Ascend from the Ashes



The Search for Freedom ... the #1 book in the series from Ascend from the Ashes.

                                              The revised front cover of the number 1 novel in the series


A new world has risen. Risen from the war that took the lives of billions of people, all slaughtered at the hands of those fighting to control all.

A new world that sees mankind as slaves, living their lives to please those that they deem their masters. Living in fear of the brutality that their masters, their Allamah's, inflicted on them, daily.

Centuries after the the end of the Jihad freedom had long gone, long since forgotten, no one knowing any other way of life except to serve their Allamah's.

Those that did not serve the Allamah's, those that blasphemed against their God, faced harsh punishment, inflicted on them by the warriors of the Allamah's, the Mujahideen's, who were brutal in their treatment of the slaves.

Only not all mankind were slaves. There were many who, since the Jihad ended centuries earlier, continuing to fight to try and shatter the shackles of slavery, to free mankind from the horrors that hang over them as each day dawned.

People who are fighting to give freedom back to all mankind. To free all from the brutal slaughter that had taken billions of lives and would continue taking many more.

This ever growing band of fighters, freedom fighters, battling daily to help the world Ascend from the Ashes.

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