Into the Darkness



An unknown man in an unknown situation with an unknown enemy.

The night folded over him like a think wave of salt water.  It was cold and dark.  Not a star in the sky and the moon was shrouded by clouds.  He had sweat beading and flowing down his forehead, or was it blood?  He couldn't remember his name or where he was but what he felt was quite real.  Terror filled every inch of his body and he laid shaking on, what felt like, a stone floor.  With every second ticking by; shadow drew in around him until he couldn't see a thing.  Pitch black.  Into the darkness he yelled but only his echo returned a cry.

His echo began to echo.  Whispers swirled around him like a hurricane and still there was no light.  To his feet he leaped and into the darkness he ran.  Around and around in circles he went and with no end in sight.  His head throbbed in pain.  It was blood trickling down his face because he could taste it.

A laughter crept up on him and he cried into the darkness.  Who could it be?  Pokes and prods reached out and touched him from the shadow while laughter streaked around him again and again.  He was so afraid and sickened.

"Who is it?" The man cried.  Laughter ensued.

"Please. Please" The man went on. Laughter ensued.

Still, no light broke through the silence and the man stopped.  A searing pain jolted the man.  Something penetrated his abdomen.

Gasping for air the man let out one final sentence, "who are you?" The laughter stopped.  The man heard shallow breathing next to his ear.  Right before losing consciousness the man heard,


To be continued...

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