Twists & Turns (Lydia & Jerome Book 2)



Twists and Turns is about love lost and happiness gained. Lydia and the people that surround her learn full well what changes love can put people through. Will Lydia be able to repair her relationship with Jerome or reconcile with her ex-love Phillip or Is happiness to be found living alone?



     I stepped even closer. Tears invaded my eyes as his gaze met mine. I searched for a glimmer of softness and hope but couldn’t find any. 


     Jerome walked away, again to the space behind his sofa. He turned, facing me, standing in blue jeans and a white shirt that exposed his arms and shoulders.


     I took a deep breath and said the words that were burning in my soul out loud.  “I love you and you know it. I love only you.”


     His expression didn’t change. Instead, he glanced at his watch.  He said, impassively, “I have something planned. I’m running late.”


     My heart sank. I turned slowly towards the door, devastated. All I could muster was, “Ok.”


     Jerome followed me out of his door. I paused on his porch, and then turned back meeting his eyes. My lips quivered but I was too distraught, too humiliated to say another word.


     Nothing.  He said nothing.


     I walked to the car with the weight of the world on my shoulders.  He watched as I slid in the driver’s seat listlessly.


     I broke his heart Friday night and now he broke mine.



By, Olivia Williams Ball

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