James' Blanket



James' best friend was his blanket. What more does a little boy need than his blanket and imagination? They will be together until the end.

Buzzzz sounded the dryer. Thank goodness that is over. Mind you I don’t mind being put through the wash every once in a while but tumbling around in the dryer for 60 minutes can really stress my fibers. The door opens and mom reaches in for me. I know that James, my owner, cannot be far behind. Mom sniffs me and holds me close to her face. I love being held, but where is James? She folds me carefully smoothing out any wrinkles. Mom places me carefully into a bag. I am confused. I won’t worry, I know James will come and get me soon.

James and I have such a great history together. It is six years since the first day that mom placed me gingerly upon him as he slept in the hospital. I was so nervous. His parents tasked me with the job of protecting him, keeping him warm and making him feel safe. The fact that I am a three foot by two foot piece of cloth did not make my job any easier. But I accepted these responsibilities and I have done a good job. Yes, I have a few frays on the edges and stains in my middle but I wear those like badges of honor. Each one reminds me of some adventure.

James is an amazing kid. He has the biggest imagination and together there are no parts of the world we haven’t explored or life we haven’t lived. At 3-1/2 feet tall, he is a blue-eyed, blonde haired dynamo. We are constantly on the run or playing games. His favorite is to tie me around his neck and pretend that he is a super hero and I am his cape. I’m bullet proof when I am around his neck. No matter how many times the bad guys shoot at us, I stop each and every bullet. Nothing can stop Super James.

My favorite time is when James finally gets tired enough to take a nap. I am no longer long enough to cover him completely but I do my best. Mom will sometimes offer one of the blankets from the couch to assist me. I don’t mind as long as they remember I am the boss. I like it when she forgets for it is just James and I. I start off spread neatly over him but end up pulled neatly up to his face. His left hand holds me tight while he sucks his right thumb. He is trying to break this habit because big boys aren’t supposed to suck their thumbs but he forgets when he sleeps.

“James where are you?”

He still doesn’t answer or come for me. I’m stuck in this bag and it is not comfortable. I don’t belong here. I wish he would hurry up and come get me.

I find the grass stain is still on me. Mom has tried every cleaner in the store but the stain still looks at her every time she sees me. What she doesn’t know is that, with every wash, I close my fibers around the stain. I don’t want to let it go. That stain is from the day that I became a flying carpet. James wanted to see the world. We flew everywhere. We found a circus and flew around the elephants. Oh how we laughed when they squirted us with water. We went to the places where the camels live and it is hot. We left the earth when we saw dinosaurs and headed for outer space. The freedom of flying around the stars will be something I will never forget. We finally headed home when the space monsters started shooting at us. The grass stain is from our landing. We came in a little hard.

I know that James will never leave me. I did get scared when the bigger boys made fun of him for carrying me around. He tossed me to the ground saying, “I’m a big boy and I don’t need no blanket.” I lay on the ground trembling. James just left me there. It felt like the world had ended. He took a whole ten steps away. He stopped and looked back; the one look told me that he would come back. He ran back and swooped me up. It didn’t matter what the boys said, we would be together forever.

I peek out of the bag and see that we are in the car. James must be at his grandmother’s house. I am sure that mom is taking me to him.

Three days ago, James tied me around his neck and off we went to save the world. Bad guys hid all around the neighborhood. We could only take care of those on his block because we aren’t allowed to cross the street. We rode up and down the sidewalk and attacked every bad guy we saw. I waved behind him as the wind raised me like a flag. We both laughed as the wind changed and blew me up and over his head. I covered his eyes but his super powers allowed him to see through me. Nothing could stop James. One of the bad guys even blasted his horn at us. His attack from the side only sent us flying higher.

Ah, the car has stopped. Mom takes me out of the bag. I don’t recognize this place. We go inside and there are a lot of people. I know many of them – there is grandma. Mom stops and puts me to her face again. The stuff on her eyes is now on me. Yuck.

I see James. He is asleep at the front of the room. Is it nap time already? He looks so peaceful even though I am not with him. Maybe he is too old for his blanket. Mom hugs me and places me over him. This feels right but wrong at the same time. James feels cold. I will need to work to keep him warm. They are shutting a lid over us. I am confused again. It is dark. I hope we are not here long.

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