TIddley Pump and the runaway sock.



Taken from, "Tales of Hickety Plop." Picture book series.



It was the day after Monday the week before,
And Tiddley Pump had washing galore,
The only clothes he had left was a green pair of socks
And was wearing one of his mother's old frocks.
That was the day he would sort out the mess,
Clean all of his clothes and get out of that dress!
"I will throw all my clothes straight in the wash"
But as soon as he spoke one sock then ran off.
"I'm not getting wet" said the little green sock,
"I'm fine as I am, all smelly and sour,
I should smell like a foot and not like a flower."
It ran out of the house still making a fuss
And jumped straight onto the number eight bus.
Now, whoever heard of wearing one sock?
They should come in pairs and not run amok.
So off Tiddley flew to capture the other,
Still wearing the outfit he stole from his mother.
The bus came to a stop when the sock pressed the bell
To the relief of the driver who hated the smell.
The sock stepped off without a moment of pause,
As the passengers burst into a round of applause. 
Tiddley followed the smell and soon spied the sock,
Sitting there crying on top of a rock.
"They all hold their noses when I'm near"
Said the sock as he wiped away a tear.
"You're a lovely sock" said Tiddley Pump
"Made of comfy green cotton,
But you smell just as bad as an elephant's bottom!"
Tiddley took the sock home and as true friendship goes,
Didn't wash him but wore a large peg on his nose.
So, if you don't  wash, then at least make amends
And carry some pegs for family and friends.
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