DC Alt The Justice Society: Four Seasons Vol 1: Chapter 2



Ever since his other was lost Steve Trevor never gave up looking for her. His long search has now brought him to the same flight path she took on that her last flight.

DC Alternate – The Justice Society: Four Seasons


Volume 1 “Autumn”


Chapter 2 – Steve Trevor

   Looking out of the cockpit of his Ferris Type VII aircraft he could see Nassau far below him, the island a green gem among the beautiful waters.  Twenty years ago his mother, Diana Rockwell, took this same route while testing a Ferris Type II.  The irony of the situation didn’t escape him as he checked his instrument panel.  He specifically asked permission to take the Type VII along the same exact route his mother was on, his condition for helping them test new aircraft.  He hoped that maybe by flying it he could get some type of closure, maybe find out where his mother could have landed, or worse crashed. Twenty years of not knowing what happened to her had worn him down so much.  What was left with him was a memory at five years old of something she wanted to tell him or give him.

   He could tell why she thought this was one of the most beautiful places on earth. You could almost forget the ship that got lost in these waters, of course being here during a hurricane was an entirely different situation.  Luckily for him, no such beast was on the radar although they were predicting an active year in terms of hurricanes and tropical storms.  Nineteen thirty-six certainly looked like it would be an interesting year, the Rhineland had been taken back by Germany and given the last war nobody was all too eager or able to actually do anything about it.

   His mind kept going back to the day before his birthday in nineteen sixteen.  He woke up early that morning thinking it was a day later and could still remember the way that morning smelled, his mother’s flowers seemed stronger from the garden outside his window.  He could have sworn he saw a woman looking in the window but that was impossible, the woman looked like she came out of one of his mom’s history books.  At the time he thought he was still dreaming, only later did he find out that she was dressed as they did in ancient Greece, ancient Athens to be exact.  Remembering the morning now it seemed like she was looking at him sadly, did he notice that before? He wasn’t sure why he was concentrating so much on that one aspect now.

   He remembered running into the kitchen of the modest house he shared with his mom, he never knew his father but Steve was told he was a good man taken away far too early.  He could smell the pancakes his mom had cooked, the syrup on the pancakes that he could no longer eat.  He could remember her telling him that she had an important test today that was rescheduled and it wouldn’t take very long.  That he would have to stay with his grandmother.  He could remember her pulling away as he waved, the last time he saw her.

   Luckily the owner of Ferris Air came through the way they did.  The owner could have walked away from it but he made sure that Steve’s grandmother kept her place and that he had enough money for flight school.  Even when the depression hit Silas Ferris still invited him to the Ferris mansion for Christmas and wouldn’t accept no for an answer.  When his grandmother passed away during high school he was there too.  Steve thought that if it wasn’t for the connection their families had he might not have gotten approval to fly this path.

   A strange feeling brought his attention to a group of clouds to the east that seemed to be moving strangely against the other clouds.  It even seemed to speed up a bit heading right towards his plane.  He was still pondering the situation as the cloud appeared to spread out encircling him.  He could have sworn he heard chanting that vibrated through the plane itself and it sounded like it was Greek.  It sounded strange to his ears almost making him drowsy and soon he was completely surrounded by the inky cloud which now drifted throughout his cockpit.  He couldn’t panic now, was this what his mother saw? What was going on?  All at once his plane exited the cloud and into open air, nothing but water below him.

   Was he going mad? There were islands below him a moment ago.  No, wait, there was an island but it didn’t look like any island he had ever seen before.  One large one with a mountain at both ends with what looked like a city at the base of one of them.  No city in the Caribbean looked like that city.  It looked like something out of a history book.  Greece? No, that was impossible there was no way he could be in the Mediterranean.  He could swear that they looked like the Greek ruins but nothing was ruined in that city.  He could see Triremes or what he thought were such in a small harbor as he flew past the city.  Those Trireme were not museum pieces, the whole situation made no sense.

   He saw a few places he could land around the city but he wanted to take a look around before he landed.  He still couldn’t wrap his mind around a walled city like that in the Caribbean.  As he flew past the mountain and began to turn backwards towards the city again a screech brought his attention to his left and the mountain.  Something large was flying at him.  Several large birds were flying at him and armed with bows?  He looked closer and could see the birds weren’t birds at all but women in feathers with claws screeching at him.  His mind locked as he watched several fire arrows at him broadsiding his plane as if it were a ship on the water.  He could see the shaft of the arrows buried deep into his cockpit one of them inches from his head.

   Steve looked at his engine to see a few arrows buried in it, there was no way his plane would be able to fly for much longer and he had to get away from those bird people.  The immediacy of the crash kept his mind going where he was certain it would have shattered at seeing flying women.  No, he should concentrate on flying and getting away from them.  That was something logical that he could wrap his mind around.  He began feeling a pain in his side and looked down to see an arrow on his left side, his arm felt heavy, was the arrow poisoned?  How did an arrow get through his plane?  

   He could see a river and he knew he needed to get past it but he was losing too much blood and the engine didn’t have much in it.  He could see the beach rushing towards him and then impact.  He wasn’t sure how long he was unconscious but his voice was brought back with a musical voice speaking a language he didn’t understand.  He blinked while looking at her, a tall statuesque woman who truly fit the term.  She looked like a Greek goddess and he found his eyes moving from her long black hair to her face which held a look of concern and confusion.  Had she never seen a plane before? It was possible.  He wanted to speak but his words wouldn’t work and his mind felt even foggier than before.  He couldn’t even raise his hands.  His vision faded into darkness as he was looking into her comforting eyes, eyes that reminded him of his mother.


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