeling he had felt earlier over his entire body and the lights began to melt away.  Even so, lights danced around his vision as he looked at Dr. Pamela Isley, and he was shocked at the change that had come over her.  Ten years ago he last saw her when they were children and she was thin like a weed and all angles, that was not the vision standing in front of him and for a moment his mind was completely blank.  All he could think of was her smooth, graceful movements as she walked around the end of the bed to him.  It only occurred to him later that she was using her movement to track his eyes.
      Something was strange about his vision since he had been injected with the medicine.  A second image super imposed itself for a moment over Pamela’s body and for a moment he could see Antheia, or what his mind told him was the goddess of flowers.  Was she a chosen as well? Or did his blessing from Theia grant him the ability to see people’s nature?  As Pamela moved closer all he could smell was flowers of various types; tulips, roses, lilies and several others, all blending into a very intoxicating scent.  Bruce found himself entranced and her femininity was so overpowering that he didn’t even notice that there was someone else in the room until she spoke up.
      “It really worked that fast?”
      From the surprised look on her face, Bruce could tell even Pamela had forgotten about the other person as well.  It was a child maybe fourteen? Maybe thirteen years old.  He had a hard time judging girls ages.  He wondered where she got her scar from when he saw another image appear over her.  In his mind, he could hear the word Hemera, the goddess of the day and the daughter of Erebus and Nyx.  It was a message, Theia was telling him about the people around him and defining them in certain ways.  Hemera was the daughter of Nyx so did that mean that his brother had something to do with her current situation?  It seemed likely.  What had Thomas been doing all this time?  
      His eyes were drawn by something in the corner of the room.  An Owl hovered there silently, ghost-like until their eyes meet, and in that moment the owl faded revealing a camera aimed right at his bed.  Someone was keeping an eye on him?
      “There is a lot we still do not know about it, the medicine is so new that there was no way this would have been approved by any hospital.  It works but the person is never really the same afterward.  How are you feeling Bruce” she paused giving one of her best smiles. “It has been a while hasn’t it?”
      Bruce opened his mouth to talk but found he could not, only a rasping breath escaped his throat.  Raya fetched him a notepad and a pen and he was able to communicate, ‘Sore but I have never felt better in my life. I can move so I would say it is a miracle.’
      “Well, we can talk a little more about it later after you have recovered more.  Your throat should be fine after a while.  That is a strange aftereffect of the medicine.   It seems to happen to everyone when they are injected with it.  That and a strange burning feeling but the latter seems to be a series of phantom signals.”
      As he pondered that a boy stepped into the room, lean like an acrobat but with a predatory smile on his face that went from the young girl in the room, Raya, if he matched her voice, to Pamela who ignored the youth.  It wasn’t until Raya hide behind Pamela that she finally spoke up. “Did Thomas send you for something Richard?”
“He wants to talk with you once he gets back from his outing.  Going to pay the good detective Flass a visit, maybe give him an offer he can’t refuse”
      Bruce’s vision altered slightly as Richard seemed to stalk Raya around Pamela as the exasperated doctor muttered about children.  Superimposed over the young man, Bruce could see a dark shadowy figure with red eyes and long horns curving from the top of his head much like a goat.  In his mind, he could hear the name Thanatos, the personification of death.  From Richard’s back two very dark purple wings spread out and beat several times before melting into his back again.  The boy was impatient for something; he seemed like a predator on the hunt.  Bruce hoped that this Detective Flass was up to whatever his brother and this youth were planning.
      “Perhaps you should return to him rather than keeping Thomas waiting.  You know what his patience is like”
      With that, Richard’s face paled and the vision of Thanatos vanished leaving behind a terrified youth.  Was it too late for him?  Why did that vision seem more like a warning than a fact at the moment, although Richard certainly seemed on the path to making that vision a reality.
      “Raya, he wants you on this hunt as well.  It’s about time you got your first mouse”
      Pamela looked like she wanted to stop Raya from going but didn’t have the standing to do so she leaned over to the girl and whispered something that he assumed was to be very careful.  The girl nodded and followed after Richard keeping back as far as she could manage without annoying him further.  Bruce wondered if he would punish her for Pamela’s words.  His heart sank from the darkness that seemed to fill the mansion.  When he couldn’t move at all none of this was apparent to him and seeing it suddenly in front of him was a shock as bad as witnessing his parents death, and that awful gunshot that sank him into a ten-year darkness.  It seemed like some Greek tragedy that Alfred had read to him and the fact that he kept seeing Greek deities and seemed to have pledged to Theia, a Greek Goddess only hammered that point on harder.
      “A lot has changed Bruce, even Paris seems dimmer now that it was when I left for that Floridian Island that appeared.  That island has seemed to change both of us now, I suppose.  Selina has been asking about you, even more so now that I returned with those plants.  She has changed a lot since that night.”  Pamela sat in Alfred’s reading chair beside his bed and he could tell she was nervous.  “Her parents say she has no focus but I know differently.  She’s more focused than ever and has been constantly traveling the world.  Each time she comes back she comes back differently and the last time was the most dramatic, she said she found a clan of warriors who saw themselves as knights of justice under the order of Saint Dumas.  There was another group far to the east under a man named Ras Al Ghul and she said she was adopted into his order.  It’s like something out of an action movie if you ask me but then I saw something even more fantastic on the island.  I went through hell, the underworld to get back.”  A gasp left her lips as she looked down to see his hand on top of hers easing her fingers of the knot her frustration had pushed her into creating.  “Everything will be better now, won’t it?  You told me that when I broke my leg. Please tell me it will be better.”  
      She sounded like the child he knew again before he was shot before his world plunged into darkness.  With all the will in his body he focused on his voice, she needed some comfort, his voice sounded raspy but the tension continued to melt from her, “It will”  


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