OverKill: Dragons of Heaven and Earth Side Story



I had recently wrote this as a side story which would be ones of the short films or independent films to introduce the main series Dragons of Heaven and Earth, a martial arts web series about a group of vigilantes fighting against crime which was birthed during the Ming Dynasty.

Pitch: William Mao, a half Chinese, half British Caucasian male is determined to avenge his younger brother's, Edward, and his wife's, Ryojin Hoshi-Mao, death. He starts killing off the subordinates of his former friend, Samuel Woo, known as the Tiger Claw Four. His first victim, Erin Johnson, pleads with William to spare his life before he takes his life, but William is not convinced. Once he kills him, he tells Erin's daughter, Claire, that he'll be waiting for her to avenge her father's death after she grows up to become an adult. The second victim, Harley Jameson, is a chronic gambler in Las Vegas, Nevada. For reasons unknown, he refuses to forget the past mistake of what he has done to both Edward and his wife Ryojin. William finds James and challenges him to a game of Poker which results in James winning the bet. However, once William chases him down to the rooftop of a casino, Williams kills him instantly. The third victim, Cassandra Choi, a Korean-American lawyer wins her latest case against against a supposively pleading victim of a rape. Cassandra encounters William during her way home and they have a long talk about the justice system. They vow to end each other's lives during the night while everyone is asleep. At midnight, Cassandra meets up with William and they both engage in a battle of Chinese martial arts versus Korean martial arts. William is on the brink of losing before he finds himself in luck: the rape victim shoots Cassandra in the head. Williams thanks her and, for helping him, he decides to pay the victim back by killing the rapist. He does so and then disappears. The fourth and final victim, Maria Lopez, a Capoirea practioner is considered the most dangerous because of both her beauty and deadly moves. William has a hard time trying to take her down, until he decides to play dirty and shoot her with a gun. Maria kicks the shit out of William and then decides to let him live, but not before telling him of his fatal mistake. Maria will tell her lover Samuel of his former best friend's actions and then, without a hint of remorse, she says, "There will be war." She walks away just as Williams screams in agony. The next few days, William is back in Kyoto, Japan and he's dealing with his defeat against Maria Lopez. He tells his eldest brother Syaoran that he's going to create a group that fights against the Razor Triad and he will guide their nephews Kirin and Kai Mao to become the next line of crime fighting vigilantes. He decides to call the group the Dragons of Heaven and Earth.


Author's Note: Anyone want to contact me, contact me through faerymage3@gmail.com if you're interested in something like this. If not, let me know if you're interested in more of my stories. I'm focusing on web series or perhaps creating a martial arts film series. 

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