A Short Introduction



Let the tale grow in the telling

A short introduction

By Jentle Rayne


Like many people, I have always wanted to write a book, and, like many people I have always been too busy to actually sit down and start writing seriously.

In other words I have been procrastinating. It’s easy to recognise in others, I mean how many times have you heard someone say when I write my book, or I’m finally going to get down to some serious writing, quite soon?

Yeah, me too.


I was introduced to Scriggler by Lauren Crow, a friend of mine who has published some of her poetry on the site, and who encouraged me to sign up.

So here goes……………

First a word or two about form and structure.

And subject matter, come to think of it.

Writing is an expression of thought, and if you think in a certain way, then you will write in the same way.

I tend to think non-linearly. If you were to map my thought processes then what you would end up with would be very tree like in its structure (that is to say many branched. rather than wooden and prone to outbreaks of nuts).

My writing is the same, and fortunately I am not alone in this. Stream of consciousness stuff has been around for a while now. I am a particular fan of Kerouac, so if my prose appears Kerouacian (?) then that is why. If it ends up being a tenth as good as Kerouac then that is a bonus.

As for subject matter….

I have a tendency to be interested in everything around me, which means that over the years I have amassed a large and eclectic knowledge base.

As small droplets of Mercury will run together and absorb each other to form a large globule, so the information gathered has formed a large proto-mass which now concerns itself with what can only be called the human condition and our reactions to the world around us, but in very specific and often metaphorical, mythological or archetypal ways.

Aah….JR you do bang on..

Maybe I had best let the writing speak for itself.

One further note….

I surround myself with music and it is often the case that inspiration will be triggered by a particular song title or lyric or the train of thought that is engendered by the listening. Where this happens I will add a footnote with the track details in the comments section underneath the piece. If you discover a new artist or song through this methodology then I hope you gain as much pleasure from the listening as I have done, and if you enjoy the writing as well, all the better.

One further note….(afterthought remix version)

The storyline and characterisation is, at the moment, a little inchoate but I am hoping it will all come together during the writing, but the overarching theme will be one of redemption.

I look forward to reading it.

(hello it’s me again – just to say that the title of the work is planned to be The Redemption of Darkly Slopes. If everything pans out then it should be written in up to 365 sections, which would suggest one section per day for a year, but I think we all know how unlikely that is, so I will just say that each section will be published on Scriggler upon completion.)


Jentle Rayne


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