Life Thrusts Forth



Mother earth gives her little sister the moon the gift of life. Follow the discussion between the moon, earth and sun about the gift of life. Astronauts plant seeds in moon soil for the first time.

Life Thrusts Forth



“Sister I am sending you the greatest gift of joy and happiness; life.”


 “Is life a good thing? From here I sense that life has many drawbacks.” 


“Sister, the greatest gift of creation is life. Life is the most joyous of all things in the universe.”


“Yet it is short and tumultuous. It causes so much pain and heartbreak.”


“Do you know what the humans call me?”


“The humans call you Mother Earth. Sister what is a mother?”


“It is the single greatest gift the Creator gave me. There is no greater pleasure than to give birth to life. Fragile and easily snuffed out, it is wondrous and fills my spirit with meaning. For through life I have meaning and a manner of how to praise our Creator for the great gifts he has given me.”


My messengers are on their way to you and they will bring you this fantastic gift.

Little sister you have been barren too long. In fact, once you feel life within you, you will do everything within your abilities to keep it. 


The earth and the moon continued their spiritual intercourse while earth's messengers prepared to deliver the gift of life.


“Mission control this is Lunar mission 18. We finished setting up the greenhouse. Everything checks out. There are no leaks anywhere and the irrigation and air systems are all go.” The astronaut/biologist looked at his little tent greenhouse. The amount of money it cost he could build tens of acres of greenhouses on earth. However, here on the moon, the amount of air needed limited the size. Even compressed, the amount of air they needed took up a disproportional amount of their cargo hold.


“Lunar mission, this is mission control, you have the green light to plant the first seeds on the moon.”


The botanist/astronaut turned on the irrigation system and water, nitrogen, potassium, phosphate, and micro-elements dripped onto the parched lunar soil.

Water was not foreign to the moon, but it was rare and she had never felt it before in that place. It felt so good.


Suddenly she sensed something else. Why did she experience cause such anticipation? She became aware of the earthling scratching her surface. He implanted something foreign into her. Then to her surprise the tiny speck of earth material absorbed the water. The moon cut off her spiritual connection with earth and concentrated all her abilities to understand what had happened to her. 


Amazed by how rapidly things changed, the moon was in awe of her Creator. Transformation had always been something slow with her. Now this experience brought something new and different. For the first time she sensed organic compounds. They were so different. The excitement that grew within her must have been what her Sister had talked about: This wonder of life.


It took her by surprise: the synthesis of messenger RNA. Now she understood the hand of the Creator laid upon her. It was as if he created everything all over again just for her. The moon saw the great intelligence in nucleic acids and marveled at its ability to store so much knowledge.


Now the tiny speck changed again, its starches degraded providing the building blocks for coming changes.


The moon felt in awe of the Creator. Now the changes came rapidly as the seed's metabolism was reactivated. Glycolysis, fermentation and starch hydrolysis began. Biochemical pathways became active, and the moon felt humbled by what happened within her.


“Sister, I am overwhelmed. What am I to do?”

Mother Earth smiled at her little sister. Now you will learn not only of the gift of life, but the other gifts the Creator gave us.


The moon asked, “Are there other gifts?”


Mother Earth responded, “Yes, little one, one of them is called holiness.”


“Sister, what is this holiness?”


“It is to give with no thought of reward.”


“What am I suppose to do?”


“Gather the strength of your being and concentrate on helping my seeds grow within you. These are your children now and you will learn quickly the next gift of the Creator and that is love.”


The moon gave of herself freely and the seeds imbibed of her strength. Rapidly cell walls were synthesized. The endosperm donated the rare materials to create amino acids. The blueprint of life unfolded within her.


The moon was amazed how all the components of the tiny seed worked together, not only each section developing on its own, but in harmony with the rest of the biological systems.


She realized she would never be the same ever again. For the Creator let her see one of his greatest creations, nucleic acids. These are the blueprints of life. The moon now threw her weight behind the little seeds and they expanded and grew. Life developed before her, cells proliferated, DNA multiplied, and two cells led to four and four to eight and growth took off logarithmically. The more cells being created the more the moon wanted to give.


“Litter Sister, do you feel life stirring within your womb?”


The moon smiled satisfied. She felt something she had never felt in all its millions of years of existence. Now the moon knew that she would do anything to help this little speck of life continue.


One more time the moon stood there astounded. Something organic moved within her. Life was moving her physically. As the seed imbibed more and more water and nutrients, the seed coat expanded and split open. Inside the seed, hormonal changes cause the endosperm to break down and let the cotyledons absorb nutrients. The first thing to emerge from the seed was the embryonic root. At its tip was a wondrous thing, a meristem. Cells grew, divided and differentiated. The moon watched as genes turned on and off at such a rapid rate, yet in total harmony with the whole. A tiny rootlet came out next to the main root.

The moon watched fascinated by how every part of the symphony of life was totally in sequence with the whole. 


“Mission control, this is lunar mission 18.”


“Yes Lunar mission 18, this is mission control.”


“There is something abnormal going on here.”


“Lunar mission 18, please be more specific.”


“Mission control, we just planted the seed only an hour ago and we can see the soil moving. What should have taken hours or days, is taking only minutes.”


“Sister, you seem to be confused.”


The moon was amazed how all the different biological pathways work in conjunction with one another. The overriding system of control allowed this miracle of life to exist and not deviate from its course. The emergence force of the tiny emerging root was hard to believe. As the seed absorbed water by osmotic pressure, the once few cells rapidly become an appendage. More amazing this emerging root had the physical ability to move her particles physically. The moon could feel the root stirring inside her. 

“Sister, this is what I feel all the time. This is what I wanted to share with you for eons. Now you to know what the miracle of life is like to develop within your womb.”

“It is a wondrous thing you have given me, and I do not I don’t think I can repay you.”

“Little sister you have always given me with no thought of compensation. You influence the tides of my seas, you illuminate me by night, and man has made you into a romantic figure.”

Rapidly root hairs began to be produced. The more root hairs that grew, the more water and nutrients the germinating seed imbibed. Then the moon observed a fascinating change as the root expanded and could absorb more water and nutrients than it needed for its own development the cotyledons began their expansion and development. Water flowed throw the plant's rudimentary phloem cells to the cotyledons. They expanded at the same time the biochemical changes took place changing the cotyledons from energy storage units to energy producing units. The moon watched the miracle of chlorophyll. Its enzymes converted precursors into the biochemicals that converted sunlight into energy and something new, oxygen.

The moon called out to her big brother, “Brother, all these years you gave life its energy to continue. Why can't you have life like our sister?”

“Little one just as each human has its goal in life; each of us has its task. I am too hot to sustain life on my surface, but our sister is the right distance away from me to allow life to exist. Life is very fragile and needs specific conditions to survive. The rest of our brothers and sisters are too far away from me to allow life. Look at you little one. Even though you are the right distance, life cannot be naturally on your surface, because you are too small to hold an atmosphere.”

“Little one, all of us have a role to play, so Mother Earth can give life a change to exist. It is through life we truly praise our Creator. Even with all of its limitations, it is so wondrous that even if there was only one place in the universe to have life, then it would be worthwhile. Your sister has given you the greatest gift possible. Give all you can to make life viable for as long as possible within your womb. Through our joint effort we all can share in the joy of life.”

The moon bowed to her elder brother's words of wisdom and threw her entire being into the growth of life within her.

Next the moon felt the emergence force of the cotyledons force the soil to the side and strive to reach the life-giving rays of sun. The moon gave and then gave more and at last life thrust forth from her womb to feel the light from her big brother. For the first time in the history of her existence, a leaf converted sunlight into ATP and eventually ATP to sugars and CO2. Since the CO2, was trapped in the greenhouse, the moon could actually feel the first molecules of her atmosphere.

“Mission Control, Mission Control come in!” the botanist called excitedly on his radio.

“This is mission control, what is wrong?”

The seeds are germinating at an insane rate and in a mere few hours we have seen the cotyledons emerge from the lunar soil. The video I am streaming to you is not time-lapse photography, but the actual rate of growth. We can actually watch the plants grow!

“Lunar mission 18, we are all seeing what is happening. It is a miracle. We are contacting the biggest professors to endeavor come up with a reason for what is happening.”

While Mother Earth observed her humans try to figure out what had happened, she smiled at her little sister. “Little one, you did well with the gift I gave you. The entire family are very proud of you, for not only have you protected the fragile thing we called life; but aided its continued growth.”

Humbled by her family's praise, the moon reveled in the feeling of life growing within her. “Thank you sister for teaching me the value of life. For without life I would have never had understood what love is. Love is the greatest gift that the Creator has given us together with life.”

“The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's. Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth--for your love is better than wine.”







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