The answer was silence…



A true story of a lady left unto plain brutality and yet again another saga of male dominance and bigotism

She wore a dozen of red bangles in each hand and went jingling around the house because it was Raghav’s first birthday. Reeta’s boy turned one that day and it was time to forget the past and start afresh. Her parents had come and were also very happy looking at their grandson beaming with his new toys gifted by his friends. Reeta swore to God she would never give way to dirt and ego because that to her was never taught by her parents. The time she was tied into her wedlock, she promised her father she would never turn back.
The first time Kumar smacked her head with the wall in their room, Reeta was so shocked that she couldn’t even let out a cry. Herr’s was a love marriage. She couldn’t even back out now and what about her parents, was it their fault. Fighting with her inner demons trying to console every debate that arose she had nothing for an option but to give it another chance. She stood silent looking at her distorted self in the mirror without an emotion, was marriage meant for this. Her mother-in-law was this jerky old woman who was habituated to having things done her way, be it love or wrath. This then became a nomadic ritual, almost every night Reeta was beaten up by her husband on the sayings of her mother-in-law and spoken ill about.
It was a heart attack that took away her father’s life, he had got to know about the agony her daughter was facing. Muddled with an incomplete life and a loss of time Reeta fell prey to fear which left her stupefied and answerless. She found to measure to the state of her life. Time then was not killing and Reeta’s mother too was drowning at the sight of her much loved daughter.
Months passed by, the despicable anguish continued. After 4 years she reconceived. This new hope seemed to do no good to her because the withering pain continued and with time multiplied. Kumar beat her and each time apologized for his brutality promising a better tomorrow.
Nine months down the line finally the pinnacle of time evolved, he was born. The subtle rains poured every ounce of it while Reeta’s labour pains bewildered whoever passed-by her room. That every ruthless second of agony, she merely wished to perish and give away into nothingness. A radical of distrust took place, it was a boy again adjourning the disrupted past. The first question that arose in her mind; would the sourness still be the same. It was to be or not to be. Dismantling her fears she took the new-born in her arms furtively pleading for a new hope, the earlier ones did no good. Before entering into the hospital Reeta’s mother-in-law in the name of plain rust took her by her hair swirling on the floor right above her belly; that’s how she got into labour. Like every other day, the wretched old beatings and whining gave way to this unwanted pregnancy. Her husband Kumar was only known to cause discomfort. The forceful coition amongst the two never gave Reeta a single penny of joy, but it had to be there as a mark of recognition. Recognition of the prodigy women in India are bound to surrender unto.
She wore elegance in her household chores and did everything pit pat but when chivalry dies it gives birth to monsters like Reeta’s in-laws…. Faintly hoping for a better tomorrow Reeta walked out of the hospital with her newborn child enveloped in her arms without knowing this boy would change her life for ever and ever. Emotions struck like an empty hit, belief in your soul she felt was just a myth. Falling prey to the earlier caused gloom, love never paid her rightfully at any point of time in life. Born to poor parents she had to face the brunt of a sin undone like flower that dies because it was plucked unknowingly. The first year of her marriage went well only for her to abate the sense of living in the coming decade. That unknown night when Kumar entered in his weary old self and Reeta denied to get intimate has been the time remembered by every living being giving away to despair. After several beatings Reeta gathered all her wits to answer back Kumar with a hell ground no. Swearing on eternity and her wish for freedom grew nearer with every breath of hers. To only add to the miseries upon Kumar’s family the lighter was on the table and her willingness to light herself on fire drew closer. She grab opened the door and fled to the kitchen. Her senses had been shut and reverently self-pity claimed no space to her being. She quickly picked the kerosene and spilled it all over her body for that day she was going to be free. Pain, sabotage, responsibility, and worry these emotions unknowingly ruled out of her mind and there she stood in front of her husband. Tired of the ache and her failed attempts to simplify her life giving way to divinity took a stop. For an instance she took a standstill and light the matchstick. Spell bound for an answer or an action Kumar stood comatose looking at his wife burning.  Left with no chance of living, Reeta felt no pain and gave way to the light that she was seeing herself enter into. This light was so full of life, it made Reeta forget all her miseries as she knew she now had to face none… the smoke carried no essence then, what was left out of everything that passed by was plain silence. 
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