The mouth on the Wall



Ultra short story

The morning looked just around the corner when Carice frightfully pulled the blanket over her nose: on the wall in front of her slowly the shape of a mouth emerged and spoke to her: Carice girl, now it is you turn'. The words descended in a warm whisper over her face. In three days she would marry Marco, the love of her life; nothing was to stop that, and still seamlessly her fear made way for curiosity and without any form of consent her limbs brought her to the mouth on the wall. 'So black', she thought out loud and in one smooth movement she stepped inside into the living room of the neighbours.

In her belly naughty desires fired up as if she was inside a forbidden fruit. She hadn't been there before. 'Common people', Marco had said and the interior decoration confirmed it: studs all over the place. Carice giggled nervously, she had to get out of there quickly, this was wrong but then high peaked laughter reached her from the kitchen. It sounded like her neighbours were having some steamy entertainment. Suddenly Carice felt overwhelmed by the idea 'how would they do it'? In her meticulous planned life there was no room for such thoughts but here produced by a black hole it seemed perfectly legitimate. Carice sneaked to the kitchen while the moaning announced the closeness of an ending. Carice felt her body tingle when her neighbour set free her climax: Marco!

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