Into the Darkness Pt. 2



Continued from the Into the Darkness story

The man opens his eyes.  Pure darkness is all around him.  Did he die?  Surely he died.  He could hear clicking and breathing echoing around him.  What was happening?  An sharp pain was searing from his abdomen and his head and he could feel warm liquid dripping from both areas.

"Help!" the man yelled but only echos answered.  His breathing began to heavy and quicken with every second.  He could still hear clicking and breathing around him.  The clicking was almost like a nail on a stone floor.  Click, click, click; it was getting closer!

"Who are you?!" The man asked again.  Whatever it was started laughing again.

"I am me, you are you, we are we." A voice growled with sinister laughter from the darkness.

The man didn't care where he was going; he just stood up and ran.  Into the darkness he ran and ran with no end.  Just pitch blackness.  Along side clicking and breathing echoed faster and faster as ran faster and faster.  Suddenly for floor was no more!  The man began to fall into the darkness.  As he fell and fell with no end, laughter echoed around him.

The man hit the floor with great force and it felt as if every bone in his body were broken.  Why was this happening to him?  Why couldn't he just die?  As the man lay in the darkness without motion, unable to move his broken body, clicking surrounded him.  An object rested on his broken back and laughed as the man screamed in agony.

"Please..." The man tried to speak.

"Pl.. Pl.. Pl.. Please!" The voice laughed.  The being began to punch and kick the man's broken body over and over laughing harder and harder while the torture ensued.

"Such a bad boy we've been."  The voice chuckled.  "Pay! Pay! Pay!"  It went on.

The man drifted into unconsciousness.  Opening his eyes, the man sat up, he had pain in his head and abdomen.  He looked around with nothing to be seen.  It was pure darkness!  It started over again!  Suddenly he heard clicking, breathing and the occasional laugh echoing all around him.  Then it spoke.

"Jason." It whispered.

"Jason!" It yelled.

The man remembered his name.  Jason.  He sat in the darkness quivering as his memories started flowing back.  He remembered the bathtub.  He remembered the razor blade.  He remembered the blood. 

"I'm dead?" Jason asked into the darkness

"Good. Good" the voice echoed.

"Ready to start again?" The voice echoed as the clicking got closer and closer.  Jason felt a sharp pain and a searing hot sting in the neck.  He drifted into unconsciousness.


The End... Maybe.






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