X part one.



Marriage had its rewards, so did having a lover, but what was it in the envelope that someone left her that turned her life upside down.


Her husband Jack was not like her. Married for eight years now, on this day actually, in Bowral, when the trees were loosing their golden leaves. A wonderful day, Kezia thought, as she drove into the winding driveway with the stretching gum trees reaching across with long branches like fingers above her. This house was his idea, grand really beyond their needs but he had made the money, made their fortune and given her this wonderful life. yet she was not happy, she could still smell her lovers scent, feel him throbbing inside her while his lips tugged at her breasts. she tensed her thighs and smiled, damn if she was still hot for him now, after only hours since they had enjoyed vigorous lovemaking in his flat above the studio.  

The driveway reached the parking area, heavily patterned cobble stones surrounding an alabaster statue of lovers entwined and water gently moving over the bodies, it was a great circular part to the driveway where tonight dozens of cars were randomly parked. Mercedes, Lamborghini, a jaguar like hers, Audi, Porche and two beautiful Rolls Royce. Kezia parked with them and got out of the heated leather cocoon. pull yourself together she told herself and tightened the thick fur coat around her slender body, nipped and tucked for his Lordships approval. a body made to be fucked and to fuck. but a husband who had no idea what to do with his expensive purchase other than punish it. Never-mind, that man in his studio new exactly how to bring sexual delights beyond anything she could have hoped for. She sighed and made her way up the 10 stairs to the huge double oak doors with gargoyle door handles and with her heavily jewelled hand manicured to perfection she turned one of those demons and the door opened.

The anniversary party was exactly what she expected. The wine, champagne delivered that morning from their supplier in France, beautiful cognac, 25.000$ bottles of Angastora Rum, flowed freely and venison was laid out with head attached on a huge table at the end of the room surrounded by vegetables salads and rare fruits. she thought of Hotel California and imagined all these beautiful, crafted people stabbing at the sacrificial stag.

Jack saw her at once and joined her at the entrance to the huge 18th century ballroom. He told her she was late, leaning over her slightly, smiling, his lips near her ear. he was angry and that was not a good start to the evening. The butler interrupted them and took her coat welcoming her in his clipped English accent. her husband looked at the lovely silken dress, it clung to those perfect curves and a wave of lust crossed his dark eyes. Handsome eyes deep pools of ocean blue, but beneath was the promise of rage that would probably not be easy to sate tonight when all those people left and he ripped at her clothes. Sexual violence though not normally his way, was not beyond the fetishes that tortured him and then tortured her. he slipped his hand under her arm and played with her long golden hair, then led her further into the room to the false friends that watched and beamed up at them in godlike adoration. To these friends, they were perfection.

The evening went well. Happy guests half drunk others stoned from the cocaine served on a platter by the rest room. she was neither, depressed and moody she watched the evenings progression like a television program.  her husband was the best of hosts, moving about like the ultimate 'smooth operator'. This man with his beautiful face, dark hair and flashing smile had become an image of regret where once she had lusted after him. Her mother told her that she was in love with his personae not the man himself. He was worth only half what he was now and was 5th on the worlds most eligible bachelors. Kezia was apprenticed to a fashion designer that his latest lover liked to frequent and it was during a fitting that he was present at that she felt herself drawn to him. As it was he was equally drawn, and four months later they were married in Monte Carlo.

Some one fell over and everyone laughed. Kezia was brought out of her reverie momentarily, soon they would open presents left on a golden table in the centre of the room. Jack was helping his drunken Press Manager up off the floor. She smiled to herself looking at the fat balding man disdainfully. One of Jacks hanger ons. One of many. two foot men worked their way around the room with champagne and eventually one came to her. This time she took a tall delicate crystal glass and sipped the golden sparkling liquid. Kezia looked at her diamond watch. The past week she found herself looking more at the time and the dates, she marked her personal calender almost angrily the previous night. How after so many years and being so careful did she become so careless and allow herself to get in this position. How did she allow this man laughing with his friends, strong wealthy, monstrous, impregnate her. She was disgusted with herself and him. He hated kids and this would be her second abortion, the first occurring during the first year of their marriage. Kezia was thrilled when her period was late. Jack was not and told her to get rid of it and fix herself so it would never happen again. That was when her reality struck home, and that was when she truly entered Jack Masons world of torment. 


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