Lanis, 'Really!'



Lanis explores more of Lenden's resources, discovering the bounty of his laboratory and library. Acquiring a rare tome of magic she take to learning from.

Episode Four
By Rusty Knight

Previously in episode three, ‘Hangela’s Duck’

Lanis met Hangela, again, having to buy three ducks for her master, Mage Lenden. Unfortunately, Lanis ended up with owning two of the ducks as Hangela misrepresented the sales to Lanis.

Now in episode four, ‘Really!’:

Spring 7 Bear

Lanis returns inside with Lenden to clean up their morning meal.

Lanis is coming to terms with the idea of owning two ducks, when Lenden sits at the table and utters, “Do you know what day today is?”

Lanis ponders this question carefully, wondering if today is a holiday, but she doesn’t recall any holiday that lands on Spring 7. “No, Master Lenden, I don’t, other than it is Spring 7. Something special about Spring 7?”
Mopping sullenly, Lenden says in a soft voice, “I was born on this day, seventy-two years ago, to a woman who raised me for thirty years before passing away from the pox.”

Lanis sits down and places her hand on Lenden’s. She says with conviction, “Shall we do something different or unique to celebrate?”

Lenden shakes his head and answers Lanis. “I want to study my new spell uninterrupted. So we are going up to the lab and I am going to show you your space. You can set up then go explore the library. But be careful not to disturb my concentration or the balance in my work space.”

Lanis grins, ‘Finally, my work space and the library. I waited long enough.’ “Thank you, Master Lenden. I will stay out of your way and not disturb your space or time.”

Lenden takes Lanis to the lab on the third floor of the manor and he designates her an area of the lab, fifteen-feet by fifteen-feet, in the north-west corner, so Lanis can set up her own area in the thirty-two-foot by thirty-five-foot laboratory.

Lenden watches Lanis move her table, two chairs and desk into an organized work space. Lenden grudgingly says, “Lanis, perhaps you can aid me for an hour or two with the more tedious organizational aspects of the spell research?”

Lanis smiles, realizing this is an in to learning more complex spells. They work on the mundane items of Lenden’s research for four hours.

A couple hour after noon, Lenden stretches and yawns. “Well, you are a decent research partner and you’ve made my birthday go well so far. How about we eat, then you spend some time in my library?"

Lanis almost wets herself in her excitement at getting into Lenden’s library so soon. She shyly answers, “Of course, I’ll cook. Yes, Master Lenden.”

They eat a late mid-day meal of tubers and vegetables, in a peppered cream sauce. It is a recipe Lenden enjoys, and Lanis delights in.

Lenden takes Lanis to the library, a great room next to the laboratory, of equal size. The library is lined with shelves of great and small tomes and scrolls.

Lenden says with pride. “You can peruse the library for three hours. No tome shall leave this room."

Perusing the great and small tomes, Lanis goes into shock finding a rare tome by the relatively unknown artificer, Ranton. The tome is a class-four work, of his treaty on crystal structures in magical artifacts. She carefully picks up the sturdy medium size tome of oxen-hide covered parchment pages.

Sitting on the only couch in the room, Lanis opens the tome’s cover and beams the largest grin she has expressed since leaving the University. Ranton scribed in jalnoric script. Her hand lexigraphy script is neat and tight, allowing Ranton to put a large amount of script detail on each page. She used little in the way of flourishes and her diagrams are concise with only the necessary details. This is a basic text, full of details on the art of crystal artifact construction. By page four, Lanis is out of her element, but is so excited to learn what the pages contain that she doesn’t want to let the tome out of her hands.

Looking around the large room, Lanis ponders what other treasures Lenden has buried in here. She puts the tome back where she retrieved it from. Memorizing its location, Lanis walks to the library desk and retrieving two sheets of the highly expensive parchment and a bottle of the rare black ink, she sits down, scribing notes for herself on what she learned from the tome. She makes notes on what she can do now, using her own skills, for use in casting. Lanis fills both twelve-inch square parchment sheets with her own tight script. She debates using a third sheet, but instead blots the ink, to be sure it is dry, then she turns the sheets over and continues scribing. She nearly fills both of the pages, with barely two inches left on the fourth page. Finished, Lanis sets down the gold quill worth ten Flairs.

She calculates what she owes Lenden for this: two Flairs per sheet of parchment, plus a Flairs worth of ink. So, she owes five Flairs. Thus, she has to do a lot of work for Lenden, or find income somehow.

To be continued …
In episode five, “Well?”:

Lenden and Lanis go for a carriage ride to Berry Market where Lenden makes some purchases for Lanis.
Lanis is a little forgetful and Lenden’s question is, “Well?”

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