Witches, We (chapter 5)



Vix comes home to find that Layla has brought home a man...

Ursa was reading contently, when the door jingled. She looked up to see two women, both around her age. They were chatting happily and Ursa quickly checked to make sure her dress wouldn't be visible behind the counter.

"Hello! Can I help you?" Ursa called to them.

One, a tall, curly-haired brunette, glanced in her direction. "Ah, no thanks. We're just looking around."

People usually said that. Ursa waited patiently. They'd eventually find something they loved. Each item was unique. Cassandra had an amazing talent, really. Ursa was amazed that her mother had the creativity to make so many different designs.

"Jeeze. Expensive," the other woman whispered. This one had straight, black hair.

People usually said that too. The dresses were quite pricey.

"Ah! Look at this!" the brunette cried to her friend. "It's gorgeous! Ooh, soft!"

Ursa guessed she'd found her dress.

"It's in my size!"

"It's four-hundred dollars!" her friend whispered fiercely. "Are you nuts?"

"I'm just trying it on, Candace," the brunette said merrily, heading for the dressing room.

Candace shrugged and continued looking through the racks. Ursa examined her long, black hair and her thin frame. She was wearing clothes that were too big for her and, if Ursa was guessing correctly, she was looking in a rack full of dresses that would also be too big.

Ursa wandered out from behind the counter and to the size four rack. She found a lovely, light violet dress. And waved it at Candace.

The woman looked at it with interest and came nearer. "That's gorgeous!" She felt the material and sighed. "But it's too small for me."

Ursa frowned. "I think you should try it. My mother makes dresses a little larger than size." It was a lie, but not a malicious one. She was certain that the dress would fit.

Candace's eyes lit up and she rushed the dress to the fitting room. "Hurry up, Danielle!"

"Almost done," Danielle said happily. "I love these buttons in the back, but they take a bit of time." A moment later, Danielle left the dressing room and Candace went in. "Oh, wow!" Danielle crooned. She spun around and admired the way the dress hugged her curves. "This is too gorgeous. It makes me look like a sophisticated lady, that's for sure." She looked at the price tag in agony. Ursa knew what that was like. "Is it too soon to buy a dress for Joe and Lisa's wedding?" she asked her friend.

"It's casual dress. You'd show up the bride."


Candace came out and gushed over her appearance. The dress fit her very well. "We look like movie stars."

"How much is yours?" Danielle asked.


Danielle pouted.

Ursa felt sorry for her. The dress had her under its spell. She shook her head. Spell? Let's not be silly. The novel she'd been reading was getting into her head.

"Danielle," Candace said soothingly. "Just ask Robert if he'll buy it for you. You never ask for anything."

Ursa started toward them. "We have a half-off policy for new customers," she said in a business-like way.

"Really?" Danielle asked. There were actually tears in her eyes.

"Well," Ursa said. "No. But I'm willing to institute one right now."

Danielle's eyes lit up. "Really?"

Ursa nodded. There would be hell to pay when her mother returned.

After Ursa sold the two dresses at a loss of three-hundred dollars, she sighed. She had made two people incredibly happy, and now she'd put herself in a dangerous situation. Cassandra never had sales, and Ursa could never remember her mother giving a discount.

Before she'd steeled herself against the woman's ire, Cassandra breezed through the door. She immediately focused on her daughter's nervous face. "What is it, Ursa?"

Ursa winced. "I gave a woman a discount. She was crying."

Cassandra's left eyebrow shot up. "A discount?"

Ursa nodded. Her head was down as though she were waiting to be slapped.

Cassandra sighed. "Ursa. I'm not angry."

Her daughter looked up at her. "You're not? But you never give discounts."

"Every once in a while I do."


Cassandra nodded. Then she smiled. "Rarely. I even gave a dress away once. To a very poor girl. I was a fairy godmother that day."

Ursa relaxed. "I'm sorry mom. I know you work hard on all your dresses."

Cassandra didn't like the way Ursa was acting today. She seemed meek and subservient. She'd never been like that. She'd never seemed afraid of her mother...'til last night. With regret, Cassandra remembered Ursa's expression of terror when she'd silenced her. It had to be done. Oh well. Ursa's shock would wear off, and after today, Cassandra would have to see that Ursa wasn't around Erik anymore. It took a lot of energy to disperse all those feelings of love and lust. They had been quite intense.

Then Cassandra realized something that worried her. She was protected from the dispersal, but Vix and Layla wouldn't have been. Likely, they were doused in their sister's feelings. They wouldn't understand, and would feel them as their own. She'd have to talk to them later. She hated talking about magic to anyone, but she shuddered to think of Layla hit with a full dose of lust, or worse, Vix. Luckily, they were in school, where nothing could really happen.

Chris couldn't stop. He'd yanked Layla's pants off and was hovering above her, also naked. Her small form squirmed under him and she lifted her hips up to him.

He almost entered her, but stopped himself. In his head, he knew that this was reckless. He wasn't wearing a condom. "Condom," he groaned.

Layla shook her head. She lifted her hips up again rubbed against him, making his dick wet. His mouth dropped open. He dipped into her, just a little, and shuddered.

She thrashed, trying to make him go deeper, but he held her down. "This is crazy," he moaned. He panted, trying to clear his head.

Layla looked unsure. "Am I doing it wrong?" 

He bit his  tongue. "Are you a virgin?"

She pushed against him, clutching his  arms. Even the thought of losing her virginity wasn't making her hesitate? Something was really strange.

Why wasn't she scared? They didn't even know each other, she was a virgin, and he wasn't wearing a condom. Was she on drugs? Finally his conscience caught up with him. He pulled away from her. It was the most regret he'd ever felt.

She whimpered as he rolled over onto his back, still hard as stone. "You can't stop!" she cried. "We have to do this!"

He also felt that way, but that was what was making him hesitate. He'd never felt an urge this strong before.

She climbed on top of him, her firm breasts resting on his chest. He groaned happily. His restraint snapped and he pulled her down on him, thrusting into her.

She shouted at the feeling and collapsed on top of him, forcing him deeper inside. Then she laughed. "It's better than I thought."

Her tiny, tight vagina was throbbing on him and she made little whimpers each time. He had never tried so hard not to cum than at that moment. Then she started moving. She was rubbing herself and raising her ass, then lowering it slowly. The sight made him throw his head back and pull his hair. He was going to cum. He was going to cum inside this girl. He couldn't stop it. He wouldn't. He'd never needed anything more than he needed to shoot inside her. "Layla..." he tried to warn her, but at the sound of his voice, she shuddered, rubbing herself frantically. She was cumming. He could feel it. She was contracting around him. Oh, this was it. He was going to.

He grabbed her hips and slammed her into him, crying out. She squealed. "It's amazing! Oh, fuck! Chris!"

He was cumming. Inside her. He felt his whole life pouring into her. He wouldn't stop. He would never stop. He pumped into her, again and again, until he'd left everything inside her. Then he flipped her onto her back and started fucking her some more.

Vix waited outside the school for Ursa to come get her. She looked around but didn't see Layla. "What's taking her so long?" Ursa was usually waiting for her younger sisters to get out of school. Not today. Was something still wrong with the car? She frowned. The bus was already gone. It would take a few hours to walk home. She did not look forward to that. Where the hell was Layla? If she knew they needed to take the bus, she should have said something!

She sighed and went in to use the payphone and call her mom at work. She threw open the door and ran directly into Galen.

"Whoa!" he said. "Oh, hey!"

Vix smiled nervously. She'd thought about him a lot since they'd spoken. "Hey."

He pushed his hair out of his eyes. "What's up? Waiting for a ride?"

She tugged on the bottom of her shirt. "Actually, I don't think she's coming."

"Your mom?"

"No, my sister. She's usually here by now..."

"Oh." He watched her for a moment. Then smiled. "Want to use my phone?"

She watched him pull a nice, new smart phone from his backpack and turn it on. "Can I?"

He shrugged. "Sure." He passed it to her and watched her dial the number to her mother's shop. He leaned against the doorway.

"Mom," she said. She turned away from Galen's gaze in embarrassment. "Ursa never came to get me." She listened for a moment. "She's there?"

She felt Galen put his hand on her shoulder. She looked back at him, startled. "I'm sure my brother'll give you a ride home." His hand sent little tingles through her.


He smiled happily. "Sure."

"Yes, mom," she said into the phone. "Mom... geeze. He's in my English class." Her cheeks turned pink. "Ugh, his name's Galen, all right?"

Galen chuckled.

Vix hung up the phone and returned it. "Sorry. That was weird. She never interrogates me that much."

"Maybe it's 'cause I'm a guy?"

She looked at him, startled. "What difference should that make?"

He grinned at her, shaking his head. "Doesn't it make all the difference?"

She frowned at him, which made him grin wider.

"Let's see if Owen's here yet. He likes to make me wait."

"'Kay," she said, and nervously followed him outside.

"Yeah, there he is," he said, pointing toward a gorgeous, blue Mercedes. Galen waved and the car backed out of the spot and drove around.

The passenger side window rolled down and Galen stuck his head in. "This is my friend Vix. She's stranded."

A deep voice answered, "We can give her a ride."

Galen waved Vix over and he opened the back door for her. The deep voice said, "Let her have shotgun, ya dingus."

Vix looked in at the driver warily. A very sharp-looking man looked back at her. He was wearing a button-down collared shirt. His hair was brown like his brother's, but clean-cut and styled. They had similar brown eyes. He smiled. That was similar too. "Hop in," he said. "Don't worry, I'm trustworthy."

"Something untrustworthy people say," Galen said hopping into the back seat.

Vix, finding it hard to be suspicious, climbed in and buckled her seatbelt.

"Hey, I'm Owen," he said, holding out his hand for her to shake.

She took it. "Vix."

He grabbed the wheel again and drove off. "Vix, huh? Never heard that name before."

"Short for Vixen," Galen said.

"Vixen?" Owen repeated, eyes wide. "That's pretty cute!"

Vix blushed. She hated blushing because she knew her face matched her hair.

"Easy, old man," Galen said.

"Old man? That's rude," Owen said, grinning. "So where do you live, Vixen?" She told him and he nodded. "Not too far from us."

"Did you invite anybody over tonight?" Galen asked his brother.

"Nah. Why would I invite friends over to my kid brother's party?"

"Jeeze, talk about rude."

Vix smiled. It wasn't much different from the way her sisters were.

Owen said, "Okay, okay. You don't want a bunch of my buddies picking up all the chicks, do ya?" He winked at Vix. She quickly looked out the window. "By the way, are you coming, Vixen?"

Galen frowned. "Can you not hit on her? Besides, she goes by Vix."

"Jealous of the moves, kid?"

Galen scoffed. "What moves?"

Vix was feeling a bit uncomfortable.

"So, are you coming?" Owen asked.

"Not sure," Vix said. "I'm not very good in crowds."

"I'm sure Galen'll keep you company."

"Owen," Galen warned.

"And if not, you can come hang out with me in my room."

Galen punched Owen in the arm.

"Ow! Okay, okay. I was just teasing. I'm driving, here."

Vix felt so strange. She'd never had anyone tease her or be jealous about her.

"But really," Galen said. "I wouldn't let you feel uncomfortable."

Vix turned to look at him and his face was right there. Her eyes widened and he smiled. He was completely, totally, good-looking.

"There won't be too many people, anyway. Ten or so."

There was a funny roaring in Vix's ears. "Oh," she said. "Okay."

"Yeah? You'll come?"

"Um, sure. You are giving me a ride home, after all." She didn't know how she was stringing sentences together, she felt completely out of control of her tongue. "I guess I owe you."

"That's right." He smiled again.

Where did this guy come from?

"Whose Mustang...?" Vix asked when they neared her house and she spotted a black car parked askew in the driveway.

"Everything okay?" Owen asked.

"I've never seen that car before. Maybe it belongs to one of Layla's friends. Though, I don't know who she'd hang with that has an '85 Mustang in that great of condition."

Owen gave Vix a surprised look (a look she was used to getting whenever she talked about cars) and pulled into the driveway, right behind the gorgeous classic car. He turned to look at his brother. "Maybe you should walk her in. Make sure everything's okay?"

Galen nodded. "Yeah, I should." He hopped out of the car.

Vix was actually relieved. "Thanks," she said when she got out.

Galen smiled again. "No problem."

Vix was surprised at how kind Galen and Owen were. People weren't usually like that in Vix's experience. Galen followed her up the stairs and through the front door.

Vix looked around and spotted a shirt on the floor. "What the hell?" It was a Daughtry's shirt. Vix went a little cold. Maybe Ursa went back to normal and she'd brought Daughtry back here and... She stared at Galen. She'd hate for him to see something weird inside her house.

Galen looked at the ceiling. "What was that? Came from upstairs. Is someone being attacked, or something?" His usually calm manner had gone alert. He looked over and saw the stairs.

"Um, wait!" Vix cried and lurched to grab the back of his shirt. He paused and looked back. Vix nibbled her lip and explained, "I think they're... you know."

They stood quietly and listened to the voices coming from above them.

"Chris! I'm cumming! I'm cumming againnnnn!"

Vix and Galen stared at each other. Neither of them moved a muscle.

"Uh! Layla. Uh! You feel so fucking good!"

Vix's hand went to her mouth. It was Layla?

Galen still hadn't moved. Except... well, except one part of him had gotten bigger. Vix's eyes snapped up from Galen's crotch and back to his face. Her cheeks were hot.

"Vix," he said in a weird voice, and Vix quickly covered his mouth with her hand, desperately hoping not to be overheard. He reached up and placed his hand over hers. Her hand tingled intensely and she felt it... elsewhere.

"Don't stop! Don't you dare fucking stop, Chris!" they heard Layla shout.

Galen was breathing hard against Vix's hand, and she was panting too. He put his hand behind her back and pulled her to him. Her eyes shot open as he pulled her hand away from his mouth and kissed her.

It felt insanely good to Vix. She'd never been kissed before and she had no idea it was this incredible. She couldn't stop herself; she kissed him back. Her hands went to his shoulders and his went to her lower back. They were staring into each other's eyes in a kind of wonder.

"Layla, uh!" they heard Chris shout.

Galen crushed Vix against him and without wondering if it was wrong, she rubbed herself against him. It felt too good not to.

She could have gone on doing that for hours, but they heard a car door slam outside.

"Oh, Owen," Galen whispered. He pulled Vix toward the front door and stood behind her when she opened it.

"Hey," Owen said from the bottom of the stairs. "Was wondering what was taking so long."

"Everything's fine," Vix said in a wobbly voice. "Had a bit of a scare, but it was just my sister's...boyfriend."

"Oh, alright then. Ready Galen?"

"Uh, I guess so," Galen replied in a shaky voice of his own. He gestured his head toward the car and Owen took the hint. He walked off with a smirk.

Vix turned to Galen, wishing that she could kiss him again. "That was..."

"Awesome," he finished for her.

She nodded. "That was my first kiss," she said shyly.

"Mine too," he said, grinning. "It was way better than I thought."

She laughed. "Yeah!"

"Um, well, see you later?"

Vix nodded. She watched him walk to the car.

Galen waved from the front seat before Owen pulled out of the driveway.

"Sorry, man," Owen said. "Didn't mean to interrupt."

Galen sighed. "She's amazing, Owen."

Owen shot his brother an amused look. "What do you mean? You in love with her?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Owen shook his head. "She really is a little Vixen. She's gotten under your skin."

Galen nodded. "I've always thought she was cute, but man, she can kiss like... I don't know."

"She kissed you? Way to go, man!"

"No, I kissed her."


"Damn. I hope she comes tonight." He put his head down and rubbed his hair in frustration.

"Easy, Galen. You guys are just kids. I doubt she wants to have sex with you."

Galen stared at his brother from behind his hair. "You might not say that if you saw the way she was on me just now."

"Really? Was she grabbing your junk or something?"

"No, she was rubbing herself on me. Man, it felt so good!"

"Stop. Really. I can't be thinking about a kid like this."

Galen sighed with frustration. "If she doesn't come tonight, I'm gonna cry."

Owen looked at him incredulously. "Listen, desperation is a pitiful sight, and a turn-off. Get home, rub one out, and relax. You don't want to scare her by pressuring her to get in your bed. The first one takes time. It's better that way. You don't want to hurt her. Or get hurt."

"I just want to go back there and keep making out."

"You're kinda scaring me right now. How did you get so girl-crazy all of a sudden?"

"I'm not girl crazy. I just... I think she's my soul-mate or something."

Owen guffawed. "Your soul-mate? Oh, you poor kid."

Vix was alone downstairs but could still hear the sounds from her sister and whatever guy she had up there. She was frustrated. "I'm home!" she yelled. Then she grabbed her backpack and went to her room, slamming her door behind her. She dropped the bag and climbed under the covers.

Vix's voice was like a slap to Layla. She jumped off Chris and started pulling her clothes on. "Holy shit!" she said, and then laughed hysterically. "We just did something crazy!"

Chris found his underwear and pants and pulled them on. "Your bed is a mess."

Layla looked at her mother's bed and laughed again. "I'd better do some laundry. It's my mom's bed."

He gaped. "That's seriously hot. Wanna go again?"

Layla giggled girlishly. She'd never made that sound before. "Better not. My little sister's home."

He grinned at her. "I guess you calmed down some. Before it was like you were going to die if I didn't fuck you."

She nodded. "I felt like that."

"Isn't that kind of scary?"

"Well, it's certainly never happened before..."

"Yeah, I'm flattered." He grinned in a way that made Layla's cheeks burn.

"Haha, you're the pheromone king or something? You do this a lot?" She gave him a sarcastically suspicious glare. "Did you give me a roofie?"

He chuckled. "None of the above. But it was intense, like I was under a spell or something."

Her head snapped up to stare at him. "What?"

He was taken aback at her change in attitude. "I was just saying, it was like you put a spell on me." He gave a dry chuckle.

She quickly finished getting dressed and he stared.

"Hey, don't get mad. It's not like I really think that, you know."

It didn't matter if he thought it or not. She did. Her mother was behind this somehow. It had indeed been like she was under a spell. "You should probably leave before my mom gets here. She's not too friendly to guys."

"...alright." He was dumbfounded and, frankly, hurt.

She grabbed the sheets off her mom's bed and Chris followed her downstairs. He picked up his shirt and put it on. "Oh shit, I gotta get back to work!" he said. "Erik's gonna fire my ass."

Layla looked at him. She did like him and she wasn't far from jumping back into bed with him. But now she wondered if they were false emotions and it made her feel a little sick.

Chris stopped before walking out the door. "Can I get your number or something?"

Layla frowned. "I don't really think that's a good idea."

"Really? Damn. That's pretty cold."

She felt like crying. So unlike her. "I'm really sorry, Chris. I'll come see you some time soon."

"Hmm. Well, that's something, I guess. I'll probably be waiting for you, Layla." He smiled sadly, shook his head in confusion and walked out to his car, looking back as he opened the door.

Layla wanted to chase after him, but she snapped herself out of it and went to wash her mom's sheets.

She really hoped they'd be done in time.

On the way to pick up the station wagon, Cassandra glanced at her daughter.

"Ursa," Cassandra said.

"Yeah, mom?"

"I'm going to stop at the store and pick something up for dinner, so when you get home, make sure the dishes are done, okay?" That should be enough to make Ursa rush home.

"Sure." Ursa leaned her head against the window.

"Anything wrong?"

"Well... no, not really. I just feel kinda bummed for some reason."

"Bummed for some reason," Cassandra repeated. "That's no good."

Ursa shrugged. "I think I need a boyfriend."

"Oh," Cassandra said. "Anyone in mind?" She held her breath.

"Maybe. There's this one guy in my creative writing class."

Cassandra sighed with relief. "That sounds nice. You'll have a lot in common."


Reassured, Cassandra dropped Ursa off at Erik's shop.


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