Tilly & the Tooth Fairy



Tilly loses one of her teeth the day before her seventh birthday. Her father tells her the tooth fairy will leave lots of money under her pillow for it. Her mother is furious with her husband because they are very poor. Tilly wakens to find the tooth fairy at the side of her bed. What happens next?

Tilly & The Tooth-fairy.



Tilly and her family lived in a run down cottage on the outskirts of their village. Like most of the villagers, they were rather poor.


It was the day before Tilly's seventh birthday. She was busy eating a candy apple, which was a special treat for her from the shop-keeper, next to where they lived; when one of her teeth fell out. She went to her mum, Fiona, and showed her the tooth.


Fiona said to her, “We shall have to put it under your pillow tonight, for the tooth- fairy. Maybe he will leave you a silver coin for it.”


“Why does the tooth fairy leave a silver coin for an old tooth?” Tilly asked.


“Tooth faires take away the tooth so that they can make jewellery with them. They make necklaces with the old teeth, because they think that it helps with their magic,” was the answer, from Tilly's mum.


“Will I see the magic tooth fairy tonight, Mum?”


“I doubt it, Tilly. You see the tooth fairy only comes when you are asleep, so I don't think you'll see him. If you are awake he won't come and leave you a silver coin.”


“Ow, that's a shame, because I wanted to say thank you to him.”


“You could always write him a note to say thank you,” Tilly's mum suggested.


“That's a good idea, Mum. I'll go and write him a note just now, then I can wrap it around the tooth, before I put it under my pillow.”


“You do that then, Darling. I'll get the sweeping finished before I make dinner.”


So Tilly went to the table and wrote a note to the tooth fairy. She mentioned that it was her birthday after midnight, just in case the tooth fairy came late into the night.


When her dad came home from work that evening Tilly told him about losing her tooth, and that she was going to put it under her pillow later so that the tooth-fairy would come and leave her a silver coin.


“Oh wow, Tilly you'll be rich. What will you spend the money on?”


“I don't know, Dad, how much money will it be?”



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