Apparition: Part 4 — A New Hope



Part Four, wondering this strange place I am not alone. The Chronicles continue.

Time have come to pass, the absence of balance in this miserable place has already began to take its toll on both my mind and my physical strength and my inner self bares now a weight that I know will soon crush me from the inside in. I do rest but I do not rest, I stop only to absorb the things I come across. But through this decaying and barren, silent and nightmarish place I walk alone.

Since time can not be measured in this world where nothing is with any stability, I am not sure how long I have been here. I am struggling to manage my mind and this scares me. To maintain hope that I will escape is difficult, to remain vigilant and aware of the shadows that exist within the black darkness at every corner is testing. More so, it is growing harder and harder to stop the images my eyes have caught from playing over and over again in my mind like a looped horror movie. I can not bare the scars inside of me, they add to the weight on my soul’s core and I am fighting ever so inefficiently to wake up from this. Since crossing the plane of claws in the earth and stumbling onto those poor unfortunate souls whose blood seeped into the soil like black ink, I have crossed a vast portion of desert like terrain where I found more decaying remains of fallen ones. I haven’t seen anymore of the dark formless entity but have heard various other sounds from somewhere in this place, screams and cries. Not so long ago did I hear a strange sound that was highly reminiscent to that of a giant troop of soldiers marching in the distance, the direction in which I have no chosen to go in order to find someone, anyone who can walk this place with me. I have also noticed more erroneousness in the physical subsistence of this place that the wave of blackness had brought me to. All I can say to try and put an image to your mind is, imagine the world as we know it, bombarded with two thousand nuclear missiles carrying on them sachets of human blood and flesh that will spray upon eruption.

Something lies ahead in the distance; since I have not slept or eaten I am to fatigued to make it out but seems against the blackness of the sky just when the electric evil rips across the sky to be a city. It is from this direction that I heard the sound of soldiers echoing from there — where else can I go to find any form of solace to my soul in this place of loneliness, pain, heartache and death? Then, further the horizon — I see again the mass of black wave that had crushed into my being in the passage!

It is storming down across the ground, high and storming with a violence my mortal eyes had not had the privilege to witness back in the passage way. It’s like a giant wave rushing across the land as though from a gargantuan indescribable ocean of blackness. As I stand there in awe of this monstrous soul breaking menace, I see like ants at the distance – a person running! “Hey!” I call frantically, my heart rate immediately drumming at my body joints as I begin to sprint towards the wave. My eyes fixed on the person running from the swallowing wave of hatred, vengeance and black. “Run!” I call out in alarmed panic, fearful now for this individual I can barely see in the dark shadow the wave bestows down in the distance as I push my might to propel forward. With eagle fixed eyes I see the person has changed direction, coming for me now, the massive horrible wave in tow. “Run!” I scream, still propelling more forward to meet this stranger — and the wave! my thoughts not intact through the desire to not be so lonely, to know why from this person hurdling towards me in the distance.

Suddenly something grabs my ankle and with a force of a falling tree I smack into the ground. I hear what sounds like bones breaking in my head as I suffocate on dirt that fills my nose and mouth, the warmth of blood trickling down the side of my forehead. Dazed and in pain, I lift my head to find this stranger.


To be continued in Part 5....

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