The Girl who wore two different socks



A story of a girl who is exceptionally ordinary till now but wants to achieve something unordinary

This story is about a girl who always wore two different color socks. This story is about a girl who is exceptionally ordinary till now but wants to achieve something unordinary. From her childhood she was programmed to get good grades, become an engineer, get herself a good job, get married to a nice same cast bred boy and live happily ever after. And yes, she was even half way through it. After completing her studies and finding herself a good handsome payable job she still had a void and somewhere in her heart knew that things might seem like smooth from outside but is this what she ever wanted to be? One day sitting in her office and doing her regular job she looked outside of window and saw a painter with his canvas trying to create a world of his own. The subtlety and calmness in his eyes made her realize that how she has forgotten her dreams in order to earn her livelihood. She looked down at her feet and saw that she was wearing a single pair of socks. The reality hit her hard for how she has lost her uniqueness to earn some good weekends in her life. It was the first time which made her realize that things were not going the way she thought.

She understood that the new path might be difficult but will have “to take the road less travelled to make a difference.” The fog seems to be clearing but her dilemma didn’t as her dream was lost while being a robot to the outer world. One day she wanted to become an actress, one day a writer, one day a travel enthusiast or even an entrepreneur but still had to put a pin on her dream.

As it’s said “every beginning has to be followed by an ending.” Latest she thinks writing down her emotion is the best way to find out her dreams and who she is. Yes, this story does not have an end as she has not found her dreams yet but also she hasn’t given up on chasing it either. Yes, she is the girl who has again started wearing two different color socks as a symbol of being different in the crowd. This is her way to tell the world that she is not that ordinary but may be ordinarily exceptional. She still doesn’t have an aim in her life but that doesn’t mean that her ambition is lost. She knows that one day she will figure out her dreams and further to it there will be no stopping to her.

The girl’s name isn’t that important as she can be anyone of us. But the important thing is that she is trying to do something for herself. She might be taken as a rebel, loner may be even a stoner for once, but all this will not put full stop to her dreams now. She has taken the legacy from her family but the future will be hers. She doesn’t seems to be bothered with what our society thinks but what bothers her is that she can no more be common as she has been till now. She isn’t bothered by the failures she might face but cannot take the fake success anymore.

Yes this story isn’t finished because the ending is yet to come……..


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