How To Raise A Child



Grown Children

"How to Raise a Grown Child" by brenniewinters (Quote)


A Satire--

Call or email your daughter ( who is single)- on Valentine's Day and say, " If you die from your choices, I will not grieve myself to death".  "Thank you for the nice blanket".



When your grown Son calls and offers advise-laugh quietly( in the background).  (We know He is busy).


Call your Son-the one who has a very large family and say--"Here it is-- Valentine's Day--- Where were you at Christmas"?


Going to bed, we cover up with that beautiful blanket.

We sigh that one Son has to work so hard for so little money to provide for his family.


We pray for all the children and grandkids too.

We pray for our daughter to have a long and happy life.

G-d know she will need it-if she ever becomes a wife.


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