The Fairy Stone



A story about love and magic.

The Fairy Stone
Once upon a time there lived a young shepherd named Ivan. Ivan worked hard tending his flock and was well liked among the villagers. He married the most beautiful girl in his village. Her name was Rosalynn.
But Rosalynn was cursed. Each night just after sunset Rosalynn would turn into a large white snowy owl and fly off over the horizon. One night Ivan decided to follow her. He barely managed to keep up with the magnificent owl.
The journey ended at a cave. Ivan slowly entered. Inside the cave he saw an ogre. The ogre knelt on the cave floor chanting over an eerie glowing rock. The Rosalynn owl perched on a ledge and stood looking at the ogre.
Ivan thought this ogre must have something to do with Rosalynn's curse. So he drew his dagger and charged the ogre. He plunged his dagger deep into the ogre's heart. The stone the ogre was holding fell to the cave floor and shattered.
"What did you do to my Rosalynn!?" Ivan shouted. The ogre, lying on the cave floor bleeding his life's blood out, peered at Ivan.
"That stone," he said, "Was the secret of her curse. There is only one who can break the curse now but I will never tell!" With that the ogre died. The glimmer in his eyes fading.
"WHO!?" Shouted Ivan and the owl forever echoed his question.

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