Journals of aPsychopath



The insanity crawls into his heart and infects his mind.

Chapter Two

Rheanna Hammond

A friend of Harry came into the workshop and she chatted to Joe. Rheanna behaved as if she owned the gas station. Appearing dramatic and red-gold tresses curled around her face. She propelled in the direction to where Harry was located, her slim shape next to his bulky one, appeared in contrast a contradiction.
      “What gossip have you got?” Rhea asked.
Hushed in the workplace, unusual unless a shapely woman glided around, I believed I could take Rhea, the conviction realistic. Ready to sex with Rhea, I studied her, the necessity for some adventure prowled in her mind. Rhea conducted us to her car and her hips swung in unison with her body.
      “There he is.”
Rheanna’s purple vehicle sat apart from the other cars and spangled in the wintery weather.
I arranged for her car to remain overnight, I contemplated Rhea’s return to the workshop.
      “Do you want a ride?”
      “Yes, thank you.”
      “You are a lucky bastard,” Perry said.
Riding away and the tires squealed the chipped ice flew alongside the wheels. Arriving at Rheanna’s homestead, I watched as she entered her home. Her body had created an imprint in the leather seat Rheanna’s perfume permeated the air.

Lady Flarice’s Work Kruger Engineering

Wiring her office a few days before in the night, I sat in a tree I plotted the plans pertinent to the psychiatrically insane. Lady Flarice looked anxious and I knew she was puzzled about my activities.
      “The stalker is still entering my home, but the thing is I am not afraid,” the Lady Flarice said to her associate.
I saw her colleague’s face was fat and Mariel’s nose small, Mariel's hair appeared fine and wispy, I disliked her.
      “It has been going on far too long you should tell the cops.”
      “They would think I am bonkers, especially if I said he has consigned pure white silk in the cubbyhole, and impounded a figurine from the shelf.”
She frowned.
      “Do you think the stalker is watching you now?”
      “I believe I can sense him.”
      “You should really think about informing the authorities maybe they can help.”
      “It is not taken seriously, the only occurrence to gain attention, if I was harmed or dead.”


Promenading in the workshop, Rheanna expected a huge reception and I slighted her need, preparing coffee, I looked the other way.
      “Do you want one?”
She accepted, around the mug her hands warmed up, her limbs were tanned and attractive, her bands winked in the light.
      “Father bought the rings.”
Scrunching her skin, the laughter-lines enhanced her face, Rheanna’s eyes brown clear and sharp, gained cordiality. Walking into the yard and she followed. Taking in my physique, she was heedless, concerning the snide comments, Perry, Harry and Joe deemed necessary to shout. I saw her small firm breasts through a thin garment vanity proclaimed her to wear. Rheanna’s face coloured when I touched her, the others in the workshop stared. Rhea tailed me, as I strolled into the workshop. Relaxing against the desk, she searched her purse, and the leather wrinkled. Procuring Rhea’s money, I stroked her palm, fever bolted through Rhea, she wanted me I could tell. (I was the one who sexed with her, I screwed her until Rhea’s eyes rolled into the back of her skull, and her legs could not quiver anymore.)

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