Are you suffering from somnolent?



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A short narrative relating to Faith

Are you tired?


Does the transdimensional life we lead exhaust your very soul?

Do we live within other realms, dominions of unshackled pure emotions?

A transdimensional kingdom of never-ending vicissitudes and narratives.

Do you beseech for a sanctuary of solace to rest a weary mind?

Do you tire?

                          Fear not, Faith has a way of soundless liberation!

Welcome Faith into your life, a belief in Hope, a principle intertwined within better days.

Those dog-tired days, days filled within tenuous moments and half-hearted thoughts, Faith in something greater, something tied to Hope can lead to an expectation of new found energy.

An anticipation of Change, a means to wish for a better day and be re-energised!

Are you still tired?

Reach out; Faith is silently waiting to breathe exuberance into a lethargic body and soul!

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