To The Red Line (Chapter 14: Memories of The Past)



The Kingdom of Spirit Central Town (Night) THE temperature in the Spirit Kingdom was unusually cold. The strong breeze flew from the South did not helped much the weather either. Two figures wore dark hooded-robes walked through the slum areas...

The Kingdom of Spirit

Central Town


THE temperature in the Spirit Kingdom was unusually cold. The strong breeze flew from the South did not helped much the weather either.

Two figures wore dark hooded-robes walked through the slum areas in an old part of the town. One of the two figures, was a tall, buffed, and hunched older looking Spirit.

He walked closer to the young figure in front of him, shielding him from the many eyes that were watching them.

As the two Spirits passed the town, they’d encountered numerous amount of obnoxious behaviours in the areas — a common sight of the lives of the Spirits who residence in the deeper, and shallowed part of the town.

Dark emerald eyes looked up briefly to the intimidated eyes staring at him, before his eyes fell back on the ground. He tried his best to avoid any sort of eye contact with them and ignored their drunken obnoxious comments.

“Brisk walk, Prince.” A deep voice whispered lowly beside him.

Makai nodded and proceeded in brisk-walking throughout the town.

Within minutes, those two finally reached to their destination. At the end of the town was an abandoned forest. Deep within the forest and unknown to many, was a secret portal that could only be used by the Spirit Royalty for an emergency purposes.

While each of the Spirit Royalty could easily opened a portal by themselves however, that specific portal allowed one to transport to a safer place in the Human World in a short amount of time.

“Remind me again, why do we have to go through this long route instead of opening a portal and teleport there ourselves?”

“It’s because Her Highness the Queen has been keeping tabs and watchful eyes on you lately. What’s with those 'bodyguards' she’d left behind. One suspicious moves, and she’ll knows about our motives for sure. We must be discreet, Prince.”

“Won’t this raises her suspense?” Makai asked with one eyebrow rose.

“Not at all, Prince!” Leo chuckled. “What we’re doing is simply inspecting every inches of the town for any sort of trouble. Absolutely nothing out of ordinary. Even the Queen knows that’s your Princely duty. She won’t blinks an eye over this.”

“I never knew you’re a sly one.” Makai said, grinned broadly.

“After you, Your Highness.”

Makai took a deep breath. He then pressed the small hidden red button by wild vines — a switch.

As soon as his finger pressed on the button, it turned blue and the portal was activated. Makai stared at the portal. Many thoughts ran through his mind, Leo could tell as he stood silently behind him.

Taking a deep breath and then exhaled, the Prince stepped forward and into the portal.

When Prince Makai and his guardian finally landed themselves on the Fulaina's soil, the two found themselves in a rather familiar place — the City of Eden.

While it wasn’t the first time that the Prince had come to the city, Leo found himself smiled warmly at the astonished looking expression on the young Spirit’s face.

Leo’s brief sight of happiness was shortened when the proud Prince’s stoic face returned instantly. He took few steady steps forward and let his legs carried him to wherever direction, while the older Spirit followed closely from behind.

Makai toured the empty streets for hours. By the time dawn finally arrived, his feet had led him to an empty bench in an empty park.

The Prince sat on the bench; back hunched, and lifeless eyes stared down at the ground. He knew his purpose coming to the world — his mission: to capture his estranged sister and bring her back to the Kingdom by will or by force.

That was what he’d told her the last time they’d met. Yet, The Spirit Prince found himself lost in the past the moment his feet touched the soil.

There were too many memories. Far too many good memories about this place that he’d kept locked away for years, now came back like a slap on his face, haunting him.

Makai remembered exactly when and how it had first started, ten years ago.

The start of the turmoil that had left a deep scar in his soul...

Ten Years Ago

The Kingdom of Spirits

Spirit World

RUMOUR about King Ferid’s Royal Engagement to a half-blooded Noble Spirit from the East Land had spread like wildfires throughout the whole kingdom.

The town-folks had sighed in great relief. Some had even jumped for joy when the rumour proven to be true.

It had been far too long since the late Spirit Queen had died given births to the Kingdom’s most treasured Princess and the ill-fated Prince.

While the people of the Kingdom still honoured the late-Queen to be the most gracious, kind, and gentlest Queen, they had not wished for their young King to be a widower forever.

When the news about their beloved King was seeing a female Spirit from a Noble family, the people could not be more happier that their King had decided to love again.

Grand preparations had been in the making in the town all the way to the castle within two months before the Royal wedding ceremony.

The sound of running footsteps had echoed throughout the hallway of the Castle. The maids who had been busy with the wedding preparations stopped what they were doing and smiled.

They’d chuckled at the small yet fast figure, at the age of six, running across the hallways — toward the kitchen at the back of the castle.

Off the little one went to her favourite place, a small Royal Manor behind the castle, where she would find her favourite person, whom she’d been dying to tell him about the wonderful news she’d heard from her Nanny earlier today.

Meanwhile, in the small library inside the Royal Manor, surrounded by books of different genres, was where young Prince Makai currently hiding.

He sat quietly, reading a thick book. The young Prince did not even stirred, nor did he took his eyes off from the book even when there were loud sound banging on the door.

“Makai, open up! I know you’re in there!”

Letting out an annoyed sigh, Makai got up from the chair and made his way to the door. He’d turned the doorknob and opened the door.

As soon as the door was opened, the Prince was immediately ambushed with a hug from a shorter and a female vision of himself.

The guards who had been guarding the area, smiled and shook their heads at the sound of joyful giggles and laughter echoed the empty hallway outside of the room.

“Right. Get off me... That’s enough, Mika!”

Mika reluctantly let go of her twin brother and waltzed into the library, leaving Makai to close the door.

“You’re always so serious, Makai. Can’t you be more cheerful? Like my own self!”

Makai huffed at her remarks. Silently, he returned to his seat and picked up the book he had been reading.

Noticing of how his usually chatter-box sister had grown all silence, Makai glanced at her.

She was staring at him with a knowing grin.


“Are you excited?”


“About the upcoming wedding, of course!”

Makai’s shoulders stiff as soon as those words shoot from her mouth. His immediate reaction and behaviour did not went unnoticed by the Princess.

“Makai, are you against Father’s engagement?” Mika asked innocently.

“No. I’m actually quite happy for him.”

Dark emerald eyes drifted from the Ancient Aspaniac writing on the book to the small glass-framed portrait on the study table where a picture of a young female Spirit with a sweet smile, wearing a beautiful yellow gown and a small crown on her head.

“Father has been working hard protecting us. He deserves happiness as well. Someone who can comforts, loves and be there for him. Besides, it’s high time that he moved on.”

A small hand gently touched his stiffen shoulders; broken his thoughts.

“I think, mother would be happy for him. She would have wanted this. We may not know anything about her aside from what Father and Uncle Leo and the rest of the servants had told us, but I’m convinced that she would be happy for him. That’s why, we need to be happy for him too!”

How his sister could always be this optimistic would remained a mystery to him.

Makai knew very well that as the next future Queen of this Kingdom, she held on heavy responsibilities on her tiny and small shoulders.

Even at an early age of six, she was already in preparation of becoming a Queen.While he...

Makai bit his tongue.


He shouldn’t even be thinking of such thoughts! His father loved and cherished him the same way that he cherished his sister.

Mika herself looked upon at him and adored him.

So there was no reason for him to be envious of her...


Gently, Makai pulled her small hands away from his shoulder. With a small smile, he flinched her forehead before running toward the door.

“Hurry up, slow-poke.We’ll be late for dinner!”

KING Ferid had always been a family man. Family meant everything to him. He would always put them as his first and top priority, no matter what.

Born from a poor family and being the oldest of five siblings, he had been forced to take care of his siblings when his parents died from an illness, when he had merely been at the age of twelve.

It had been truly a miracle that he’d caught the eyes of the then Spirit Princess and even stood a chance marrying her in the first place!

Now that he had become the King, and had two children whom he absolutely adored, the same top priority remained the same with a little exception: for the sake of his children’s safety and following the advices of the Royal Advisor, Ferid had been forced to arrange a separated living quarter for his children, away from the Castle.

It’d pained him deeply, having to force living separately with the children.

Against his Advisor’s wish, Ferid had firmly insisted that eating with his family for every meals was a must. Even if he had to be the one to go to the Manor and eat with them.

On any other night, the Spirit Royal Family would enjoyed their dinner. They would talked, teased, and laughed at each other’s attics.

However, that particular night, the dinner atmosphere was slightly out of the normal.

As usual, the twins had been talking about their day. The Princess had done most of the chatting, while her brother sat quietly beside her listened and sometimes adding up to the conversation.

Sitting opposite them across the dining table, were their favourite ‘Uncle Leo’, a Captain-rank Knight who was also the King’s personal bodyguard and close friend.

Being the King’s bodyguard, had forced Leo always be with the King, including during his private times with the children.

Not that he minded.

If any, Leo had been the one who always looked forward in meeting with the two adorable children for every meals. With his long silver hair tied in a ponytail and a cheeky smile, he intensively listened to the children’s stories.

Once in a while, he would stole a glance at the King, who had been quiet since they started the dinner.

“Your Highness,” Leo said innocently, slicing the piece of cake in front of him. “If I may be so bold, you don’t look too well.

That caught the twins’ immediate attention.They stopped munching on their cakes and looked at Ferid with concerned eyes.

Ferid gave a subtle glare to his bodyguard, who had the nerves to grin back and continued to eat his lovely dessert.

“Are you not well, Father?” Makai asked worriedly.

Though he wasn’t the favourite of his people or the Kingdom, his father had showered him with the same affection, love, respect, honour and pride as he did with the Princess.

Thus, it had made Makai loved him dearly.

Ferid took a deep breath.

“Children. As you already know by now, I am currently engaged to the lovely Lady Reza from East Land, that would soon be joining in our little family. Now, I know that I’ve told you plenty of times before but I will tell you this again; nothing will ever change between us. Makai, we will still continue eating meals together in here. Leo, I expect you to continue eating with us, will you?”

Leo casually shrugged. “Only if the Prince and the Princess want me to, Your Royal Highness.”

“We want you to eat with us!” The twins said in synced.

Their response was unexpected by the two grown ups. Before long, a loud full-hearted laughters echoed in the dining room.

“Well, you heard them loud and clear!” Ferid spoke, still roaring with laughter.

Leo smiled warmly at the twins. “Then, I shall continue dining with the little ones, as they’d requested.”

They continued to eat the remaining meals while happily chit-chatting about the upcoming wedding ceremony and the new member that would soon joined in the family.

The time had finally come for the twins to meet with their father’s fiancée and soon to be their step-mother.

Exactly three weeks from now, there would be the Royal wedding. The people were getting busier with the preparations by each counting and arriving day.

The twins’ first and officially meeting with the future bride had been before the engagement. Their second meeting had been during the engagement bouquet, and now, would be their third meeting with the Noble Spirit.

From what the twins had heard, Lady Reza came from a High-Class and a very wealthy family.

Their marriage had originally based on political unions between the Spirit Kingdom and her family who owned a large successful company that developed the latest technology gadgets and machinery.

As the King and the Lady got to know each other more, they'd developed affections and grown love toward each other, thus, leading King Ferid's proposal.

Makai had instantly taken a great liking on Reza the first time they’d met. She was what he had always imagined of what a mother was like — kind, caring, affectionate and did not mistreated him just because of the ill-fated prophecy that had made him the centre of hatred among the people of the Kingdom.

Even when his sister got most of the Lady’s attention, she would never abandoned him alone and instead, had kindly asked him to join with them in whatever it was that they were doing.

To Makai, Reza was a mother that the both of them never got the chance to meet or had.

When the big day finally arrived, it went on sailing smoothly as it should be.

Makai was glad that his father, whom he had most loved and respected, once again, a married man who was deeply in love with his new wife.

For few months the Spirit Royal family once again completed and lived happily with the new additional member to their small family.

It wasn’t until a week before the twins’ upcoming Seventh birthday of the same year that Makai began to notice certain things about his new step-mother.

As usual, grand preparations were made to celebrate the Royal Twins’ birthday. There were gifts coming from all around the Kingdom for the Princess.

Only a few gifts were sent to the Prince. Most of the gifts were came from his father, Leo, sister, the maids, guards and lastly, the cooks who had taken good care of him in the manor.

Little Mika had been very excited.

Being a cheerful, happy-go-lucky and the total opposite of her brother, she’d welcomed each day to their birthday with a sunshine smile plastered on her face.

Only a week until the upcoming birthday celebration, her excitement had grown twice from the usual — much to the mild annoyance and the constant headaches of her brother, who preferred to welcome the birthday in quiet, calm and reserved manners.

One morning, few days before their upcoming birthdays, while they in the middle of having their usual breakfast in the manor with their new step-mother, Mika had come up with an idea of how they should spend their day together.

“Reza, may we please go to the town after breakfast?” The Princess asked politely. She and her twin brother were sitting on the opposite side of the dining table, facing the new Queen.

Reza looked up from her plate toward the princess with a subtle arrogance. She stared down at her, picking up her cup of hot tea and taking her sweet time to answer the Princess.

The King had excused himself earlier during the meal due to an emergency in the town. He’d left his children to finish their breakfast and spend time with their new stepmother.

Finally finished with her tea, Reza put the cup down.

“Now why would you want to go to such place, dearie? Such place is nothing but loud and noise people. You’re better off without going there anyway.”

An uneasy silence filled in the air between them. Normally, whenever Mika asked to go somewhere, she would immediately agreed to it.

With a courageous move, Mika, again, spoke in a small voice.

“I would like to visit the kind lady at the bakery store. She always made delicious muffins and she always gives us treats whenever we came to visit... Please, Reza? May we go?”

The loud stung sound of the spoon metal hit on the table made the twins winced. Even Makai had stopped munching on the food in his mouth.

Both emerald eyes; light and dark, looked at the Queen with a slight fear in their eyes.

“A young lady such as your status should not be mingle with them, Princess,” Reza spoke in an icy-cold tone. “You should be with socializing with people to your standards. Your father had told me numerous times you sneaking out of the social events that were meant for you just so that you could mingled with those street children who are beneath you. How undignified!

Sharp pairs of different coloured eyes looked at the Princess straight into her very soul, caused the Princess to lower her head and clung on the sleeves of her brother under the table.

A soft sniffing sound coming from the Princess beside him.

Makai stared at the young Queen while Reza let out an annoying snort and got up from her seat and heading toward the door.

“It’s time you grow up and learn your place in this world,Princess.”

When Reza had left the room, Makai had steadily put his hand on the back of his sister and let her cried and sobbed silently while he comforted her the best way that he could.

THE twins’ birthday had finally arrived. It was one of those days when Makai was allowed in the castle.

Of course, he was always welcomed to the castle; Ferid made it very clear to everyone that his one and only son was always welcome to come and go to the castle whenever he pleases, with his own troop of bodyguards.

It was Makai had chosen to stay away from the castle. He felt uncomfortable there, what’s with the subtle glares and whispers among the maids.

Of course, the Prince had never voiced it out aloud, fearing for the worse consequences may occurred to him.

On the twins’ birthday celebration, the Castle was opened for a day to allow both the Nobles and commoners to mingle and celebrated together.

During the morning parade,it was a traditional custom for the Royal Family to walk throughout the town on this special day. Usually, Prince Makai would be at the centre back between his father and his sister, and his troops of bodyguards stayed closely behind him in the special arranged formation.

However, now that his father had remarried, King Ferid, his new Queen and the Princess were at the front ,waving and smiling to the crowds with their own troops of bodyguards at every angles, while Makai was at far back, shielded from the crowds by his bodyguards.

King Ferid hadn’t been fond of the formation plan. Not one bit. How could he? His one and only son had to be at the further back of the formation, far away from the rest of his family!

The Royal Advisor, the Councilmen and the Head Security however, had all but advised him the night before that it would be beneficial and safer if Makai and the rest of his family stayed far away from each other should anything unaccounted for were to happen.

Ferid had been furious of course, at the thought of someone foolish and daring enough to harm his young son. Despite that, even he knew that it was not impossible for an assassination to happen upon his son tomorrow.

With a heavy heart, Ferid complied with the advices and had to do whatever best to protect his family.

When night arrived and the party had started, someone who had been keeping a watchful eyes on the Prince who was sitting alone at the corner surrounded by a group of bodyguards, while the rest of his family mingled with the guests.

Leo stole a glance at the King, his charge, who was currently talking to a group of Lords. He hand-gestures to a group of bodyguards standing nearby to keep a close watch on the King before walking to where the young lonely Prince was sitting with a broken heart.

Leo knew how hard Makai tried his very best to be acknowledged, accepted and be loved by his people. He was not blinded by how lonely the young Prince actually was. Yet, because of the ill-fated prophecy, he was forced to live in a harsh and bitter world.

“What are you doing here all alone, little one? Shouldn’t you be out there and enjoying in the party?” Leo said kindly, with a smile.

Leo’s smile vanished when he saw the Prince’s face and the front of his silk formal attire were wet! As if someone had splashed a glass of water at him.

Fortunately however, it was not too obvious to be seen from far as the materials was thick enough.

“What’d happened to you, child?” Leo asked again, taking a clean napkin from his chest pocket and wiped what was left of the water on the Prince’s face.

Makai kept silence. He kept his gaze on the polished floors.

“Let’s get you clean up, yes?” Waiting for the Prince to nod his head, Leo then led him away from the party to get himself clean up.

It had been easy to avoid the crowds with the little Prince on hands when he led him to the dressing room upstairs where he let the Prince to change to to a new pair of attire.

While he had been waiting for the Prince outside of the dressing room, Leo decided to ask him again what had happened back there.

“What’d happened, Your Highness? Who did this to you?”

“I’d told you before, it was an accident. One of the nobles was laughing as I happened to pass by behind him. His elbow accidentally knocked against the waiter who was serving them drink and it fell on me.”

Taking a deep breath, Leo cursed silently at the behaviour of the said Noble. He knew darn well that it was not just a mere accident as claimed by the young Prince!

Many of the Nobles hated the Prince for his ill-fated prophecy. They would do almost anything to get rid of the poor child — which had led Ferid to make a desperate decision to separate their living quarters.

Sighed deeply, Leo turned to look at the Prince who had changed into his new formal attire.

Bowing his head, Leo then led the young Prince back downstairs.

DAYS after the party went by smoothly with exceptional of few drastic changes around the castle and the twins’ lives.

New rules from the new Queen had made it complicated for the twins to stay together.

Mika had been forced by Reza to live in the castle in order to learn the proper etiquette of becoming a Lady and a good Princess. She had been put under the Queen’s harsh and strict tutorials.

Meanwhile, the twins begun to spend less time with each other, due to Mika’s new lifestyle.

Many times the maids in the manor had to endure her pleads and cries of not wanted to leave her brother’s side.

Makai, being the oldest of the two and the mature one, understood the importance of the new changes in their lives, had pursued her to follow the Queen’s orders, regardless.

While it might seemed to be a sort of betrayal on the Princess’s side — that her brother was sided with the Queen instead of her, but Makai knew better.

Even if he wanted to help his sister from the ‘evil Queen’, as they had labelled her, there was so little much he could even do to help.

For the little Princess, each day was filled with tortured lessons. For every mistakes she’d made, she was rewarded with a punishment; such as not having her meal served.

It was hard for the princess who was so used to be spoiled by everyone. Having to starve and earned her meals however, made Mika grown.

She learnt how to be patient and survived the wave. She grown emotionally and mentally: to think for herself and grown thicker skin.

One fateful day changed their whole lives forever.

It was the day when the King of all birds; a blind gigantic Fire Bird with a long elegant neck and a built slimmer body covered with feathers made from gold and fire, had been summoned to the castle to read out the prophecy for the future of the Kingdom.

“We welcome you, The King of all birds, Vulcan the Great Oracle, to our humble land!”

Vulcan flew into the Audience Chamber and made a grand entrance. It landed gracefully in front of the Royal Family members and the rest of the Royal Court Councils.

“Your Royal Highnesses.” Vulcan bowed its head toward the King.

“Arise your head, Vulcan the Great Oracle.” Ferid commended with a gentle voice and a wide smile. “Tell us! The future of this Kingdom.”

Vulcan lifted his head and opened his colourless pale grey eyes. He then spoke with a soft and gentle voice in a riddle:

A prosperous land, destined to bring greatness. One child born to full fill a great destiny, anotherborn to destroy the world.

Like infants, they carried a heavy fate weights upon their shoulders, to the unknown world, filled with challenges and despairs.

Destiny and Fate, clashes to the sound of metals. What lies beyond one’s reach, is a mystery slowly unfolding.

Only courage and bravery, and heart of gold, could One strives to achieve, the goal of the prophesy.

Knowing what is right, and what is wrong, only then, One is able, to go to that place named Paradise.”

“Hold on!” One of the Councilmen raised from his seat. “What nonsense spurting out of your very mouth, Bird? You were suppose to read us the future of this Kingdom!”

Another Councilman stood up. “That’s right! Tell us this Kingdom’s real future!”

Vulcan shook its head sadly at their arrogances. Slowly, it flapping its golden wings as it fled around the Audience Chamber, leaving trails of golden dusts from his wings and tail.

Mankind's greatest lust knows no boundaries. Faith and Loyalty shall be challenged.

However strong a forte is, stronger it is, the hearts of those bonds over love and peace.

Live and One shall die.

Choices and decisions are given, not made by themselves.

Bound together by a foretell destiny.

What lies the future ahead, even the Great Vulcan, could no longer predict.

However trails that were given, fun should One experiences them.

The lessons of life, are in the palm of One’s hands, and in the hearts of bond.

Not in the head, nor the book of Knowledge.”

With the last riddles being read, Vulcan the Great Oracle vanished in sparks of light and was never seen again.

The prophecy earlier had caused a great uproar of confusion among the councilmen.

Everyone knew Vulcan the Great Oracle would and had never lied, nor did he had ever made any mistakes about his predictions.

Ferid laid on his bed that night, many thoughts came running through his mind when he’d recalled back those riddles being read by Vulcan many years ago before the twins were born:

This Kingdom shall be ruled prosperously, by a King who courageously combined two very different Worlds.

Filled with fortunes and never-ending glories, the One who bore the responsibilities,shalt be born as a Female.

In order to achieve such accomplish, prices shall be made, to the never-ending glories.”

It had all came true, just as Vulcan had predicted.

Ferid had fought hard for years in order to join the two Worlds with extremely difference cultures to become as one.

And at long last, he had won in the end.

The prices that he had to make was to lose the life of his love, and the rejections from his people and the Kingdom had given to his beloved one and only son for his ill-fated life, in order to accomplish everything.

Sighed loudly, Ferid looked at his young Queen who lied beside him and seemingly to have already falling fast asleep. He smiled warily and blew the candle beside the bed.

Hours later, Ferid had rudely awakened from his slumber when a faint and distance whispering voices came from the other side of his chamber’s door.

Instantly alert, Ferid had gotten up from his bed very cautiously, as not wanting to wake up his Queen. He had then took his sword and headed straight to the door.

When Ferid came out from his private chamber, he had been deeply in shocked to find instead of guards standing by guarding his doors, there were nobody there.

No signs of the guards at all.

“Men?” Ferid called out.

No response.

Tightened the grip of his sword, he had a bad feeling of what he might find later. Ferid had quickly marched toward the Guard’s Quarters, one stair below his own chamber.

Halfway down the staircase, he was shocked to discover several Knights were lying on the floor. Some of them were even spreading on the table and against the walls!


Ferid had gotten on his one knee and checked on the nearest Knight’s pulse. He had been deeply falling asleep.

Someone had drugged him — them.

Ferid slapped the Knight a couple of times on the cheeks to wake him up, but he didn’t. His eyeballs were rolling at the back of his head.

Cursing under his breath, Ferid released the Knight and had just about to rush over up the stairs to warn his wife about the grave situation, when a group of five wearing mask and hooded robe, weapons on hands, stopped him at the entrance.

“What’s the rush, Your Royal Highness? The party is just about to get wild.” One of them said, cockily.

“Who are you?” Ferid asked demanding. “What have you done to my men?”

Not bothered to answer his questions, two out of the five enemies began to attack him.

Ferid’s first opponents had been a couple of children, not older than his own children. Both wore a black clad clothes from top to bottom and with a bird-beck mask to hide their faces.

The obvious thing that separated them and defined their genders was the pink frills around the female’s waist and pink ribbon on top of her head.

Without the frills and the ribbon, the two would had looked totally identical.

The female one had a whip on her right hand, while her partner had none. That did not mean the young lad was any less than a threat.

Judging from his stance, Ferid could easily tell that he was a martial artist — a deadly one, that is.

Ferid felt his heart dropped a little at the thought of having to fight against such young enemies.

Just then, something had rapidly fast came to his view — a whip with an electrical sparks came from his right.

It had been the female child. She had deftly swung her whip at him.

Ferid had little time to dodge the attack. He’d narrowly avoided and dodged it at the very last minute. Though, the whip had managed to land a little scrap on his left cheek.

Ferid forced to take a step back, in a guard stance. His left cheek stung from the whip earlier, but he remained focus.

Once again, he was forced once again to charge into battle, countering and parrying their attacks with his sword. Ferid was determined to cut the bloody whip off.

Just as it looked as if the female child was losing, a burst of fire came out of nowhere, and it caught him on his left arm.

Ferid had quickly managed to get rid of the fire on his arm without having it spread around. The only cost he had to pay was the slightly burnt skin of his arm.

Sweats begun to gather on his forehead and rolled down on his cheeks as each time passed when he tried to fight out the pain.

Ferid looked up where the fire had come from, and met with the young lad he had forgotten when he fought with the female opponent.

The lad who moved to in between the battlefield. Smoke was coming out of his mouth through the beaked mask.

So the lad breathes fire. Interesting. Ferid brought his sword at the front.

“It seems you two have made your intentions very clearly. I was hoping not to spill any bloods tonight, let alone such bloods coming from people like you children.”

Ferid narrowed his eyes at the couple. At a drop of his sweat on the floor, the three of them ran charging toward each other.

The battle between the King and his two opponents lasted within minutes. Both were equally strong in terms of strength and speed.

Within few minutes into the fierce battle, Ferid has suffered few minor wounds on his cheeks and parts of his body. While his two opponents had suffered a few bruises on parts of their bodies and minor deep scars.

Ferid breathed in and out deeply. He kept sharp glared at them. He needed to get this over with and get to his wife and children as soon as possible.

His eyes wandered from the two children to the rest of the group.

For some reason, the other members had decided to simply watch the battle. If they had decided to join the two opponents in battle, Ferid knew even he won’t stand a chance.

What are they up to by just standing there? To prevent me from getting away? Ferid briefly thought, tightening his grip on his sword.

Just as he was about to raise his sword and pointed it at them, something else had interrupted their battle — the sound of something banging on the ironed clad front door of the castle downstairs echoed loudly.

BANG BANG BANG! The sound of the banging getting louder by each seconds.

All attentions were focused on the front door. No one dared to make a move, not even the enemies.

When something had forceful broken down the door by a furious gale. It went straight to the enemies.

While the chaos was erupting between the furious gale and the enemies, a pair of strong hands had suddenly grabbed and pulled the King into a secret door against the wall behind him.

“What took you so long to get here?” Ferid panted heavily as he squatted and leaned his head against the stoned walls.

Beside him, Leo had been breathing heavily, and had one hand on his chest while the other hand was on the stoned walls, balancing him from falling.

“My apologies, Your Highness. It seemed someone had drugged the main well with a very strong sleeping drug, Sire. That explains why almost every soldiers that we have are all out of cold at the moment.”

“You didn’t drink from the well, did you, old champ?” Ferid asked with a painful expression upon hearing the news.

“Unfortunately my King, I did. It took me a while to resist the drug, and I had to make my way to the infirmary to get a counter-drug first before coming here. Sorry for the long wait.” Leo smiled weakly at the King.

“How are the children? Are they allright?” Ferid asked, anxiously.

“I have not yet seen them, My King. I was on my way from the training room when it’d happened. Judging from the situation outside, it seems like we’re in deep trouble here. Our forces are out of questions.”

“Damn it!” Ferid landed a fist against the stoned wall. “I have to go back there! Reza’s still asleep upstairs. I have to get her safely out of the castle before any of those bastards lay their hands on her! You get the children. We’ll meet up at—”

An explosive made by a cannon had abruptly interfered their conversation.

The stoned walls had cracked and collapsed on the opposite side. The two had to make a dash to the only route that was available at the moment as another explosion occurred nearby then.

The two Spirits ran rapidly fast while avoiding the collapsed bricks. They ran until they had reached a long bridge that was connected from the castle to the Castle’s Observation Tower.

Four eyes widened as they looked down below, a few miles away from the castle, were thousands of the Human’s forces charging toward the castle.

Ferid grip tightly onto his sword. For a while, there were a deep silence between them.

“Leo. I want you to take care of my children. Take them far away from here, somewhere safe. ”

“My King... What about you and the Queen?”

“I will find Reza and get her out of the castle to somewhere safe where the three of you will meet up later. Behind the children’s manor, there is a deep jungle where only the Royal Family can pass through. You three can meet there.”

“And you, Your Highness?” Fear was evidently in Leo’s voice.

Ferid tightened his grip on the sword and looked to the charging forces.“I shall distract them long enough for you to make an escape from-”

Unfinished his words, Leo grabbed the King forcefully by the shoulders and looked him directly in the eyes.

“Ferid,” Leo said gravely, status differences between them forgotten. “Don’t do this. Your children... They need you. Your Kingdom may fall now, but as long as you shall live, it will rises once again. I believe in you! So think thoroughly about this!”

Ferid smiled sadly at his old childhood friend. Shaking his head, he put one hand on his friend’s shoulder.

“A King’s duty is to protect his people and Kingdom. This is my duty. Please, my children, take good care of them for me. And my wife too, if you would.”

Leo had sighed deeply, before he pulled the King away from him.

“Understood. It is my greatest honour to serve you and your children until the last of my breath, Your Royal Highness.”

Leo lowered his head and bowed before the King. He then straightened up before unexpectedly pulled Ferid into a hug, which he had kindly returned it.

“You have always been there for me, old champ. Ever since we were children, you have always kept a watch on me despite our status differences. While I am born in the poor family, and you are the previous King’s loyal Advisor’s son. Now is my time to pay my debts to as your King.”

“As do I, my friend.” Leo released the man.

With one last glance, Leo took off to the other side, leaving Ferid to where he stood.

Ferid took a deep breath before he rushed back to get to his Queen.

IT didn’t take Leo long to finally arrive at the twins’ Manor. He had been truly grateful that the Knights whom had guard the manor were still on conscious as they did not shared the same water from the main well.

However, news had travelled fast about the castle being under attacked by the Humans’ Army and the Knights in the castle were down.

“Sir Leo! Thank Goodness you’re here! Are you all right?” One of the Knights, shouted at him.

“How are the children?” Leo asked.

“They’re safe inside the manor, Sir. We’ve heard terrible news about the castle. Please say it wasn’t true!”

Leo took a long deep breath.

“Right now, your King is out there, fighting against the enemies and protecting what’s left of this Kingdom all by himself because the rest of the soldiers were out of cold — someone had put a heavy dose of strong sleeping drug into the main well — which I’m truly grateful that you people were not affected by it. Now is the time for you to show your loyalty to your King and to this Kingdom, men! Go Forth and help your King to defend this Kingdom!”

The Knights, all fired up by Leo’s speech prepared to depart. Led by their Captain, they marched toward the castle.

Leo watched as the troops went ahead, wishing them the best of luck in battle, before he headed toward the manor.

He’d pushed the knob and entered the manor, when something fast came flying toward him.

To his quick reflexes, Leo managed to dodge a sharp skewer that had nearly hit its target; his left eye.

Looking at the source of the skewer, his eyes landed on the floor where the young Prince was pointing his own sword, a gift from Ferid on his seventh birthday, at him.

His eyes were widened and terrified. Behind him, was the red puffy eyes belonged to the Princess. She had hugged and held on the blanket closed to her chest.

Leo let out a low sigh. He eyed the young Prince and Princess before slowly, he gotten to his knees, and carefully, put down the sword held by Makai’s trembled hands.

Leo then pulled the young Prince closed for a small embrace.

“It’s all right, Your Highness. Everything is going to be okay.”

Mika ran toward him and instantly wrapped her small arms around Leo’s neck.

“It’s okay, Princess. I’m here. Everything is going to be okay.”

“Where’s Father?” Makai asked, letting go of his arms around Leo’s neck.

“His Highness the King,” Leo decided there was no use beating around the bushes when it was so darn obvious what was going on.

“Is currently fighting off the enemies for the sake of the two of you and the Kingdom, along with the remaining Knights. Our main well had been drugged by the enemies so we’re short of men. I’ve already sent out the Knights to assist him. We need to leave now, Your Royal Highnesses.”

“What about Reza?”Makai asked again.

“Ferid said he’ll take her to somewhere safe where we can meet up with her later. Let’s head there.”

The trio had then escaped to the forest through the back door of the manor.

They could clearly heard a loud shrieking sound of pain belonged to the Knights who were fighting off the enemies nearby, and fire cannons being fired everywhere.

Leo had the Princess in his arm while his other hand was pulling the Prince closer to him as they moved.

Since the moment they left the Manor, the human forces had arrived and invaded the place. Some of the Knights who were guarding the Manor, had given them enough time to make an escape through the back door.

“Ah!” Makai tripped on one of the tree’s roots and fell down on the dirt. His left knee immediately bruised from the fell.

Resisting the urge to cry, Makai forced himself to get up to his feet.

“I’m fine.” He reassured them and continued to run.

The trio had finally reached the deepest part of the forest where there was a portal that would allowed them to cross over to the Human world.

It was also the rendezvous point where they were supposedly to meet with Reza.

Oddly enough, there was no sign of the Queen.

“Uncle Leo, why are we here?” Mika asked.

“We’re waiting for Her Royal Highness the Queen. Ferid was on his way to get her when we had separated. She should be here by now. This is the place where we’re supposed to meet.”


Leo shakened his head. He would not allowed himself to think of the worse, at least for now. He continuously scanned the area when all the suddenly, he felt very uneasy.

Makai’s own curiosity had made him wandered not so far away from Leo. His curious eyes looked clearly around the forest for the first time since they had been forced to flee.

“Something doesn’t feel right. It’s too quiet.”

“Prince, please don’t wander off so far—” An arrow came out of nowhere and shot Makai on his left arm!



Leo put down the princess on the ground, and had rushed over to the injured Prince. Halfway there, he stopped dead on his track when another arrow shot at him, nearly missed his right foot.

Within seconds, they had been surrounded in circle by a group of men — archers.

One of the archer had his arrow aimed at the already injured Prince.

“Stop!”A loud voice boomed behind the rest of them, hence preventing the archer from releasing his arrow at the Prince.

Rushed heavy footsteps stormed over to them from the bushes. The rest of the archers made a way for the two people to come forward.

The heavy footsteps stopped right in front of the Princess whom Leo had forgotten a while back and had cursed for his own idiocy for leaving her behind.

Icy cold ran through his veins. Leo had literally stopped breathing.

Golden eyes grew widened at the deadly sharp dagger on the Princess’ throat.

“Princess.” One word slipped out of his mouth.

“Is she the one?”

The man who had shouted earlier asked to the person beside him. He was a tall muscular man we a black cloak approached them. His face was hidden behind a blank cover but the rest of his black attire was shown.

Beside him, the Spirit Queen, had grinned widely. She turned to look at the petrified little Princess, with a dagger pointed on her neck.

“Indeed she is.”

Reza looked down on the small figure, a sly smirk appeared on her lips. She lifted the dagger from the Princess’s throat to her cheek right.

“And just when I’d thought you could die peacefully. Tsk, tsk. Naughty little Princess you are, running off like that.”

“Get away from her!” Leo barked angrily. His mind was running wildly as everything starting to piece together.

How could he’d be so stupid for not seeing the obvious and realizing her intention at the very beginning?!

“This whole thing is a trap, isn’t it? You’ve planned all of these from the very start! The Human’ attack. The drug in the main well. Everything was your doing, isn’t it?!”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Reza innocently smiled.

“It had always occurred to me of all the noble women, why Ferid had chosenyouto be his bride — you, a half-breed. The fact that your family’s company provides the latest advanced technology for the Spirit World did not make any sense for you to get personally involved with him at all! I’ve always knew there was something fishy about you.”

Leo remembered his King, his best friend. How deeply in love and happy he had been with his new bride, only to find out that the cruel truth behind all of that.

There were times when he had tried to make Ferid reconsidered his decision of marrying a half-breed — the history between the full-fled Spirits and the half-breeds had not exactly been fun either, mainly because the half-breeds prided themselves.

However, seeing how happy his King had been after losing his beloved wife years ago, Leo did not have the heart to destroy his friend’s new-found happiness. Thus, he remained quiet and kept a close watch on the new Queen.

“What happened to Ferid?” Leo asked in a deep growling voice.

“The King is dead.” Reza replied arrogantly.

Leo’s face immediately fell upon hearing the King had died.

“What a hassle. Putting on a powerful seal on me before he died!” Reza hissed mockingly. “Well, let’s just see how powerful his seal is! He dares to stop me from crossing to the other side.”

Dragging the Spirit Princess by the arms, Reza approached the portal. She had then pressed the small red button.

When it turned to blue, the portal was activated.

“Don’t worry, Prince Makai.” Reza looked at the wounded Prince, with a sinister grin. “I’ll be sure to do it quick, painless and spare you the grieve of watching it.”

Makai’s eyes grew widened at the meaning of her words.

Rage had suddenly consumed and blinded him.

Makai let out a loud battle roar as he charged toward the Queen — only to have a foot smashed at the back of his head into the muddy ground.

“What are you doing?” The man in cloak behind her suddenly growled. “The Spirit Princess is ours. Hand her over to us and you’ll get what you’ve always you wanted. That was the deal.”

Reza smiled gracefully. “You humans are too easy.”

Her mismatched eyes had darkened. She lifted her hands and aimed at the man in cloak.

An energy force had gathered on her hand, before she shot it at the man and a few of his men, sending them flying for miles.

Reza sighed. Her sharp gaze looked at the rest of the human archers who flinched in terror.

“Does anyone else wants to stop me from leaving?”

The archers had all backed off and lowered their head. Reza smug, she had then swiftly walked toward them, while dragging the little Princess along.

She eyed each of the archers.Sharp pointed and black nails counting each and everyone of them.

“Thirty-five?” Reza sighed softly. “I suppose he doesn’t trust me much, does he?”

Reza walked intimidatingly in circle. All the sudden, she had grabbed one of the archers by the neck. Her sharp pointed nails dug deeply into his skin, causing him to shriek painfully.

“Now, then. I suppose I could just kill all of you worthless humans here,” She pushed her nails deeper into his skin. “Or you could pledge your loyalty to me as your new Queen, and I’ll spare your worthless lives. So, what would it be?”

Instantly, all of the archers went down on their one knee and bowed down to her.

Reza smug proudly. She released the archer with a massive bleeding neck, before heading back to the portal.

“Take those two back the castle. Restrained and locked them inside the dungeon.”

“Y-Yes, Your Highness.” The archers saluted and went off to do their jobs.

Makai had tried to resist from being taken away. He had struggled, screamed hysterically, and cursed Reza all the while he had being dragged by the archers back to the castle.

Leo on the other hand, had been watching helplessly as the Prince being taken away.

He had gritted his teeth, fists clenched. Leo turned his back around and roared.



One arrow shot on his left tight and Leo fell on one knee. Hissing at the pain, he had forced himself to slowly gotten up to his legs.

A pair of golden eyes glared sharply at the Queen. His eyes landed on the pale and terrified looking Princess.


Time stopped the moment the Spirit Queen yanked the Princess by the collar and threw her into the portal.

Makai, who had been struggling to break free, stopped his struggles. His eyes had grown widened at the realization for what had just happened.


Makai screamed at the top of his lungs before he choked down in deep sorrow. Knowing that he had just lost his sister forever.

Reza watched the Prince broke down with little sympathy. Her face had been stoic and cold. Taking a deep breath, she then addressed to the still activated portal.

“Now then.”

Taking a few steps toward the portal, Reza had just about to reach her hands into the portal when her hands got zapped.

Reza quickly pulled her hand away and hissed at the pain. Surprise and shock were written all over her face. She looked at the activated barrier again and then cursed at the crystal barrier that had been surrounded the whole castle and its perimeters.

Reza clenched her teeth, remembering clearly what had been said to her, the last words by King Ferid before he died:

"Though this Kingdom and the people may have fallen into your wicked hands, Reza. But remember this well — you will NEVER be victorious! The true heir of this Kingdom shall rise, and defeat you. Until then, you shan’t pass by these crystal barriers!"

“He would have failed casting the curse — had it not been for those three damned Witches who’d interfered! Curses!” Reza spat.

A sadistic smirk suddenly appeared on her deep rosy lips.

“No matter. Because of the three Witches’ deaths, it had caused a great mayhem between those two once Alliances.”

Reza had then turned her head to face Leo.

“I’ll be merciful. I shall let you live. In return; you have to do me a favour. If you refuse or fail to do so, I won’t hesitate to kill the Prince.”

Leo had kept his silence. His golden eyes were glaring at the Queen.

“After what you’ve done to the Royal Family, do you really think I would—”

“Know your place, servant." Reza threatened in a low voice. “I’d told you, I will not hesitate to kill the Prince. You look like a capable man for the job.”

She took out an old piece of paper with two pictures of an elderly man and also a young male toddler, along with a parchment filled with detailed descriptions about them.

“Find me this man. Until you’ve successfully found him, I will spare the Prince’s life. Take your time on finding the old goat. I know he’s not an easy to find.”

Reza glared sharply at him. “Do not disobey me, servant. Or least you are willing to have the Prince’s blood to pay.”

Reluctantly, Leo took the papers on his hand and had clenched it tightly.

“As you wish, My Queen.”

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