Heaven Fighter Angelon Chapter 1



This is my second novel. The story is about six unlikely heroes vs Satan and his forces. And just like Beast of the Bronx, I purposely made editing errors for my current story.

Chapter 1


“Now, brothers, about times and dates we do not need to write to you, for you know very well that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night,” a strange man said to a large crowd as they hustled through the busy streets.

The man was dressed in the finest rags the streets had to offer while his scruffy face had seen better days. His stringy brown hair longed to be washed as his dark brown eyes grew weary of seeing the same soulless people every day. His heart bled for these lost souls, giving him the strength to continue preaching.

“While people are saying, peace and safety,” he continued, “destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”

The people continued to ignore his warnings, focusing on the here and now. Who cared about the Final Judgment? To them, he was insignificant as the ants that crawl through the cracks of the sidewalks. The man continued to preach. Suddenly, something caught his eye. Through the crowd, he could see a young man slowly approaching him.

The young man stood at 5’7”, having brown skin, dark brown eyes, and short black hair in a fade. He wore baggy blue jeans that covered his blue and white sneakers and a blue t-shirt underneath a baggy orange and white hooded jacket with odd designs on the front.

“You there!” the man exclaimed to the young man. “You are one of the chosen! Praise be to God we are saved!”

The young man stopped and clenched his bookbag strap. “Huh?”

“You are one of God’s warriors here to save us from the false Second Coming,” the man replied and took a closer look at the young man.

Suddenly, several people stopped to watch the young man interact with the strange man. The young man nervously stood still as the strange man circled around him, like buzzards circling their prey.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the young man said nervously. “But if you don’t stop, I’ll call the Police.”

The man stopped. “You haven’t awakened yet. In due time, you will understand. For you bear the crest of God on your person.”

The young man’s eyes widened. No one, besides his family, knew of the strange mark on his chest since birth. Questions erupted from his mind as he continued to stare at the strange man.

Who is he? How does he know about my mark? What else does he know? Is he…one of God’s angels?

Suddenly, the young man’s phone rang. The young man shook off the strange feeling and calmly answered the phone.


“Rohan, where are you? Class is about to start,” another young man answered.

“I’m almost there, James,” Rohan replied as he slowly plowed through the busy crowd.

The strange man watched as Rohan slowly disappeared from his sight. He sighed and then continued his preaching.



Rohan arrived at his Chemistry class with three seconds to spare. The professor watched as Rohan sat down and took out his books.

“So glad you can join us, Mr. Williams,” the professor said sarcastically.

The class laughed. Rohan sank further into his seat. James just shook his head.

Now, James was Rohan’s best friend since middle school. In fact, they lived five houses down from each other. James had peach skin, blue puppy dog eyes, and shaggy dirty blonde hair. James was the same height as Rohan, but he liked to wear his clothes a bit tighter than him. He wore slim cut bluish-silver jeans that rested over his white and sliver sneakers, a dark blue t-shirt, and a silvery-grey hooded vest that had pointed furry ears on the hood.

The professor walked over to the board and began his lecture.



After that boring lecture, Rohan walked with James to his next class.

“Dude, why were you almost late to class?” James asked with a concerned look. “It’s not like you.”

“There was this strange guy preaching, who seemed to know me,” Rohan answered. “He even knew about the mark on my chest.”

“Now that’s creepy. Wait, if he knew about yours, then that means he might know about mine.”

“Maybe. He even said I was one of God’s chosen warriors, or something.”

“Really? Sounds definitely like a lie.”

“Are you saying I’m not qualified to be a warrior for God?” Rohan asked angrily.

“No, it’s just that the likelihood of you and me ever becoming superheroes is impossible,” James answered, shrugging his shoulders.

Rohan sighed. “I guess you’re right. C’mon James, let’s head to Library North.”

“Yeah,” James replied with a sigh. “You know, I never realized how big Georgia State was until I walked to several of my classes.”

“Me too,” Rohan said. “But right now, you need to get to class. You already got in trouble for being late last time.”



Decatur Avenue was a busy street, especially around noon. But today, something seemed off. Rohan couldn’t put his finger on it, but he kept his guard up.

James nudged Rohan. “Hey, does it feel a bit weird to you?”

Rohan nodded. “Yeah…”

As they continued to walk down Decatur Avenue, the air grew colder and the sky became dark. Their hearts were beating like drums and their hands became clammy. Rohan looked around, but saw no one. Suddenly, the shadow from a nearby alley began to warp. Rohan and James’ legs wobbled in fear as their eyes continued to gaze at the warping shadow. James shrieked as he saw a claw slowly come out of the shadow.

“W-what the…?” he said hiding behind Rohan.

“Hey! Don’t cower behind me,” Rohan replied angrily.

Soon, a body came out of the shadow. Then, two more followed. They were shorter than Rohan and James and were black in color. They stood on two legs and wore red faceless masks.

Their large mole-like claws had red trimmings around the wrists and they had a large red circle on their chests.

“What are they?” James asked nervously.

“How should I know?” Rohan answered nervously.

The humanoid creatures slowly approached them, snarling and growling at them. Rohan and James stepped back, clenching to each other. Suddenly, their backs were against the wall. One of the creatures dashed towards them. Rohan and James shut their eyes tight. To them, this was the end.

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