Gypsy Curses of Tragedy



A unique fiction story with an unpredictable and unexpected ending. It draws the reader in and holds their attention from start to finish.

The world has always been fascinated by the shadowy ambiguity of the Gypsy people or Rom as they call themselves. An ancient nomadic race, their origins shrouded in mystery, they have travelled the world perpetuating many myths about themselves . Gypsies are best noted for their occult skills, healing arts, storytelling abilities and magical power to cast "The Gypsy Curse". They are the off-springs of a people who have ancient magical knowledge and who know how to use all the old magical secrets. Their curses are real, powerful and highly effective. Ready for a rollercoaster ride? Hiding secrets and cloaked in deception, each character in the storyline is not as they appear...

A short excerpt from the Book...

She pulled his hand, opened it flat and looked at his palm.
“Hmmm… you don’t seem to be happy in your marriage. You don’t have many living relatives, in fact, you only have one.” She said.
“Yes, my uncle. He never got married and is quite old now.” Michael told her.
He was impressed with her so far.
“Shhh… I’m not finished yet.” She said, as she silenced him for a second time.
“A woman is going to come into your life or this woman could already be in your life and she is going to bring you much pleasure. She will play a big role in your life.” She told Michael.
“Well, at least some good news.” Michael thought.

Then her face became pensive and her expression saddened as she continued to interpret the fine lines on the palm of his hand.
Gravely she said, “Oh, I see tragedy in the near future. And…” Then she stopped.
“What? What do you see? Tell me Rosella!” Michael cried.
Then in a sober serious tone of voice she said, “I can’t. Leave it alone. It’s nothing.”
“What kind of tragedy have you seen? And you saw something else too, something bad.” Mike said in an unhappy voice.

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