Journals of a Psychopath.



Clarkson's mission never ends.

Chapter Sixteen

The Segregation Cell

Amy Lee’s lower body was plastered with feces and her lips cracked from the lack of water. Cleaning Amy Lee’s vulva and surrounding area, she wriggled. When I completed the task, my fingers crawled in Amy Lee's camisole, and I encountered the flesh. Transferring my hand into her panties and her honeyed-part was ready. Fondling Amy Lee’s vulva I breathed heavily.
      “You will journey to hell my dear.”
      “Please do not do this?”
      “I must it is my vocation.”
Amy Lee raked her eyes over me and she screamed loudly.
      “The more you screech means enhanced enjoyment for me I get really high when a woman does that.”

Blackclaw Woodlands

     “It is nearly over for you.”
Propping Amy Lee against the Tree, she squealed, the Timber Figures, the Archangel and the Spokesman showed pleasure in different ways the Woodlander Forms vibrated the snow from their branches. The Darkest-One blackened and the Mutterer sighed. Amy Lee saw the pure white silk robe, the sword was clutched in my hand, elevating it, I gestured to the Purifiers, and I danced fanatically. I lit the fire and the burning torches.
      “Are you about to kill me?”
      “No not yet.”
Sitting by the Master Tree, I drank the bourbon, the Trees and the Archangel loved me, adored by me. We were in unadulterated communion. Amy Lee saw a chance for freedom and she ran, I allowed her to escape. The blaze raged spread the fierceness and radiance athwart the clearing it was surreal. Swallowing the bourbon, rotating reverently, worshiping, I was in spiritual union.
      “Go and get her,” the Trees and the Darkest-One said.
In the depths of the Timber Figures, the odor from Amy Lee’s fright pleased. Huffing for me to begin the Orator harried.
      “I am on my way.”
Heaving the red-hot flashlight and the flame was huge, enthusiastically crashing through the scrub, the ribbon of flame streamed behind me it was a notable scene. The Trees and the Darkest-One congratulated me on the improvement to the recital.
      “We are cheered by the calling and your son will be every bit as excellent as you are.”
The yowl screeched from my soul. I saw her crouching behind an old tree and the knots in the bark denoted the age.
Amy Lee’s whole body quivered with trepidation and her camisole stuck to her. The light from the burning torch highlighted the terror on Amy Lee's face. Her pants were stained where she peed. Stooping down and Amy Lee's silvery-blonde pubic hair glistened in the light from the red-hot flame. Depositing my fingers into her womanhood and she examined. Squealing, as I fondled the silky vaginal skin, I concentrated on the chore and her silvery-blonde pubic hair an incitement, I longed to make it with Amy Lee, the Speaker urged me to obey. She vibrated and skirled I was very fearsome. Prolonging her ordeal, I relaxed and leered. Paling in the light from the moon, her face was drawn. Supping from the bottle of gin, I noticed Amy Lee’s pulse was unnaturally rapid, and I considered, as she fought for control over her emotions. Chaining Amy Lee to the tree and I wrapped her in the furs, Amy Lee watched, as I busied straightening her crumpled camisole. Sauntering into the Trees and the needles brushed against me. Wending over the familiar trail, I knew it well. The Darkest-One streamed through my body, compared to quicksilver, the Archangel filled every part of me.
      “We will always be together,” the Trees said.

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